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Traffic Khanage Part 2 : The Bank Junction Exclusion ... By Dave Davies.

The latest improper decision is the exclusion of Taxis from the Bank Junction to prioritize Buses because  the directors of TFL have significant shareholdings in the bus companies; there is no other valid reason
The City of London claim that it is to improve pedestrian and cycle safety, yet the Buses (along with HGVs)are responsible for more Killed or Seriously Injured than all other transport.
They also cause more pollution than any other transport.
Banning Taxis from Bank will cause massive congestion in surrounding areas and therefore cause more air  pollution.
The decision is improper and does not comply with Public Law on many points.
The City of London has a conflict of interest by only allowing TFL Buses access to Bank Junction.
TFL have provided £250k funding for the consultation and the City of London have requested an additional £900k from TFL for further consultation
TFL will also be expected to fund some of the £18 million project cost.
The Directors of TFL have significant shareholdings in the Bus companies who will benefit by having exclusive access to Bank Junction.
It is therefore a conflict of interest for the City of London to give exclusive access to Bank Junction which benefits TFL Directors while at the same time receiving more than £1 million in funding for consultation and many millions more in project costs from TFL.
This is a breach of Public Law.
In addition the Chair of the City of London Committee, Chris Hayward (a prominent Free Mason), owns a £1m property at Bank Junction , the value of which will increase by banning traffic from his front door.
How is that Chris Hayward, who states he is not paid for the role as Chair of the Planning and Transport Committee but does it as an ‘honorary position’ is in the position when he is also a paid Director for a Planning Consultancy who works with TFL?
At the same time that Hayward approved the changes to Bank Junction excluding Taxis he gave permission for multi Billion pound projects including 3 of the largest Sky scrapers in London (which had previously been rejected)within a few hundred metres of Bank Junction. This will create tens of thousands of construction vehicle journeys in the near future at the very location he is claiming to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. There was a massive increase in Killed Or Seriously Injured figures caused by HGVs during the Shard Construction.
I have a further article about this.
Surely there is something not quite right here when the decisions are this unreasonable?
The need for a Public Inquiry into TFL has never been more urgent. It will only happen if there are daily protests.

Uber Faces Regulation As Transport Company App, Not A Digital Service Outside Rules, Says Top EU Lawyer

Uber is really a transport company, not an internet company, in official advice given to the European Court of Justice. If it's followed by the court, the opinion will have significant impact on horizontally integrated platforms operating in Europe that present themselves as intermediaries and thus bypass many regulations.

Opinions from one of the court's Advocate Generals on any given case are significant, but not always followed by the court itself, notably in Max Schrems' "Safe Harbour" case. There the AG deemed that US-EU data arrangements met European privacy standards, only for the court to disagree.

The court will soon issue a clarification prompted by a case against Uber brought by Barcelona's licensed taxi association, Elite Taxi, which alleges that the unlicensed UberPop service is illegal. The case boils down to whether Uber can bypass local licensing requirements by qualifying as an information service.

Transport isn't covered by the European Single Market services directive, which is intended to sweep away local protectionism. So if Uber qualified as an "information service", it could sidestep the requirement to follow local taxi licensing regulations.

In the opinion of AG Maciej Szpunar, a Polish legal academic, however, it doesn't. In a press release issued by the court today, Szpunar recommends that the court reject Uber's defence in its judgement. His reason for doing so is interesting.

Szpunar set to two tests for an information service, both of which he concludes Uber fails to meet. One is that the information supply is "economically independent" of the customer-facing bit, as it is with airline reservation systems such as Amadeus and Sabre. The second test is whether "the provider supplies the whole service... so that the two services form an inseparable whole, a proviso being that the main component... is supplied by electronic means".

Uber fails to meet either standard. Drivers aren't autonomous of the platform, and wouldn't be driving around for hire if it wasn't for Uber. It's Uber, not drivers, who set the price.

"All those features mean that Uber cannot be regarded as a mere intermediary between drivers and passengers. In addition, in the context of the composite service offered by the Uber platform, it is undoubtedly transport (namely the service not provided by electronic means) which is the main supply and which gives the service meaning in economic terms.

"The Advocate General concludes that, in relation to the supply of transport, the supply whereby passengers and drivers are connected with one another by electronic means is neither self-standing (see point 1 above) nor the main supply."

Therefore, Szpunar concludes, the court should view Uber as a transportation company.

Traffic Khanage Part 1: ... By Dave Davies.

The GLA Transport Committee issued a statement acknowledging the serious issues of congestion which in turn creates toxic air pollution.
The simple common sense information which has been sent on a regular basis to The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Transport, Assembly Members, Politicians and Parliamentary Select Committees by the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry for many years has been completely ignored.
It is not rocket science or even science to understand why there is congestion ; it’s simple common sense.
There are now 117,197 Private Hire Licensed Drivers in London.
Private hire driver licences - 117,197: a decrease of 102 on previous week, 102 licences are new.-May 7th 2017
What has not been reported is how significantly those vehicles contribute to congestion and therefore toxic air pollution which causes cancer, heart and lung disease and thousands of deaths each year.
The sheer numbers of Private Hire vehicles causes massive congestion.
However there are further facts which need to be considered.
Firstly it needs to be acknowledged that the average vehicle is on the road for just 4% of the time according to RAC Foundation figures. This equates to just under an hour each day (24 hours x 4% = 0.96 of an hour)
A5) The average car spends about 80% of the time parked at home, is parked elsewhere for about 16% of the time and is thus only actually in use (ie moving) for the remaining 4% of the time. 
See more at:
However Private Hire vehicles are often on the road for 10 hours a day or more, which means that the time Private Hire Vehicles are on the road is 10 times that of normal drivers.
The 117,000 Private Hire Vehicles are the equivalent of  1,170,000 normal drivers of London’s roads every day
TFL have issued Private Hire Licenses at the rate of up to 2500 a month for a long period of time without proper checks or regulation to the point that there are now 117k Private Hire drivers in London.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that in the Private Hire industry that once a license has been issued it is often shared with others who are not licensed , sometimes a group of drivers will share a license meaning that a vehicle is on the road 24/7. TFL are not carrying out any enforcement checks of  significance which means that the unlicensed driver situation can continue unchecked, a fact that is proven by recent accidents where this has been exposed.  This means that there could be double the number of drivers that are actually licensed , a staggering 240k vehicles on the road.

But it is not just the fact that there is a massive number of vehicles on the road which is causing congestion. It is the fact that TFL have issued licenses to drivers without checks or without enforcement which means that people who have a less than basic understanding of  the English Language and therefore cannot understand road signs and traffic signs and who do not even have adequate basic driving skills are able to be given a Private Hire License and drive a vehicle in London.

The result is a massive number of traffic incidents ranging from serious accidents causing deaths to incompetent drivers ignoring all traffic regulations by parking on red routes , yellow lines, pedestrian crossings, taxi ranks  or absolutely anywhere they feel like. They ignore No Entry Signs and One Way signs all of which can completely stop hundreds of vehicles. Traffic flow has been reduced by the tens of thousands of improperly licensed drivers who don’t care that they have broken the rules because they have nothing invested in actually obtaining that license. Easy come easy go.

Because there is no proper regulation or enforcement they either do not get reported or prosecuted for breaking the rules or if they are reported they are probably not even traceable; how do you prosecute someone who has used fake documents or details to get a license in the first place or if the person driving is not even licensed?

Every single time that an unqualified Private Hire Driver blocks traffic by ignoring all regulations or Parking in the middle of the road or is involved in an accident it causes massive traffic congestion.

All of this confirms that TFL have failed in their Duty of Care to protect the Public and failed in the basic principles of Public Law.

The MOST IMPORTANT principal to understand is the amount of pollution caused by congestion.

The graph at the below shows that more than 90% of pollution is caused when vehicles are stop starting .

If you can halve the amount a vehicle is stop starting then air pollution of all vehicles can be reduced by 45% instantly.

This is far more effective than small incremental changes which take place over a long time suggested by other policies.
There are many other suggestions from the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry which have also been ignored for many years.
1/TFL Ignored the proper planning process for the Cycle Super Highways. Despite the fact that they were changing the use of the road space from vehicles to cycles they claimed that this was not a change of use and therefore did not need to comply with Planning Permission. The Planning process is in place to ensure that any change of use is carried  in  a proper way and ignoring this has meant that the CSH have used road space which has resulted in massive congestion and air pollution.

It benefits all road users if the cyclists can be separated from vehicles, especially the cyclists themselves.
There are many ways to have proper and safe cycle routes without using the road space which is causing congestion and pollution.

There are many cases of cyclists ignoring road regulations which puts themselves and others at harm , but there is no mechanism for enforcement action to make sure cyclists use the roads safely.

It should made easier for cyclists to cycle to their local station, take their bike on train, cycle to their destination on a safe cycle route and then store their bike securely when they arrive there. There are many disused railway tracks and tunnels in London and other spaces which could be easily used as cycle routes.
2/ A ban on peak time deliveries-HGVs are some or the worse polluting vehicles on the road and they cause the most pollution when they are stop starting in traffic. If they are banned at peak times this means that they will then be operating at a period when they will be stop starting much less and therefore the most polluting vehicles  will be polluting much less. 
It also means that the remaining traffic (including buses and taxis) will flow more freely and therefore also cause less pollution.
3/ Improved enforcement of Red Routes- there are restrictions already in place which should stop vehicles stopping on a red route. However these restrictions are not rigidly enforced which means that Uber /Improperly Licensed Private Hire driver, delivery vans and trucks and also individuals often park with hazards on blocking traffic. This is inexcusable and severe enforcement needs to be implemented; perhaps an increased fine of £1000 for anyone caught obstructing traffic in this way and motorcycle enforcement teams co-ordinated by CCTV Operators to enable rapid response (most drivers do this knowing that if they are parked for 10 or 20 minutes the chances of being caught are slim ).
4/ Improvement of Traffic Light Signalling. Pedestrian crossings do not function properly so there needs to be an improvement in pedestrian traffic light signalling.
One solution for which the technology already exists would be to fit buses with transponders so that as they approach traffic lights the signal remains green.
It is quite often the case that a pedestrian will push the button to cross the road and then cross when there is a break in the traffic , which means that traffic then has to stop needlessly when the lights subsequently change.

A simple solution for this problem would be to change how pedestrian crossing traffic lights operate. Instead of the lights changing to red when the button is pushed a better option may be that the lights flash on amber for 30 seconds or a minute. It could be stipulated to drivers that if they see the amber lights flashing and there is a pedestrian waiting to cross they are obliged to stop allowing the pedestrian to cross, in much the same way that a Pelican or Belisha crossing works already. If the amber lights are flashing and there is no pedestrian then drivers can proceed at a slower rate with caution which will mena that they do not come to a stop and would reduce their emissions significantly. A separate operation of the button (perhaps holding the button for several seconds) could allow the lights to change to red for pedestrians with disabilities, the elderly or children.
5/The addition of footbridges and elevated walkways at high footfall crossing points- It could improve traffic flow significantly if pedestrian footbridges were installed at locations where very high footfall happens .

The configuration of these footbridges could vary at different locations. In Oxford Street in London for example perhaps an elevated pedestrian walkway could be constructed each side of the street with crossing points at intervals. This could create another level of store entrances for shopkeepers in much the same way that happens in a shopping mall. It could also free up  space at ground level which may enable cycle routes without further restricting traffic flow. Existing traffic lights could be left in place to enable crossing for those with disabilities. Advertising on bridges and walkways could fund the cost of building them. 
6/ Better management of Road Works. It is quite often the case that when road works occur they are not carried out around the clock. A better method for road works could be implemented by making sure that road works are carried out in a way which allows traffic to still flow at peak times. This could be achieved by temporary steel road panels being used at peak times and then lifted out of place to allow for road works to continue at off peak times. It could also be a requirement that debris from road works  which is often left in place (because it is needed to backfill) could be loaded into skips and positioned so that it does not restrict traffic flow.
7/Many cities have implemented Park and Ride schemes, however in London this has not happened. Car Parks near the M25 with fast train connections or shuttles to central London could significantly reduce the number of vehicles in Central London.

8/Cities like Manchester have a clean electric tram system. In London there are thousands of diesel Buses spewing out toxic pollution; more than any other vehicles on the road. It begs the question why doesn’t London have a clean electric tram system instead of thousands of Buses? Is it because the Directors of TFL have a vested interest in Buses?
At the same time as creating a dangerous situation for all Londoners (including cyclists and pedestrians) they falsely claim to be taking measures to protect the very people they have put at risk.

The Golden Days Of The Night Shelter... By JimThomas.

Back in the mid 80's, every night in the Warwick Avenue Shelter, was magic. The place was alive and full of characters.

Doing the knowledge was just the beginning, you learned more about the job from your colleagues in the shelters than any blue book. It was also where you learned about 'Cabby Etiquette'.

London Taxi drivers, icons, respected by the public, anything and everything was possible.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times:
But for the late night drivers in the Warwick Avenue shelter, night after night, it was always the greatest of times. Probably down to the respect felt between the drivers and staff members. There was never a click, everyone was welcome.

Many of the long standing friendships I've enjoyed over the years, stem from the hours spent in fantastic company in W9.

We had amazing parties, karaoke nights, heated debates mixed with the occasional visit from a celebrity such as Pat "Bomber" Roach, Paul McGann (before he became the doctor), Dennis "Minder" Waterman, Kenny 'Faces' Jones, Boy George's drummer John Moss, Kiki Dee and even Mad Frankie Fraser, all regulars at the window.

        Bomber              Goody               Kiki Dee

Many minor celebrities living in Maida Vale would stop at the window and get a sandwich on their way home from the theatre. 

We'd leave there just before 3am and then file over to the Victoria Casino which used to burst around 3. 

A maths teacher nicknamed Clive Sinclaire, a regular rider to Richmond, swore he had an unbeatable system, they all thought they had a system. Some nights you'd see a saddened familiar face and hear, "done all my dough tonight mate, will you take me home and I'll pay you tomorrow"....and we did, brownie points all round.

Another regular rider was Great Train Robber Gordon Goody. He used to go to East Dulwich. 
I remember saying to him once, "which way do you prefer to go Mr Goody?"
He came back menacingly "You can go whatever way you want son, but you're only getting 11 quid". 
He then sat back and read his paper.

The original hit squad was born in and ran from Warwick Ave shelter. We had regular hits on Hombres, Cranbourn Street and the Sports Cafe. 

We even had a mechanic (Norman) who used to do running repairs in the middle of the road outside. There were a few complaints from local residents (mainly from the vicarage on the corner) but most were happy to have us there, as burglaries in the area were rare.

It was a sad day when we got the news that the shelter had to close at night, but to our surprise, along came the original Royal Oak Cafe', waitress service, pool tables and a 24 hour shop, fuel pumps and a hand cab wash, the fun was to continue.

       Johnny Anderson, Mr Royal Oak.

We nicknamed the original Royal Oak "The Anderson Shelter" and I got the idea for my first ever blog after talking to John about promoting the trade on Twitter which was becoming popular.

Unfortunately, both the Royal Oak and the new Royal Oak are now sadly gone and the only 24 hour dedicated Cabbie eateries and rest stops are the Kings Cross Taxi Centre -in Bookers car park, Camley Street- and Great Southwark Street. 

It will be a shame to see our historical cab shelters disappear, but drivers seem to prefer the chains of coffee shops and fast food restaurants, so it's possible, they will eventually go. 

Remember, when the go, they go for good!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Part 4 ? They're about to Call Time at the Last Chance Saloon.... By Dave Davies

The recent Mail exposures have helped to let many Taxi Drivers who do not use social media about the Cameron/Osborne/Johnson /TFL corruption.

         Cameron.        Dacre.          Osbourne

I knew  when I gave the information to the Mail that they were motivated to report the story about Cameron and Osborne after  the request was made to sack the Mail editor Paul Dacre by Cameron because of his stance on Brexit. I also knew that they were unlikely to report the involvement of Boris Johnson and TFL.

It has become extremely clear that no other main stream media is going to report the corruption; Have you noticed that there was barely any coverage of the Mail exposure anywhere else?


This is not accidental; it is a deliberate and conscious effort to cover up this toxic story and serious questions need to be asked as to why.


Some have stated that the Cameron /Osborne corruption is so toxic, and that along with the Tory 2015 Election expenses scandal it could be the reason why Theresa May called a snap election (after stating for months that she categorically would not do so)


It needs to be understood that it would have been very difficult for Theresa May to not be aware of what was taking place with Cameron and Osborne and even if she was not directly complicit, she is indirectly complicit by ignoring their corruption.

She was Home Secretary throughout Cameron’s time as Prime Minister and was the longest serving Home Secretary in 60 years. What that tells you is that alongside the Prime Minister and Chancellor she was in the most senior role in Government and that she was extremely close to Cameron and Osborne, otherwise she would not have stayed in the job for the entire time Cameron was Prime Minister. 

The FOIs reported in the Mail exposure confirmed that Downing Street Staff were involved in setting up meetings with TFL and that they then tried to cover these meetings up by providing false information in response to the FOIs saying that the meetings had not taken place.


The fact that Theresa May has called a snap election could well have been influenced by the exposure of this toxic corruption because if the full facts are reported she could well be implicated. If she wins the Election, it will provide her with separation from Cameron’s Government and from the 2015 Election expenses scandal.


The only person who can initiate a Public Inquiry into the corruption involving Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and TFL is the Prime Minister.

The only time that she is vulnerable to the further exposure of the corruption is now. 

As things stand she is likely to have a significant majority after June 8th and will then be invincible. 


The only time that protests are likely to have any affect is NOW before the election; afterwards she won’t care what Taxi Drivers do.


Remember 2012? I tried to persuade people to protest BEFORE Johnson was re-elected as Mayor because that was when he was vulnerable and would be most affected by Taxi protests.

Taxi Drivers protested in 2012 in massive numbers  AFTER he was re-elected . He ignored all protests and instructed the Met to use anti terror laws to stop protests.

It is likely Teresa May will do the same after June 8th.


There are groups of drivers across the country who will support action.

If London Taxi drivers protest about the corruption then many will support it. Those who think that they need to have a protest exclusively for London Taxi drivers exclusively about London Taxi issues have been proven to be wrong. 

The corruption affects everyone in one way or another. The improper and unlawful policies of TFL are having an effect throughout the UK.

The congestion and air pollution affects everyone. Air Pollution creates more than £50 billion a year in health costs so everyone who uses the NHS is affected.

Tens of thousands die each year from cancer, heart and lung disease and many other health issues caused by toxic air pollution which has been caused by corrupt policies.

Throughout the UK many Taxi and Private Hire drivers operate alongside each other. In some areas drivers associations represent both. In some areas drivers can hold a Hackney and Private Hire License at the same time.

It is acknowledged that in London some Private Hire drivers have acted without regulation and have ignored the rules as much as Uber, which has been allowed to happen by a corrupt TFL.

That should not prevent London Taxi Drivers protesting ; it should motivate them to protest at the corruption of TFL .

The idea that  London Taxi Drivers would  somehow be standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Private Hire Drivers if those drivers support the same call for the corruption to be exposed, is not valid.

If there is a protest there needs to be as much support as possible from as many people as possible.

It doesn’t matter if they are Private Hire Drivers from elsewhere in the UK (who have been affected as much by TFLs corruption as London Cabbies have), Cyclists, Air Pollution Campaigners, Campaigners supporting the NHS or anyone campaigning against corruption.

The more people that protest calling for the same thing the  better chance of exposure in the media and the better chance of success.

This is not an issue just affecting London Taxi Drivers ; its a national issue of a corrupt Prime Minister, Chancellor and Government.

It needs to be exposed BEFORE the same Tories are re-elected in bigger numbers


The recent campaign which has seen thousands of letters sent by Taxi Drivers to MPs demanding a Public Inquiry was a great idea, but unfortunately most Tory MPs just ignored their constituents requests and those Labour MPs who have written to the  PM have not made any difference.


Why would people not want to expose this before the Tories  are given another free ride for 5 years after June 8th?


In the recent Anthony Joshua v Klitschko fight   AJ made a spirited effort in the 11th Round to knock out his opponent. If he had not made that effort  he would have lost on points.

He had the guts and  spirit to fight and is now World Heavyweight champ


It’s now the 11th round for Taxi drivers and it’s time to come out fighting. Wait until the  12th round and you’ve already lost; it’s no good fighting after the final bell!

No charges against Tory MPs over election spending

No criminal charges are to be brought against Conservative MPs or officials in relation to allegations of spending irregularities in the 2015 general election campaign, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

One file, relating to the victorious Tory candidate in Thanet South, Craig Mackinlay, remains under consideration.

Craig Mackinlay still remains under consideration

But the CPS cautioned that this should not be taken as an indication of whether charges will be brought in this case, which was referred more recently than the others.

The CPS head of special crime Nick Vamos said that prosecutors considered files from 14 police forces, but determined that – while spending returns may have been inaccurate – there was insufficient evidence to prove that any candidate or agent was dishonest.

Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin said: “These were politically motivated and unfounded complaints that have wasted police time. We are glad that this matter is finally resolved.”

The Conservative candidate for Lincoln, Karl McCartney, who was interviewed as part of the investigation, said: “This whole saga amounts to no more than a politically-motivated witch-hunt.

“It is clear that those who lead the Electoral Commission who followed and allowed this action to take place are politically-motivated and biased – actions that have rendered this organisation wholly unfit-for-purpose.”

Police investigations into the 2015 Tory campaign centred on allegations highlighted by Channel 4 News and the Daily Mirror that expenses relating to busloads of Conservative activists sent to key seats were reported as part of national spending rather than falling within the lower constituency limits.

In March, the Conservative Party was fined a record £70,000 by the Electoral Commission for “numerous failures” in reporting its expenses for the 2015 General Election, and three by-elections in 2014.

Answering questions after a speech in Leeds, Mr Corbyn said he was “interested and surprised” by the CPS decision, but would have to look at the details of it.

“Quite clearly the Electoral Commission is independent, the Crown Prosecution Service is independent, the Director of Public Prosecutions is independent, they have to make a judgment on it,” said the Labour leader.

“But our election laws must be enforced and must be adhered to, there are strict spending limits for a reason, so that money can’t buy power, only votes in the ballot box should be able to get power.”

Mr Farron said: “The observation I would make of the Conservative Party is it appears to have stayed the right side of the law by the letter of it, but has driven a battle bus and horses right the way through the spirit of it. It’s a shame, in one sense, it would appear there is a cloud hanging over British politics.”


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Five Teenagers Jailed Over Spate Of Terrifying Attacks On Taxi An Private Hire Drivers In Redbridge.

(L-R) Jeremy Mbwese, 19, Jay Koabo, 18, Jayden Atkins, 18, and Gavneet Johal, 18, were jailed for conspiracy to rob. (Credit: Met Police)

Terrified Taxi and Private Hire drivers in Redbridge had knives held to their throats whilst their property and cash was stolen during a series of horrifying attacks.

Drivers across the borough and in Havering were left terrified by the 22 incidents which saw two women set up the attacks under fake bookings organised by them.

Upon arriving at the location, they were ambushed by one of the men jailed today and subjected to “to severe acts of violence and intimidation” before being forced to hand over cash and jewellery.

In total, the teens got away with approximately £2,000 in cash and property including mobile phones, sat navs, car keys and a wedding ring from a victim’s finger.

Most of the drivers were physically assaulted with one receiving a knife wound to the face.

The Recorder broke the story in September 2015, when several drivers told this paper they were quitting their jobs over the attacks for fear of their lives.

Five teenagers were sentenced and jailed for a total of 29 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, including two from the borough.

A 17-year-old teenage boy from the Seven Kings area pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob and was jailed for six years.

Gavneet Johal, 18, of Oakwood Gardens, Seven Kings, was also jailed for three-and-a-half year, for her part in setting up the attacks.

Jayden Atkins, 18, of Estuary Close, Barking, received five-and-a-half years’ imprisonment and Jay Koabo, of Crescent Road, Dagenham, was jailed for eight years.

Jeremy Mbwese, 19 of Cairo Road, Walthamstow, had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob and was jailed for six years.

Officers at Ilford police station launched Operation Taxa to deal with the spate of robberies between August 3 and September 29 in 2015.

Following an extensive investigation by Ilford CID, officers raided homes across four London boroughs and arrested the suspects.

Evidence including mobile phones, sat navs and a photograph of the wedding ring was recovered - unfortunately the ring itself has never been found.

Det Cons Jon Mercer, the investigating officer from Ilford Crime Investigating Department, said the teenagers had never shown any remorse for their calculated attacks. 

He said: “The youths responsible went to great effort planning the robberies and carefully selecting their intended victims. 

“The victims were, by virtue of their own livelihood, extremely vulnerable and placed in situations that can best be described as terrifying. 

“Lone drivers were subjected to gratuitous physical assaults whilst having a large knife held to their necks during times of darkness and in secluded areas.

“Not only did the victims lose personal items of property and cash, the psychological damage they suffered is irreparable.

“The defendants have shown no remorse and the jail term received by each not only demonstrates the gravity of their crime, but is also a reflection on their attitude towards these offences against hard-working members of the community.”

Source : Ilford Recorder 

Monday, May 08, 2017

Former TfL Manager Caught With Child Pornography Walks Free From Court.

A former Transport for London manager has walked free from court, despite being caught with pornographic videos featuring children as young as five.

Nino Amoroso's Facebook profile describes him as a Learning and Development Manager for Transport for London, it also includes photos of him posing with celebrities.

Police raided Amoroso's home last year in east London after intelligence showed he was downloading indecent images of children, according to Court News UK.

When they arrived, Amoroso showed police a hard drive which contained almost 300 pornographic films which involved young children, as he admitted he knew why the police we visiting.

The prosecution said he used the "material for sexual gratification," but he denied sharing the material or making it.

Defending Amoroso, Clayton Bridge said the man used the pornography as a means of escape from his unhappy marriage and health concerns.

The former transport boss admitted to three counts of possessing indecent images of children.

The man was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Amoroso now has to pay a surcharge of £140 and take part in a 40-day rehabilitation programme.

Nino Amoroso's Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and photos with celebrities have now been removed completely.

     What they said about this on FaceBook :

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Why Didn't The Mail Print The Whole Story ? ... Part 3, Seek And Ye Will Find.

Black Cabs... Or ... Brexit?

Was this why the mail exposed Cameron and Osborn?

There's an old saying "Seek And Ye Will Find".
Well, we looked, and we found.

David Cameron asked Daily Mail owner to sack Paul Dacre over Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

David Cameron pressed the owner of the Daily Mail to sack his avowedly pro-Brexit editor, Paul Dacre, in the run-up to last year’s EU referendum.

A source indicated that Lord Rothermere, whose family owns the newspaper, told Dacre that the then-prime minister had suggested he sack him, in a story that was first reported by the BBC’s Newsnight programme.

The Mail was one of the most vociferous voices for Britain to leave the EU before the 23 June referendum. 

Dacre and Cameron met at the PM’s Downing Street flat on 2 February 2016, the day after Cameron’s planned new deal with the EU to ward off Brexit was announced.

There Cameron asked Dacre to “cut him some slack”, but was rebuffed - although the account has been denied by a spokesman for Cameron.

Early the following month, Dacre was told by a “Westminster source” that Cameron had sought to persuade Rothermere – who inherited French nationality, along with the newspaper, from his father for tax reasons – to sack him, making the editor “incandescent” and all the more determined to push for Brexit.

It was only in July, after the referendum, that Rothermere personally told his editor of the pressure from Cameron.

A spokesman for Rothermere refused to deny the story

The spokesman said: “Over the years, Lord Rothermere has been leant on by more than one prime minister to remove Associated Newspapers’ editors but, as he told Lord Justice Leveson on oath, he does not interfere with the editorial policies of his papers.”

Dacre said in a statement: “For 25 years, I have been given the freedom to edit the Mail on behalf of its readers without interference from Jonathan Rothermere or his father. It has been a great joy and privilege.”

A spokesman for Cameron said: “It is wrong to suggest that David Cameron believed he could determine who edits the Daily Mail. It is a matter of public record that he made the case that it was wrong for newspapers to argue that we give up our membership of the EU.

“He made this argument privately to the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, and its proprietor, Lord Rothermere.”

Source : The Gaurdian