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Taxi drivers fined for parking outside One Love Manchester gig have had a response from the council

Scouse taxi drivers who were given parking tickets while giving people lifts to the Manchester bomb tribute gig have been told their fines will be donated to a charity set up for the victims’ families and those hurt in the attack. 

This week the ECHO reported how taxi drivers from our region headed to the One Love Manchester Tribute concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Sunday - transporting people who had been at the terror-hit Ariana Grande gig last month for free.

The drivers - who also rushed to rescue people on the night of the attack - were shocked as they were given fines while parked near to the ground, waiting to take people home again.

Private hire driver Robbie Aden was one of the organisers of the convoys after the bomber struck in Manchester and again last night

A video of Page Moss driver Robbie Aden protesting against one of the traffic wardens has gone viral on Facebook and now Trafford Council has responded with a goodwill gesture. 

The council has said the scouse drivers will still have to pay their fines, but that the money made from them will now go to the We Love Manchester emergency appeal fund, set up for those affected by the bomb attack at the Manchester Arena.

A spokesman for Trafford Council said: “Eleven vehicles were ticketed in the area across the day, of which seven were in the evening.

“Trafford Council has confirmed that these tickets will be upheld, given the vehicles were parked illegally, and for reasons previously set out incorporating the need for controlled movement of traffic, security and availability of residential parking.

“The Council is aware of the extenuating circumstances that applied to events on Sunday evening and therefore if the Liverpool taxi drivers make themselves known when paying the fine by providing their badge numbers, the money from their fine will be donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Appeal Fund.”

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller perform during the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack at Emirates Old Trafford 

The spokesman added that it had communicated to everyone heading to the concert that they should not have travelled by car because of the lack of local parking.

He said: “Most people arrived by public transport, but unfortunately a number of drivers ignored the travel advice and some, who left their vehicles unattended, received parking penalty notices for parking illegally.”

But gig-goer and witness Adam Winrow contacted the ECHO to say he was still appalled that parking tickets were being given out at all considering the theme of the concert.

He said: “My sister was at the original event and I was waiting for her to come out of the concert when I saw them giving out tickets - I couldn’t believe it.

“One woman who actually lost someone in the attack came back to her car to find it had a ticket and was crying her eyes out - it was very disrespectful.”

The Osaka Experiment :Why Are Beijing's Electric Taxi Passengers Freezing?

Six years ago, in February 2011, the city of Osaka introduced a fleet of fifty Nissan Leaf taxis. The deal was a cooperative arrangement between Nissan, 30 taxi firms, and the government--each was being subsidized to the tune of 1,780,000 Yen--over $21,000 at the time.

The car's would clean up Japan's clogged streets, an improvement on the ubiquitous, square-jawed Toyota Crown taxis used throughout Japanese cities.

Like many countries, the incumbent taxis are often chosen for their reliability and simplicity, rather than their comfort or driving characteristics. That's why New York is full of hardy Crown Vics, London's streets are crowded with rattling diesel black cabs, and Mexico only recently relinquished the ubiquitous VW Bug.

Would an electric Nissan really feel like the future to the average taxi driver?

     It's a bit of a squeeze inside

Turning tide?
However, problems have begun to emerge.
The first came in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, following 2011's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

As was reported at the time, many people in Japan were worried that electric cars would be giving off the wrong image--conspicuous consumption of electricity at a time when power was in high demand and very short supply. 
Electricity is no longer seen as the clean, safe option it once was.

Apart from a 'conspicuous' lack of information about the dangers of the radiation given off surrounding the battery pack, there are other issues too with the cars themselves.

While reliable, comfortable and smooth as ever, high-mileage drivers are finding degredation of the battery packs to be an issue.

Where a 60 mile range was once common in regular use, some are finding that cut to as low as 30 miles and to save energy as much as possible, some drivers are shunning the car's heater in favor of chemical pocket warmers, and even blankets.

Degredation of the battery pack has also had an effect on the battery's ability to take a quick charge. A 15-minute charge has turned into a 40-minute one for many drivers. They can't travel as far, and they can't spend as much time on the road. Drivers say it's ruining business, for some. Customers requesting longer trips are even being turned down.

There's no get-out for the drivers, either. To qualify for the government's subsidy, the electric cars must be run for a minimum of three years. That's a year too long for some. 
“I’m getting out of this business,” 
said one driver, 
“This is no way to earn a living.”


Osaka's electric taxi drivers aren't facing unheard-of problems, but nor can their experiences be considered the norm, either for electric car owners, or electric taxi drivers.

Climate, driving routes and charging habits all make a difference to how well a car lasts, and the life of a taxi is never an easy one.

The main issue for Leaf batteries is still excessive heat, rather than cold (though cold climates do reduce the car's range). 

What it does suggest is that in some localities, electric vehicles aren't yet ready for heavy-duty tasks like taxi work.

While that's no consolation to the drivers losing business through degrading vehicles, progress can only be made by analysing these kind of trials.

But many believe we are in danger of rolling out this technology that isn't ready yet to take over completely and the danger from radiation seems to be swept under the carpet by manufacturers.

After the abject failure of electric Taxis in Osaka Japan, Ford (Hong Kong) have unveiled a new Transit Connect Taxi, based on a current model, running on petrol/LPG, (CNG) reducing NOx emissions by 80%. 

With the Taxi trade on the brink of financial ruing, why aren't our representative orgs, lobbing on our behalf for a more viable option, such as the Ford Transit Taxi?

Better still, why has no attempt been made to keep the iconic shell, together with a petrol gas engine

Why Are Beijing's Electric Taxi Passengers Freezing?

Hybrid & Electric Cars: Electromagnetic Radiation Risks

Hybrid and electric cars may be cancer-causing as they emit extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or magnetic fields. Recent studies of the levels of EMR emitted by these automobiles have claimed either that they pose a cancer risk for the vehicles' occupants or they are safe. 

Unfortunately, the little research conducted on this issue has been industry-funded by companies with vested interests on one side of the issue or the other which makes it difficult to know which studies are trustworthy

Note that many experts believe the ICNIRP guidelines for maximum general public exposure to magnetic fields do not adequately protect the public from health risks.


An Embarrassed TfL, Says 'Sorry' For Issuing Parking Tickets In Area Of London Bridge Attacks

Motorists forced to abandon their cars in central London during the weekend's terror attack, returned to the cars when given the all clear from the police, only to fined they had been issued with fines from TfL.

While emergency services Police, Ambulance, Medical staff from Guys put their own safety aside and ran to help those that had been attacked, while Taxi drivers turned their meters off to run worried and scared people caught up in the attack, home .... TfL traffic and roads officers patrolled the area and stuck parking fines on cars of the unfortunate souls caught up in the incident. Many were ordered by police to leave their vehicles in situ until scene of crime forensics had been completed

Transport for London (TfL) has said sorry for issuing parking tickets to drivers who had to abandon their cars following the terror attack at London Bridge. 

TfL apologised for its "insensitive mistake" after penalty charge notices were handed out in Borough High Street when the police cordon was scaled back on Wednesday morning

The fines, which can be up to £130, will be cancelled. And so they should, this was a deplorable act by TfL staff. 

A spokesman for TfL said: "We unreservedly apologise for our insensitive mistake. These fines should never have been issued and will all be immediately cancelled."

 He went on to say: "There will be wardens in the area for the rest of the week but no cars that have been parked within the police cordon will be fined".

A top Uber executive, who obtained the medical records of a customer who was a rape victim, has been fired

Sources say Eric Alexander carried around for a year confidential information about a woman who was assaulted during a ride in India in 2014.

A top Uber executive obtained medical records of a woman who had been raped during a ride in India, according to multiple sources.

He is no longer with the company, an Uber spokesperson said. 

The executive in question, Eric Alexander, the president of business in the Asia Pacific, then showed the medical records to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and SVP Emil Michael. In addition, numerous executives at the car-hailing company were either told about the records or shown them by this group. 

Alexander’s handling of the delicate situation was among 215 claims reported to two law firms — Perkins Coie and Covington & Burling — doing deep investigations into both specific and widespread mismanagement issues at the company, including around allegations of pervasive sexism and sexual harassment at Uber. 

As part of the Coie investigation, 20 employees were fired for a range of infractions, from sexual harassment to unprofessional behavior to retaliation. About 100 others are either still being investigated or saw some type of action — such as warnings or mandatory employee trainings. 

Alexander had not been among those fired, Uber said yesterday when asked about his status. Now, after Recode contacted the company about his actions, he is no longer employed there. Uber declined to comment further. 

By way of background, in 2014, a 26-year-old woman in New Delhi, India was raped and assaulted by her Uber driver at the end of a Saturday night in December. The driver — who was already awaiting trial for at least four other criminal charges— was arrested and later sentenced to life in prison. 

It was a decision Uber India president Amit Jain applauded at the time. “Sexual assault is a terrible crime and we’re pleased he has now been brought to justice,” he said in a statement. “Safety is a priority for Uber and we’ve made many improvements — in terms of new technology, enhanced background checks and better 24/7 customer support — as a result of the lessons we learned from this awful case.”

But Uber came under Indian government scrutiny after the incident. Police in New Delhi considered whether to criminally charge the ride-hail company over its lax background checks and questioned the city’s general manager, Gagan Bhatia. Ultimately, Uber was banned from operating in Delhi shortly after the incident, a stricture which wasn’t lifted until June of 2015.

While the company was publicly apologetic, some top executives apparently had trouble believing that the incident was entirely true, sources said, including Alexander. He was already in India and investigated the claims — it’s not clear if he did this of his own volition or was directed to do so. It is also not clear if he obtained these files legally. 

Alexander then brought the files to Kalanick and Michael, who read them, said sources. This is highly unusual since they were records related to a criminal investigation.

Still, soon after, all three began to raise the prospect that Ola — Uber’s prime competitor in India — was behind the incident to sabotage the company, sources said.

Some Uber staffers who were told about the medical report by them were disturbed to hear the executives were considering the scenario, based on their reading of the medical report, that the woman’s story was not true. 

“Travis never should have looked at the report and he should have fired him immediately,” said one executive of Alexander. 

Neither Kalanick, Michael nor Alexander has medical training, even though they questioned the incident based on the medical report, the sources said.

Worse: Alexander carried around the document for about a year before other executives — presumably the legal department — obtained the report and destroyed his copy, according to the sources. It’s not clear if Uber continues to have a copy.

At the time, Kalanick’s public response to the rape seemed to shift some of the blame over the lack of sufficient background checks, which would have caught the drivers’ several infractions, onto the government. 

What happened over the weekend in New Delhi is horrific. Our entire team's hearts go out to the victim of this despicable crime. We will do everything, I repeat, everything to help bring this perpetrator to justice and to support the victim and her family in her recovery. 

We will work with the government to establish clear background checks currently absent in their commercial transportation licensing programs. We will also partner closely with the groups who are leading the way on women's safety here in New Delhi and around the country and invest in technology advances to help make New Delhi a safer city for women.

Still, many believed that the rape was a watershed moment for the ride-hailing company. Uber quickly rolled out new safety features in India and elsewhere in the aftermath of the incident. 

However, Uber’s decision to move the lion’s share of their customer support team — the company’s last line of defense against these types of incidents — to contract companies in places like Manila where there were high quotas and language barriers at times caused serious complaints and reports to fall through the cracks, as reported back in February 2016. In April of 2016, the company also agreed to pay up to $25 million to settle a lawsuit in California over the “false sense of security” the language around its background checks gave riders.


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Uber Encouraged Drivers To Break The Law : Question To TfL, Uber Fit and Proper Operator ???


Two Private Hire Drivers Prosecuted after trying an Uber Incentive Scheme

TWO private hire drivers who tried to take advantage of an Uber incentive encouraging drivers to operate in Reading have been prosecuted for illegally plying for hire.
Bruno Cardoso, of Portlock Road, Maidenhead and Abrar Hussain, of Cannon Gate, Slough, were fined a total of £475 and ordered to pay costs of £700 after admitting to licensing offences at Reading Magistrates Court on Friday 26th May 2017.

Both drivers are licensed by Transport for London and worked for private hire operator Uber when they responded to the company’s incentive scheme called the ‘Reading Reward Zone’.

The initiative guaranteed that the first 150 drivers to log on in the Reading Reward Zone would be guaranteed between £15 and £25 per hour, depending on which hours they worked.

This encouraged Uber drivers to ply for hire in Reading where the company was refused a Private Hire Operators licence in March 2016.

Mr Cardoso, 35, admitted plying for hire in Garrard Street, in Reading Town Centre, on 27th October 2016. He was fined £155 and ordered to pay costs of £200.

Mr Hussain, 38, admitted four offences of plying for hire; twice in Valpy Street on 27th October 2016, and once in Valpy Street and once in Victoria Street, off King’s Road, on 28th October 2016. He was fined £80 for each offence and ordered to pay costs of £500.

Councillor Sarah Hacker, Reading’s Lead Member for Consumer Services, said: “I would like to congratulate the Council’s Licensing and Legal teams for these successful prosecutions.

“The licensing regulations for taxi and private hire operators and drivers are there to protect the public and it is absolutely right that action is taken against those who flout the rules.

“I hope these prosecutions send a loud and clear message to private hire drivers and operators licensed outside of Reading that they cannot come into town and operate illegally.”

JJS Champeau 
Reading Borough Council Licensing

It is understood that this relates to TfL minicabs who are loitering in areas with the intent to ply for hire on the Uber app.

This is the first of two prosecutions of up to 15 impending prosecutions.

At the moment it is understood that it is irrelevant as to whether this occurs in any area whether Uber holds an Operators licence or not.

Thanks to Sean Ridley of Unite for the information

This isn't the first time Uber has encouraged TfL registered drivers to work illegally, it's an ongoing problem. 
Surely it's time the company was prosecuted, not just the drivers.


News from Unite's Sean Ridley, that Uber have withdrawn from applying for an Operator's Licence in Bournemouth...

We are aware that the council have been supplied with extensive information about the activities of the working practices of Uber Britannia Ltd.

Question to Transport for London:

As the law is the law, if it's illegal for Uber to ply for hire in Reading, it's also illegal for them to ply for hire in Southend, Medway, Bristol etc 
So what are you doing about this?

Calls For George Osbourne's Resignation After He Insults Diane Abbott With Standard Cartoon

Calls for George Osborne to be sacked after he was criticised for promoting a cartoon depicting Labour candidate Diane Abbott refusing to attend an anti-terror meeting as Home Secretary because she’s “far too ill”. 

The ex-Tory MP and Chancellor, and now editor of the London Evening Standard, tweeted the newspaper’s sketch lampooning Abbott, who stepped down from campaigning on Wednesday after a “serious, long-term condition diagnosis”.

Abbott’s condition was confirmed as “serious” an hour before Osborne tweeted the image.

Reaction was swift, with many people asking for the image to be removed.

Theresa May said: “How Jeremy Corbyn manages his Shadow Cabinet is for him. I wish Diane Abbott a speedy recovery.”

The close ally of Corbyn has stepped aside from her job in the shadow cabinet less than 24-hours until polls open in the general election.

When Abbott pulled out of a Woman’s Hour interview, Conservative cabinet minister Priti Patel accused Labour of trying to keep Abbott off TV and radio due to poor performances. “Jeremy Corbyn wants to make Diane Abbott Home Secretary in just two days but is hiding her away from voters,” she said.

HuffPost has approached the Evening Standard for comment.

Don't Think For One Moment ... TfL Won't Relicense Uber London Limited.

When Ubers London licence expired at the end of last month, the trade waited with baited breath to see if a subsequent licence would be issued in light of all the complaints.

• Customer rapes, 
• customer serious sexual assaults, 
• customer physically attacked by drivers, 
• driver not having insurance, 
• massive rise in traffic accidents, 
• drivers reported driving the wrong way on one way streets, 
• customer accounts hacked, 
• uber spying on enforcement using GreyBall, 
• tracking celebrities even after they'd left the vehicle, 
• operating from unlicensed premises in N1 (instant revocation with all other operators), 
• fake topographical test's, 
• fake medicals. 
The list really does seem endless

Literally many thousands of complaints that would have prevented any other Private Hire operator from being relicensed.

Let's also not forget that this company did not fully comply with regulations when initially licensed, (no landline, unable to take pre-bookings, no customer service number, etc) director or TfL Leon Daniels was caught out lying to a transport committee of the GLA...Twice.
This is malfeasance, make no mistake!

Nice words but will the RMT back up their words with action?

While commission Mike Brown said -at the last cabbies cabinet- "I want to go on record saying that Uber's licensing had nothing to do with me", Peter Blake then took it upon himself (without statutory legislation being in place) to change the regulations to make Uber look compliant.

Just before Uber's present licence expired, we found out (not from our own representative orgs or unions but from the GMB), Uber had been granted a 4 month extension. 

Many drivers who had applied for licence renewals were told that they couldn't work until new licence was in their possession and that TfL couldn't legal extend their expired licence. Driver in some cases were off work for months, waiting for their licence to be renewed, and yet Uber get an extension days before their expiry. 

Uber's Extension: 
Nothing to do with being fit for purpose, no investigation is taking place, this extension is about one thing and one thing only ... MONEY....follow the money!

TfL want to bring in a new pricing structure for private hire, where an operator has to pay based on the size of its fleet.... Apparently with TfL size does matter.

Uber's relicense today would cost £3,000
In 4 months time Uber's relicense will cost them over £2m. That's why this extension is place, no other reason.  Money money's a rich mans world. 

The Real Election, The Real LTDA.

London Taxi Radio's Sean Paul Day, meets members of the Real LTDA, as they prepare for the 2017 Branch elections.

Paddy O'Dowed's message to the LTDA members:
As you may be aware, there is the LTDA Branch Election on Wednesday 14th June at Woburn House, Tavistock Sq at 7pm. 

It is extremely important that the Real LTDA candidates Antony Minas & Peter Walsh win this election and are able to break the cartel who have sat back and allowed the trade to be brought to its knees. We need to be accountable, transparent, formidable and dynamic. We need foresight and strength. We need to reconnect with what's important and be robust in our defence against those who would see us gone. We need this, and deserve this, within the LTDA. 

What I'm asking you to do is support the Real LTDA candidates in this election if you're an LTDA member or even if you're not. It's important you get behind us & help support this! 

Please retweet any tweets from Real LTDA members that refer to attending the election and if you know any LTDA members tell them that have to attend this election. Every single vote we get is very important & counts,  as we all know what happened at last years Harlesden debacle! 

One last thing I would like to ask you to do to help raise the profile of the Real LTDA during the election period is to get everyone to change their Twitter Avatar to the logo of the Real LTDA to support us. This includes non LTDA members also, as a show of support and unity from us all is extremely important. 

Please remember, the members of the Real LTDA are REAL working cabbies like yourselves and many are members of the MM, DDD & ITA so please get behind them for the next couple of weeks and help them win this for everyones sake! 

Thanks for your help!

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Piers Morgan Tears Into The Mayor As 200 Returning Isis Fighters Are Allowed To Disappear Back Into The Capital.

Things got very heated between Sadiq Khan and Piers Morgan as the host questioned the Mayor about police cuts following the London terror attack.

London, hit with another terror attack on the evening of Saturday 3rd June, just weeks after the Manchester terror attack at one of Ariana Grande’s concerts in Manchester Arena.

A white van, believed to have been travelling about 50mph hit pedestrians on London Bridge at around 10pm on Saturday night before three men got out and stabbed people around Borough Market.

In what has been confirmed as a terror attack, seven people have been confirmed dead with at least 48 injured.

With London in a state of panic, it’s little wonder why Londoners want answers about what the government is doing to keep the city safe.

On the Good Morning Britain sofa, hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were joined by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan following the atrocities in London and the consequent criticism from US President Donald Trump.

Piers was in no mood for a light-hearted question.

Piers grilled the politician about the number of cuts in the police force and also asked why so many known terrorists were allowed back in the country.

However, a clearly passionate Piers was not happy with the responses and constantly interrupted the major to get his pint across.


Piers intense interview comes just one day after he was praised for confronting the Culture Secretary Karen Bradley.

The star had attempted to question the politician about the number of police cuts in the last six years.

He asked her: Is there more or less police officers than when Theresa May became Home Secretary?”

However, Karen refused to answer the question and instead branded it too “simplistic”, stating that there were other factors involved.

Whilst Susanna Reid looked on awkwardly, Piers got more and more irate as the politician pointedly swerved his line of questioning. 

After raising his voice and repeating the question several times, a fed-up Piers finally asked: “Is there any reason why you can’t answer the question?”

Once more, Karen dodged the bullet and instead began to discredit Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Watching the tense scenes unfold, Good Morning Britain viewers praised Piers Morgan’s determination and slated the Conservative politician for her inability to give a straight answer. 

Below is a statement put out by Julia Gillard, when she was Australian Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Of Australia, Julia Gillard:
Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..
Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 


 I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. '
'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom'
'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society .... Learn the language!'
'Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.'
'We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.'
'This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of b Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'.' 'If you aren't happy here then LEAVE. We didn't force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.'


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First Barclays Partner Uber, Then Tesco, And Now Westfield .... By Jim Thomas

Please scroll to the bottom to see the breaking news about Westfield. Apparently, no one likes bad publicity.

On top of the recent news this week, that Tesco Card at partnering with Uber, local councils are now advertising Uber promotional codes on emails to residents. Plus we now find there is now a concerted effort being made in local and national news agencies to discredit the Taxi trade in anyway shape or form. 

News stories are being manipulated to make it look like Hackney Taxis are responsible for incidents ranging from indiscretions to heinous crimes. But the truth is, they are being committed by private hire and in particular Uber drivers.

Confusing advertorials are also being placed in the media giving out mixed messages, calling Uber cars, Uber Taxis.

The BBC answer emails from Taxi drivers complaining that the word Taxi is being used to describe minicab drivers, by saying that the word Taxi is -in their opinion- a generic term used to describe both Taxis and Licensed Private Hire. Mind you, director general James Harding is George Osbourne's best friend (speaks volumes).

Over the last few weeks more and more stories have appeared in local press publications, with headlines:
 • Taxi driver refuses wheelchair
 • Taxi driver refuses guide dog 
 • Taxi driver rapes passenger
 • Taxis are taken off the road considered unfit
 • Taxis driven with no insurance 
 • Taxi driver defecates in residential street
 • The list is endless. 

All these stories appear on Google search when using the key word Taxi. Lasted one this morning was in the Bath Chronicle which advised its readers....should you be out and about tonight in town, Taxis are going to be very busy so make sure you book your Uber now for later. 
The fact that you can't pre book an Uber wasn't mentioned. 

The reason behind this fake news campaign is to dilute the negative PR that Uber gets every day in the run up to their new licence renewal date. 

Also complicit in the advancement of the demise of the Taxi trade are the directors and managers of Transport for London, who have put the protection and safety of the public to one side while they bent rules, changed regulations and greased the passage for Uber to operate. 
Directors Leon Daniels lied to the London Assembly over the on/off insurance which never existed, and the customer pre-booking landline that turned out to be Jo Bertram's private number.
Let's also not forget TfL defended Uber in the meter case.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...we hear of Westfield Partnering Uber and offering them a dedicated "Pick Up Point"

A few years ago, the trade used to be up in arms if a minicab driver was referred to as a Taxi driver or even a Cabby. Now the silence from those who purport to represent us is deafening. 

You don't have to be Einstein to realise  
Our trade is in danger of being killed off.
Not by those who seek to do evil against us!
But by those who look on and do nothing.

Credit where credits due.
The RMT decided not to look on and do nothing.