Sunday, January 07, 2018

Unlicensed Tout From Ealing, Ordered To Pay £4,000 After Illegally Picking Up Mystery Gerald Coba.

Khalid Mahmood, 39, from Ealing west London, will have to stump up a massive £4000 in fines and court costs, within the next 28 days.

Mahmood a private hire driver, lost his licence and was ordered to pay a huge sum of money after plying for hire illegally.
Khalid Mahmood, 39, of Portland Road, Southall, Ealing , was fined £500 at Guildford Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (January 3). 

He was also told to pay £3406.66 in costs and a £50 victim surcharge.
Mahmood was caught by two "mystery shopper" employees working for Guildford Borough Council (GBC).

Ian McDonald and Lorna McDonald were carrying out test purchases of private hire cars in Guildford town centre when they attempted to flag down Mahmood's private hire vehicle without a booking.

Mr McDonald told Guildford said: "We were attempting to hire private hire vehicles without a prior booking. It was about 1.20am, we were walking along North Street in Guildford, and we could see it [there] was a private hire vehicle.

"So I tried to flag it down, it drove past us, turned around and then came back to us. Then the vehicle stopped. We asked him to take us to the Travelodge.

"He basically said 'yes', adding there was a fare of £9.10 paid in cash."

The court was told by Mr McDonald that there had been no discussion to make a booking.

Peter Muir, a licensing officer for GBC also gave evidence. He said: "A private hire vehicle has to be booked through an office."
Mr Muir told the court that Mahmood had no Private hire licence with GBC or to their knowledge, any other authority.

Mahmood's PHV licence had already been revoked back in 2016 by a Magistrates' Court.

A portion of Mahmood's court cost payments will go towards travel costs for Mr and Miss McDonald who had to travel from Scotland for the appeal hearing and trial.

He now has 28 days from January 3 to pay the costs and fine.


Why are TfL not employing the help of mystery shoppers to catch touting drivers in central London ?

Instead, they have an army of carriage officers who continue to harass Licensed Taxi drivers. While the epidemic of touting goes virtually unchecked.

TfL putting profit before the public’s safety and


colin said...

Why do Tfl not have not have mystery shoppers,because it would show up there failings even more.

Just think if they did have mystery shoppers the amount they would need the west end would look as busy as it did only a few years ago.

Tx1fan said...

TfL consider it too dangerous to do mystery shopping, I'll wager they undertook a health and safety assessment and concluded it would be too dangerous for their staff to do this. Think about it......

Anonymous said...

tx1 fan--you,re probably right if tfl can,t enforce the law then let the police do it,that was the worst thing that happened to our trade the transfer of power from the metropolitan police to tfl,who have proved time and time again they couldn,t run a piss up in a brewery