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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Judge In Italy?

A Rome court on Friday suspended a lower court ruling that had blocked the use of smart phone apps for Uber cars [UBER.UL] in Italy.

The court accepted an appeal by Uber against the first ruling, made a week ago, which said Uber could not use its Black, Lux, Suv, X, XL, Select and Van phone applications nor could it promote or advertise its services in Italy.

The first court had ruled in favour of a suit filed by Italy's major traditional taxi associations, taking the view that the apps constituted unfair competition.

Sorce : Rueters 

Hackney Council Could Fine Parents For Driving Kids To School. You Just Couldn't Make This Up.

Two schools in London are taking the next step in tackling the growing air pollution crisis by fining parents £130 for driving their children to and from school. Experts believe that tackling the pollution issue at the source, by hitting parents in the wallet, will cut down on those who unnecessarily drive their kids to school. The measure should radically improve road pollution around schools where public transport is easily accessible

As part of an unprecedented initiative called “School Streets,” Hackney Borough Council will ban parents from picking up and dropping off their children between 8.30-9.15 am and 3.15-4.00 pm.

The ban is set to begin in June and, while it only applies to two schools now, could be expanded across the borough (and the capital) if it proves a real success.

Whilst primarily focusing on reducing the amount of pollution that school children breathe in daily, it is hoped that the ban will also increase children’s activity levels, by encouraging them to walk or cycle to school and to use public transport.

This follows last week’s news that London will be introducing a “toxicity charge” from October, to help prevent the highest-polluting vehicles from using capital’s roads.

The dangers of air pollution are becoming increasingly apparent, igniting a war on air pollution across the UK. While these measures attempt to encourage use of public transport, how realistic is that, when London Underground and train routes are already close to breaking point ?

If this was rolled out across all major towns and cities in the UK, what impact would it have on pollution ? 

Is the public transportation infrastructure ready to cope with a massive increase in the number of children using it to go to school? What about the public safety of children if this was made law ?

Whilst this attempts to tackle a serious problem, do you think that it is a viable solution ? 

Could it be improved ? 

Or has this council finally lost it ?

If Drivers Can Work Together...Why Can't Our Representative Orgs ? The Time Has Come For A Council Of Jim Thomas

While reading a post on FaceBook, about how cabbies took back the rank at the Cafe Royal, a noticed a comment from a driver who made a terrific point....he said that when up against it, rank and file drivers 'can' and 'do' work well together...
And he's 100% right.
So why can't our orgs?

In the face of on street adversity, we work extremely well together. The Mayfair Mob, the Dads Defending Daughters and the driver led Independent Drivers Alliance, are leading the way when it comes to fighting for our trade's survival . Made up from a conglomeration of cabbies, from all orgs and backgrounds, we eat together, rank up together and we fight together... united under the same cause. 

If we can do it as rank and file drivers, with no egos, no empire building, not looking for careers in politics, no seats on the board....if we can do this on the streets, then why in hells name can't our orgs. 

It appears the only thing they can do together religiously, is take our money.

With all the stuff coming out daily about corruption from TfL, the Government and Uber employees....we should be stamping all over our problems. But we are in danger of dragging defeat from the jaws of victory....again.

Just recently, our orgs and unions came so close to uniting fully but again, egos and empires and outsider influence got in the way. As one org is accepted into the fold, another is excluded. It's been th same process for the past 20 years. 

Now we have a group of drivers who have turned towards a predomenently minicab Union, looking for help they feel they can't get inside the Taxi trade.

Quite a bit of this division is coming from outsider intervention, people who are not cabbies with conflicting interests to our unity, people with differing agendas trying to pit driver against driver, org against org. While this brand of infighting continues, we are no more than lame ducks and it has to stop. 

If our leaders can't work together like the drivers, then we must get rid of them and get new leaders who can work side by side. There must be no exemptions from any talks or negotiations. If the powers that be wont talk to all, then we must not talk to them. It's simple....all or nothing.

We are fighting a corrupt licensing authority, administering to corrupt government officials past and present.

There can be no doubt, we've been under attack at government level.

If ever you were in doubt of the corrupt collusion that's been going on between top of the pile Downing Street government ministers and the USA based non tax paying instant hail online minicab app, you must listen to this interview on LBC with friend of the Taxi trade Frances Wyhowska, below.

Frances recalls a conversation she had with Prime Minister David Cameron at a party on the 20/11/2015, where he openly informed her he was now on the side of Uber and that he didn't need taxis in London as we now have Sat-Navs.

Earlier in the radio interview, Steve McNamara had spoke about the way Cameron, Osbourne, and Sajid Javid had called senior TfL officers to Downing Street and told them to go easy on Uber.

But, just because the Mayor and "these people" at Transport for London were leaned on to give Uber an easy ride... and to aid the destruction of a trade with 360 year history of service, it doesn't dissolve them from the responsibility to act in the safety and protection of the general public, be they residents or visitors to the capital.

W heard that last year there were 5 attempted suicides within the trade. At this rate it won't be long before some drivers actually manage to  take their own lives over decisions made by TfL directors and managers.

Will we soon be seen headlines here in London as we've seen in Dublin after their trad deregulated?

See what Uber driver's own Union has to say about this companies modus operandi 

I believe these people should not be allowed to just walk away, they must be made to pay for what they have done.

As we all know full well the Nuremberg defence is no defence.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Breaking News: Sao Paulo judge rules Uber drivers are employees, deserve benefits.

An Uber driver holds his cell phone showing the queue to pick up passengers departing Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

A judge in Brazil's biggest city ruled this week that a driver using the Uber [UBER.UL] ride-hailing app is an employee of the San-Francisco-based company, threatening its business model in one of its biggest markets.

Uber said it would appeal the decision on Tuesday by Judge Eduardo Rockenbach Pires at the regional labor court in Sao Paulo, which was made public in recent days.

"By connecting drivers and users, Uber creates thousands of flexible opportunities for generating income," the company said in a statement.

Pires ordered Uber to pay the driver 80,000 reais ($25,000), including compensation for holidays, contribution to a severance fund and 50,000 reais in "moral damages" related to attacks from taxi drivers upset with Uber's competitive pricing model.

The decision follows a similar ruling in a labor court in Minas Gerais state, along with parallel cases in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, and Europe's highest court threatening to subject Uber to higher costs and regulation.

The lower house of Brazil's Congress has also threatened Uber's business model with a bill requiring it and other ride-hailing apps to register with city authorities as conventional taxi services. President Michel Temer has pledged to veto parts of the legislation if it passes the Senate. 

Adding to Uber's challenges, a Reuters investigation found a ten-fold increase in attacks on drivers in Sao Paulo last year, including several murders, after the start of cash payments on its platform at the end of July.

Source Reuters 

McNamara on LBC this morning 

TfL MiniCab Gang Who Stole £3m In High-End Cars Jailed For Total Of 46 Years

A prolific east London gang caught on camera at a McDonald’sdrive-thru in one of a haul of £3 million worth of stolen cars have been jailed for 46 years.

The eight-person gang broke into peoples’ homes during the night to steal car keys before making off in expensive Range Rovers, BMWs and Mercedes.

Some of the stolen motors were exported intact to Africa while others were broken down for parts.

The criminals also drove about in minicabs emblazoned with Transport for London’s “private hire” stickers, to steal keyless cars by using technology to spoof the unlocking of the car – a technique often referred to as 'keyless car theft'.

Mugshots: Khuram Zaman and gang ringleader Manji Sandhu. (Met Police)

Police caught them after raiding a pub in east London’s Manor Park on August 17 last year, belonging to the father of the gang’s ringleader, Manjit Sandhu, 32, where they found bags of stolen car keys in the basement.

Officers also found key programming technology, blank keys and a tool for picking car locks.

Sandhu went into hiding but police tracked him and his fellow gang members down during raids at their home addresses.

Guilty: Sufiyan Mahmood and Faisal Khan. (Met Police)

Police discovered the gang had carried out more 120 crimes between March 2015 and August last year, working out as more than seven a month.

A dash cam on one of the stolen BMWs caught the criminals on camera as they got in and out of the car while CCTV footage from McDonald’s drive thru pictures two of the gang members in a stolen car.

The prosecution also used evidence from Sandhu's own CCTV system to show him leaving home in the early hours of the morning in order to commit offences.

Gang members: Heena Bux and Geoffrey Cairns. Met Police car theft gang (Met Police)

Sandhu's offending was so brazen that he even committed an offence on the very same day that he received a suspended sentence for involvement in the theft of another vehicle. That incident is not related to this case.

Detective Inspector Caroline Clooney, who leads the Met's Organised Vehicle Crime Unit, said: "This was an extremely prolific and well-organised criminal gang.

Found guilty: Mohammed Ariful Islam (Met Police)

“They brought distress to many victims whose homes they broke into, who not only lost their vehicles but in many cases were traumatised by the thought of someone having been in their house while they slept.

“Although the case involved over 120 offences, it is clear that this team were responsible for an even greater number of crimes."

Sandhu, of Fairlawns Close in Hornchurch, Heena Bux, 21, of Walwood Road in Leytonstone, Khuram Zaman, 20, of Violet Road in Walhamstow and Mohammed Islam, 21, of Knox Road, Forest Gate, were all found guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to steal.

Sufiyan Mahmood, 19, of Stracey Road in Forest Gate, and Faisal Khan, 23, of Chestnut Avenue, Forest Gate, both pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit burglary and to steal.

Nicked: Some of the car keys found by police in east London raids. (Met Police)

Humzah Bhariwala, 23, of Dunbar Road, Forest Gate, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary while Geoffrey Cairns, 55, of Swindon Lane, Romford was found guilty of conspiracy to commit burglary after having pled guilty to conspiracy to steal.

Sandhu was sentenced to 12 years in prison, Bux was jailed for a total of nine years and six months, Zaman was sentenced to a total of four years, six months in prison and Islam was sentenced to three years in prison.

Mahmood was jailed for seven years and six months and Khan was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

Cairns was sentenced to three years and six months in prison while Bhariwala was jailed for a total of 18 months.

Editorial Extra by Alan Fisher :

Just a minor inconvenience (unless you're out there trying your best to earn a living by ferrying fare-paying passengers around London)... 

From 20:00 on Monday 17th April, until June, Essex Road will be closed northbound. There will also be southbound lane closures on Upper Street, and there will be no right turn from Upper Street into Liverpool Road. 

This is for utility works...
It's also for those that couldn't give a toss about anyone other than themselves...

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£1m-a-year Rachel, Favours To Uber From Number Ten And The Growing Stench Of Scandal

£1m-a-year Rachel, favours to Uber from No10 and the growing smell of scandal: GUY ADAMS investigates the links between Cameron's government and the taxi firm

Uber PR chief Rachel Whetstone, 49
When Uber hired Rachel Whetstone, less than two years ago, it wasn’t just getting a new PR chief. 

Instead, for a sum rumoured to exceed £1 million a year, the Silicon Valley firm was obtaining the services of a woman with excellent political connections.

For Whetstone was the wife of Cameron’s confidant and former policy guru Steve Hilton, as well as godmother of his late son Ivan. 

She’d also been a key member of his inner circle since the early Nineties.

Now 49, the charismatic political fixer first met the future PM while they worked together (alongside a young George Osborne) at Conservative HQ. 

Later, she became political secretary to Michael Howard, the then Tory leader, regarded as Cameron’s early mentor.

By the time the man she calls ‘Dave’ became PM, their families were virtually joined at the hip. 

Indeed, Whetstone and Hilton often spent weekends at their £1.2 million Oxfordshire farmhouse, seven miles from the PM’s constituency home, where they’d meet Dave and his wife Samantha and go for pub lunches or load their two kids into a fashionably-battered Volvo, and pop round to have pizza and red wine with their powerful chums.

The appearance given by this cosy relationship may have raised concerns considering the extraordinary — and unprecedented — level of access enjoyed by Whetstone’s then employer, Google.

Senior executives of the trendy U.S. search engine met with Tory ministers on average once a month during Cameron’s first four years as PM, according to Freedom of Information disclosures. This included three encounters with Cameron himself and four with Osborne.

So astonishing was Google’s hold on the PM’s affections that senior Tory peer Lord Younger (the minister in charge of intellectual property) once complained that the company’s ‘power’ was such that ‘they have access to higher levels than me in No 10’.

Whetstone was the wife of Cameron’s confidant and former policy guru Steve Hilton (pictured)
There was perhaps further cause for raised eyebrows when, despite public concern over Google’s business practices, Cameron and Osborne did next to nothing while in power to regulate the firm, to curb its vigorous tax-dodging, or to suggest laws that might leave it vulnerable to copyright lawsuits.

Fast forward to May 2015, and Uber — which runs a smartphone app that allows users to hail a minicab at the touch of a button — found itself in need of a helping hand.

The fast-growing Californian company was facing a number of moves to curb its growing domination of the British taxi market.

It stood accused, among other things, of driving traditional cabbies out of business, and clogging London’s streets with extra cars, polluting the air and making the city centre more congested than at any time in its modern history. 

Rape or assault claims were being made against its drivers at a rate of one every 11 days, while it also appeared to be flouting a number of rules governing the heavily-regulated taxi industry.

See full article, click link below :

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Transport for London And Number 10 Face Information Watchdog Probe Over Uber Emails

Transport for London and Downing Street are facing an investigation from the Information Commissioner's Office, Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon revealed in City Hall on Tuesday night (11 April).

The chair of the London Assembly's transport committee, speaking at a black cab event organised by Ukip's Peter Whittle and David Kurten, said she had asked the watchdog to launch the probe.

The development comes after emails and other documents, obtained by Pidgeon using the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that aides close to David Cameron urged Mayor of London Boris Johnson to drop proposed extra regulations on private hire app Uber in 2015.

Transport for London (TfL) dropped the plans, including making Uber customers wait five minutes between booking their car and starting their journey, in 2016 after more than 200,000 people signed a petition.

"That correspondence between Downing Street and TfL, those were my FoI requests. I have now got the Information Commissioner investigating because Number 10's response completely differed from TfL," Pidgeon said.

The comments come after hundreds of black cabs blocked Whitehall, Westminster, on 6 April over the revelations. 

Grant David, chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC), urged Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to meet with his colleagues.

"The future can be rosy. but we need TfL to regulate [Uber over private hire apps]," he added. "If they don't regulate, and we've got 120,000 mini-cabs doing the same job as me in a vehicle that's half the price and half the fair, we will just become a tourist attraction on the top of a tin of biscuits."

Helen Chapman, the general manger for TfL's taxi and private hire division, told the audience at City Hall that "we all want to work together to make sure that there's a great future and there's another 350 years of taxis in London, which are iconic and recognised around the world". Then refused to answer any questions on the grounds that this was a public forum. 

Trade leaders stood up, one after another, asked questions of TfL who were represented by Chapman and Blake, but were repeatedly ignored. The whole forum was a complete farce. 

LCDC chairman Grant Davis speaking to the forum.

UPDATE: 11:40 BST, 12 April

A spokesperson for the ICO said: "Anyone who has asked for official information from a public authority and thinks they have wrongly withheld information or incorrectly handled a request can bring their complaint to the ICO. We are aware of the issues raised and are making enquiries."


This letter was sent this to the Mayor a few days after the Westminster terrorist attack by Alan Fisher, editor of Dial A Cabs in house Call Sign Magazine. He received a reply yesterday - pretty quick for the Mayor's office...

Mr Mayor
I know it must have been rather uncool for you to have to say this, but in the aftermouth of the terrible happenings of last Wednesday, London's black cab drivers in the area switched off their meters and ferried people away from the area to places of safety at no charge. 
Uber, on the other hand, surged their prices to triple. 
I don't particularly want to make a political point out of such an appalling tragedy, but it would have been nice to include them in your list of those to thank. 

Kind regards

Alan Fisher

Call Sign Magazine

Reply from Val Shawcross, Mayor's Deputy for Transport 

Dear Alan
I want to express my gratitude on behalf of the Mayor to Black cab drivers for providing an invaluable, selfless service to those in the vicinity of the terrible incident. I know a number of drivers provided valuable support to their fellow Londoners and visitors to our city. This was a clear demonstration that our capital has the best taxi drivers in the world.
Thank you again for writing.


Uber PR boss Rachel Whetstone latest to quit company

Uber’s head of communications has become the latest executive to leave the embattled ride-sharing firm. 

Chief executive Travis Kalanick confirmed Rachel Whetstone’s departure in an all-staff email on Tuesday. 

No reason has been given for her resignation, though it follows months of turbulence at Uber. 

Ms Whetstone joined the company from Google in 2015. “I am incredibly proud of the team we have built,” she said in a leaving statement. 

"Just as when I left Google, a strong and brilliant woman will be taking my place. I joined Uber because I love the product - and that love is as strong today as it was when I booked my very first ride six years ago.” 

Jill Hazelbaker, who had deputized for Ms Whetstone, will take over. Uber would not say if the move would be immediate. 

Mr Kalanick emailed staff on Tuesday afternoon to share the news - and with it, attached a picture of himself and Ms Whetstone on a recent hiking trip. 

"I am looking forward to having her as an advisor for years to come,” he wrote. 

“With many more long hikes along the Skyline Trail.” 

He added: "Rachel was way ahead of the game when it came to many of the changes we needed to make as a company to ensure our future success - from promoting cross-functional teamwork to improving diversity and inclusion.” 

Out the door

This year has seen Uber struggle under the weight of negative press. 

A campaign to “#deleteuber” is said to have cost the company hundreds of thousands of accounts, though it is hard to be sure of the genuine impact. 

Serious accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination made by a former employee prompted the firm to launch an internal investigation led by Eric Holder, former president Barack Obama’s top police chief. 

Mr Kalanick was in February filmed in a car berating an Uber driver after he complained about low fares. 

And the future of the company's self-driving car programme is under serious threat thanks to a lawsuit claiming Otto - acquired by Uber - stole self-driving technology from Google. 

And then there were the resignations: Amit Singhal, who had been Uber’s head of engineering, left after it emerged he failed to disclose a sexual harassment allegation at his former employer, Google. 

Then last month, Uber’s president Jeff Jones left the company after only six months in the job. 

And now Rachel Whetstone who, unlike Mr Jones, has left the company on seemingly civil terms. 

That said, the timing of her departure will do little to help the company as it continues to roll-out its presumably long-term strategy for restoring Uber’s reputation.

Source : BBC Tecnlogy 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Minicab driver, 44, ‘killed a star ballet dancer while on phone

Minicab driver, 44, ‘killed a star ballet dancer while on a hands-free phone call as his victim made his way to his final performance of Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man’

A minicab driver killed a star ballet dancer while making a hands-free phone call as the victim made his way to perform the lead in his final Sadler’s Wells performance, a court heard today. 

Abdul Qayyum, 44, was driving a Mercedes S Class when he knocked Jonathan Ollivier, 38, off his motorbike, throwing him into a lamppost on Farringdon Road Clerkenwell, north London.

Mr Ollivier, who was due to star in the final performance of The Car Man at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, suffered catastrophic head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene just before 12pm on August 9 last year.

Qayuum, who denies one count of causing death by careless driving, took no evasive action at all before clipping the rear pannier of Mr Ollivier’s bike, the Old Bailey heard. 

Mr Ollivier was described by The Car Man's choreographer Matthew Bourne as ‘one of the most powerful and charismatic dancers of his generation’.


Have We Been Led Down The Electric Garden Path ? Manufacturers Claim New Diesel Cars Can Improve Air Quality.

Car manufacturers have hit back at the recent spate of negative comments about diesel vehicles, saying that the latest incarnations are “the cleanest in history” and “light years away from their older counterparts”.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said diesel cars could play an important role in helping improve air quality in towns and cities and in tackling climate change. 

A government report published in April 2016 showed that diesel cars being sold in the UK emit an average of six times more nitrogen oxide in real-world driving than the legal limit used in official tests. 

Since then, a number of schemes have been mooted to encourage drivers to give up diesel vehicles, including the possibility of a government-run scrappage scheme.

Last week, the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, announced a new charge on diesel cars driving into the city. Under the plans, drivers of diesel cars that are more than four years old in 2019 and petrol cars that are more than 13 years old will pay £12.50 a day on top of the congestion charge in an attempt to cut air pollution.

In a list entitled “10 facts you need to know about diesel”, the SMMT said that some recent reports had failed to differentiate between older diesel cars and those on sale today, which comply with Euro 6 emissions standards, adding: “This is unfair and dismissive of progress made.”

The organisation said the latest vehicles featured special filters and technology that converted most of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the engine into harmless nitrogen and water before it reached the exhaust. These cars will be exempt from the new London charges.

It added: “Contrary to recent reports, diesel cars are not the main source of urban NOx. In London, gas heating of homes and offices is the biggest contributor, responsible for 16%. While road transport as a whole is responsible for around half of London’s NOx, diesel cars produce just 11%, although concentrations will vary at different times depending on congestion.”

It said British car buyers registered almost 250,000 new diesel cars in March, more than in any month in history.

  • Mike Hawes, the SMMT’s chief executive, said: “Euro 6 diesel cars on sale today are the cleanest in history. Not only have they drastically reduced or banished particulates, sulphur and carbon monoxide but they also emit vastly lower NOx than their older counterparts – a fact recognised by London in their exemption from the Ultra Low Emission Zone that will come into force in 2019.”

  • He added: “In addition to their important contribution to improving air quality, diesel cars are also a key part of action to tackle climate change while allowing millions of people, particularly those who regularly travel long distances, to do so as affordably as possible.”                    
  • The Blind Leading The Blind? But In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King.... By Dave Davies

    It’s great to be passionate and fight for a cause but when ego comes before proper consideration or understanding of the facts it is not a good thing.

    It has been proven time and time again that protests led by trade orgs have no effect. They have changed nothing over the years.

    In fact those protests which had any message about Uber only served as free PR for them , increasing Uber accounts in London by 850% instantly on one occasion.

    What a great idea that was!

    Instead of listening to advice and directing all action to expose the corruption at TFL, a message that the media and Public will support, trade orgs have always come up with their own message which has proven to be flawed.


    The UCG refused to listen to good advice or any advice except from their new friends at the LTDA or Tom Watson (promised the world and delivered NOTHING  for 2 years).


    They organised a protest calling for a Parliamentary Investigation , which will achieve nothing.

    They claimed that a Public Inquiry would take too long, ignoring the fact that it is the ONLY mechanism which can expose TFL and also ignoring the fact that if a Public Inquiry is initiated it would be reasonable to call for Uber’s License to be suspended immediately as well as an immediate suspension of the improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit. A Public Inquiry is the only way for evidence to be formally heard, and once that evidence is heard and exposed  it has to be acted on.

    The Phone Hacking  Public Inquiry is a good example. Phone Hacking was know of for many years and ignored. Nothing changed  until there was a Public Inquiry and the truth was exposed.

    This meant the Police were forced to take action; bent reporters, Public Officials and even the Police themselves were then investigated , charged and prosecuted. The News of the World, a multimillion pound part of NewsCorp was shut down. People who had acted corruptly were sacked.

    It would be safe to say that the practice of Phone Hacking was stopped as a direct result of the Public Inquiry and many of those responsible prosecuted. Anyone who says differently does not understand the facts.


    A Parliamentary Investigation or Inquiry can do none of this and will therefore result in no action being taken.

    The root cause of ALL the  problems affecting the Taxi Trade  is corruption. Anyone who thinks that this corruption does not extend to Parliament is naive and is ignoring the evidence detailed in the Mail article.

    How can a Parliamentary Investigation or Inquiry possibly scrutinize evidence in a robust way or take action when it has been proven that those in Parliament have acted corruptly and would be exposed by that Inquiry?


    If those involved are powerful enough to have acted corruptly with impunity , why would anyone think that they don’t have enough power to invalidate a Parliamentary Inquiry?


    While we’re at it lets ask Johnson and Khan to investigate themselves and see if they find any wrongdoing!


    The UCG  not only don’t understand why a Public Inquiry is the only way to expose TFL, they (along with every other trade org with the exception of the LTDA) also do not understand that media management is critical.

    The offer of hundreds of placards was declined

    They did not manage the media and gave no clear message.

    Most of the media did not even report that a protest had taken place. The only reports beside the Mail and LBC were by City AM who initially said it was about Bank Junction.


    The political website Order Order mocked Taxi Drivers for protesting in Whitehall while Parliament is in recess and also said it was about Uber.


    Black cab drivers are blockading Westminster this afternoon in their latest anti-Uber protest, organised by United Cabbies Group and supported by the LTDA and RMT. Just one problem. It’s recess and there aren’t any MPs in town…

    Placards include charming sentiments such as “Cameron Osborne you will hang for this“.

    I have spent hours of my time trying to convince the UCG that they need to manage the media and it has been ignored.

    In November I wrote a  Press Release for them calling for a Public Inquiry and tried to help... but was again ignored.

    All I get is abusive comments from those who are disgruntled, sad individuals who have no understanding of the facts and are the epitome of everything wrong with the London Can Trade.

    They have a Football Hooligan mentality and will create their own demise because of it.

    The efforts of thousands of Taxi Drivers last Thursday were wasted because yet again, Taxi  Orgs refuse to listen to common sense and in fact even argued against it.


     I recently had a massive success by getting the Cameron /Osborne corruption exposed by the Mail. 

    Yes;  despite the claims by others, the story came about because of the hard work from myself, not anyone else.


    The efforts of Ajit Chambers in initiating a website which enables drivers to  send a letter to their MP calling for a Public Inquiry following the Mail exposure was a stroke of genius and full credit should be given to him for that because it is leading to significant political support.


    The efforts of Jolyon  Maugham and the Good Law project in setting up a legal case against Uber, has been another massive step in the right direction and could result in Uber being stopped in its tracks..


    The Mail Article, the thousands of letters sent to MPs calling for a Public Inquiry and the Legal Case against Uber have all happened as a direct result of the hard work of 3 unpaid individuals who have campaigned on principal.


    Another individual who has been of massive importance to the exposure and reporting of these issues is Jim Thomas; the Taxi trade should be eternally grateful for the huge amount of unpaid time and effort he has put in over many years in publishing the Anderson Shelter and Taxileaks. Some of those who are critical of any articles which are written by others and posted on Taxileaks  should bear this in mind before they hurl abuse.

    The orgs that thousands of you religiously pay subs to every month out of your hard earned money have achieved NONE of this. (despite the false claims of one org to have been responsible for  the Mail article)

    Some of them do drive very nice cars though!


    If a trade org initiates an official protest they have to give Police Notice in advance which often means that any action which would be effective is curtailed.

    It is also the case that Trade Orgs do not seem to understand what is needed and often send no message or the wrong message to the media.

    The root cause of all problems is corruption at TFL, The Mayor’s Office and in Government.

    It's no good engaging with, or negotiating with those that are corrupt.

    Even if a particular  issue is overcome, if the same corrupt system of management is in place then further issues will follow.


    The ONLY way to expose the corruption, which has been shown to extend beyond TFL and the Mayor’s Office to the Prime Minster and Chancellor,  is a Public Inquiry.

    There is no need for any org or anyone else to negotiate. The demand needs to be for a Public Inquiry and nothing else; It’s that simple.

    There needs to be driver led daily flash protests at multiple locations until the demand for a Public Inquiry is met.

    The improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit and Uber's Operators license needs to be suspended immediately pending that Public Inquiry.

    Parliament is now in recess until April 18th so maybe April 17th would be a good day to start?


    It’s time for orgs and egos to end. Both are pointless.

    It’s down to Taxi Drivers; the choice is yours.