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Government Under Fire Over 'Cash For Minicab' School Transport Plan

“The local school bus is to be replaced by the grammar school Uber"

Chancellor’s plan to provide transport to selective schools for children on free school meals could cost up to £5,000 per pupil

The government says it will invest £5m a year to help the poorest pupils reach grammar schools. 

New grammar school pupils could be ferried up to 15 miles by cars to their schools, at a cost of up to £5,000 per pupil every year, despite cuts to last year’s general school transport budget for disabled and disadvantaged pupils. 

The government has said it would invest £5m a year to fund transport for the poorest pupils to reach grammar schools so costs were not a barrier to a selective education for pupils who received free school meals or whose parents claimed maximum working tax credits.

About 1,000-1,500 pupils are estimated to require the funding, meaning that the cost per pupil could be as high as £5,000 if minicabs were used. The government is expected to spend £20m on the transport over the parliament.

“We recognise that for many parents the cost of travel can be a barrier to exercising that choice,” the chancellor, Philip Hammond, said in his budget speech.

“Pupils typically travel three times as far to attend selective schools, so we will extend free school transport to include all children on free school meals who attend a selective school because we are resolved that talent alone should determine the opportunities a child enjoys.”

The high costs have been criticised by Labour because the grant that supports local councils to provide transport to all schools for disadvantaged and disabled pupils, normally by more cost-efficient buses, has been cut by £7m a year from 2016-17. 

On Friday, the local government ombudsman announced it had received a 63% increase in referrals of serious cases relating to school transport in 2015-16, a total of 261 complaints and inquiries about school transport compared with just 160 in the previous year.

In one case, a teenager with severe autism who lost his transport allowance was told he must walk a mile to school along an unlit footpath to catch a bus and then a train. 

In another case, a recently widowed mother appealed against the council’s decision to fund only her middle daughter’s school transport because of the crucial stage she was at in her education. 

Funding was denied for the other children despite the mother’s pleas that a recent family tragedy meant the three should be kept together and notforced to move schools. 

The ombudsman, Michael King, said there was no evidence the panel had looked at whether there were exceptional circumstances under which it could consider exercising discretion.

Labour’s shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, said: “The local school bus is now being replaced by the grammar school Uber. But when they are breaking their promise to protect school funding and heads are facing the worst cuts in a generation, it’s unbelievable that they think ‘cash for minicabs’ is a good use of money.”

Rayner said the transport came at a cost to other pupils. “While we’re paying taxes for minicabs, disabled teenagers are being left to fend for themselves and other kids are forced to change school for lack of transport,” she said.

“If this idea is the best that [education secretary] Justine Greening can come up with then she’s the one who should be getting a taxi for one.”



Let's just remind ourselves what's hit the news lately :



Advertising Giant Drops Google In Storm Over Extremist And Anti-Semitic Videos

Update on Google Advertising Scandal :

Advertising giant drops Google in storm over extremist videos

One of the world's largest advertising agencies has pulled all of its UK clients from Google because of its failure to prevent adverts appearing next to extremist content, following exclusive revelations in The Times

This video by Evalion, a baby-faced Canadian blogger, was removed when her YouTube channel was shut down. Her clips can be found elsewhere, however. She says in the footage: “Behind every major problem you find Jewish people”

YouTube and its parent company Google have been accused of continuing to host thousands of anti-Semitic hate videos in defiance of their own guidelines, as the UK government announced it was withdrawing advertising from the global video-sharing giant.

French advertising agency Havas,  one of the world’s largest marketing groups, pulled hundreds of UK clients out of Google’s advertising network Friday after revelations in theTimes newspaper that taxpayers and commercial brands were unknowingly funding extremists through adverts. Dozens of other brands have also allegedly withdrawn their business while Havas said it was also considering a global freeze on YouTube and Google ads.

Video Google Highlights ‘Offensive’ Search Results

The Times found adverts were appearing alongside content from supporters of extremist groups, making them around £6 per 1,000 viewers, as well as making money for the company.

The Times has now revealed why the commercial retreat from YouTube has gathered pace with its analysis showing that more than 200 anti-Semitic videos are hosted on YouTube. In selective cases, the offensive videos were uploaded years ago and have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Some even hosted advertising, suggesting anti-Semites may be enjoying a commercial advantage from perceived association with well-known brands, the newspaper reports.

Content of the videos varied, but relied on common themes that claimed Jews start global conflicts for profit, or perpetuate the ancient blood libel that Jews kill Christian children while keeping others as slaves. Holocaust denial is another thematic variation.

A spokeswoman told the Times: “Google believes in the right for people to express views that we and many others find abhorrent, but we do not tolerate hate speech. We have clear policies against inciting violence or hatred and we remove content that breaks our rules or is illegal when we’re made aware of it.”

Google does not actively look for hate content on YouTube. Instead its policy is to wait for users to flag it up. It said that with 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, it would be impossible to proactively police.

Meanwhile the BBC reports the UK government has removed its adverts from YouTube amid concerns they are appearing next to “inappropriate” material. In one case, Metropolitan Police promotions appeared alongside Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic organisation calling for the establishment of a global caliphate under Sharia law, which is banned in many countries.

The Cabinet Office said it was seeking assurances from YouTube’s owner Google that its messages would be displayed in a “safe and appropriate way” in future. The Guardian newspaper, broadcaster Channel 4 and the BBC itself have also pulled ads citing similar worries over grossly offensive material.

During a recent appearance before the Commons Home Affairs Committee, executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google were told they had a “terrible reputation” for dealing with problems and censured for not policing their content more effectively, given the billions they made.

Yvette Cooper MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“We’ve seen too many cases of vile online hate crimes, harassment or threats where social media companies have failed to act.

“It cannot be beyond the wit and means of multi-billion dollar social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google to develop ways to better protect users from hatred and abuse. They have a duty to do so. We will be asking the companies about specific cases, why they didn’t act, and what they intend to do about it now.”

In response, Google is now directing its review teams to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive in search results.

As Breitbart Tech reported, the review teams – comprised of contractors known as “quality raters” – already comb through websites and other content to flag questionable items such as pornography. Google added a new category, “upsetting-offensive,” in its guidelines for quality raters. For example, content with “racial slurs or extremely offensive terminology” could now get flagged as such

Sadiq Khan and George Osborne's unlikely friendship

This article exposes Khans new found friendship with Osborne (the Uber lobbyist) and the Standard. It could be why the Standard have been biased in Ubers favour and why Khan has taken no action to stop Ubers blatant breach of the law.


Sadiq Khan and George Osborne's unlikely friendship


 The London Mayor has long enjoyed warm relations with the new Evening Standard editor. 

 In a week of political surprises by far the greatest is the news that the Evening Standard's new editor is George Osborne. It's not unheard of for MPs to combine politics and journalism (recall Boris Johnson's editorship of the Spectator), and Osborne has unfulfilled ambition having been rejected by the Times and the Economist as a budding hack. But one wonders how the former Chancellor will combine the Standard's punishing hours with bookwriting, a Kissinger fellowship, his Northern Powerhouse think-tank, private speaking, Blackrock and, last not but least, representing the good people of Tatton (Osborne has said he will remain an MP).

Among the questions being asked is what Osborne's appointment means for Sadiq Khan. Having relentlessly campaigned against his election, the Standard has since lavished the Mayor of London with praise. As a Khan ally once told me: "They didn’t treat us fairly - and they knew that. Because now they’re so far up our backsides it’s unbelievable. Sadiq’s now 'number one Londoner'. Six weeks previously they were saying that he was basically a terrorist.”

Can the Labour mayor expect to receive less favourable treatment from a Conservative MP? Well, despite their political differences, Khan and Osborne have long enjoyed friendly relations. The former Chancellor sponsered Khan for the London marathon and congratulated him following his Labour mayoral nomination, so it's unsurprising that Khan has publicly welcomed Osborne's appointment, tweeting: "Congratulations to @George_Osborne - the new editor of the @EveningStandard. Covering the world's greatest city. #LondonIsOpen." 

Unlike senior Conservatives such as David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, Osborne did not join the Conservative assault against Khan during the London mayoral election (when he was denounced as a friend of Islamist extremists). "Osborne was the one who never did it," a Khan aide told me. "We didn’t forget that, so we had a good relationship with him afterwards."

In the short period between Khan's election and Osborne's sacking, the pair had several meetings to discuss infrastructure investment and further London devolution (both Osborne passions). Indeed, some are speculating whether Osborne hopes to use the Standard editorship as a springboard to City Hall. But the former Chancellor, who is fond of citing LBJ's maxim that the first rule of politics is to "know how to count", must know that he would struggle to overturn Khan's huge lead in 2020. Though the mayor is widely spoken of as a potential Labour leader, aides say that he will stand for a second term. 

With thanks to Dave Davies 

Another Serious Sexual Assault In A Minicab, This Time At St Pancras Drop Off.

More breaking news just in as we hear that a young lady has been assaulted in the back of a minicab -sporting blacked out windows- in the drop off bay at St Pancras Station on Pancras Road. 

This attack can be clearly attributed to the lack of enforcement from our woefully inadequate regulator, TfLTPH. The monster they've created needs enforcement morning, noon and especially at night. Not just for a few minutes every so often. 

But then TfL have always turned their back and denighed the escalation of sexual assaults, they have even massaged statistics to cover up their failure. What the public should understand most of all -according to Susie Lamplugh trust- only 10% of sexual attacks are reported to police. 

Marshals, More Harm Than Good ?
Many drivers feel that powerless marshals supplied for a few hours every week, do more harm than good. 
It's alleged this gives TfL an excuse to avoid the worst affected areas. 
I have personaly experience jobs being held back for other Taxis. 
Many times we've seen marshals taking up much needed space on the ranks they are marshalling, with a Taxis having then to over rank. 
Since the Mayfair ranks have been marshalled over the weekends, operation neon officers have all but disappeared and touting has increased. 

We all knew that yesterday's highly visual display at St Pancras by 8 compliance officers, was no more than a knee jerk reaction to Wednesday's blockade, organised by the Independent Taxi Alliance  and Dads Defending Daughters. 

We all know from past experience that this sudden show of force won't be comprehensive and certainly wouldn't be permanent. Public safety deserves preventative measures not reactive after thoughts. 

Taxi Leaks has campaigned for years to get blacked out windows banned in private hire vehicles, as it's felt by many rape support groups that th restricted view actually facilitates in-vehicle sexual assaults.

Other news from this week:
Hostilities have suddenly escalated between Ajit Chambers and LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara. 

In statement on Twitter yesterday, Ajit alleged that while in a telephone conversation, Steve McNamara said "if Black cab drivers don't like the situation with Uber, they can get another job".

An hour later, the LTDA twitter feed anonymously posted a single word reply.

Friday, March 17, 2017


It's your job to serve your constituents. Either stand down as an MP or quit your job as editor of the Evening Standard.

Why is this important?

George Osborne has just accepted a job as editor of the Evening Standard. But he’s already got a full-time job as an MP, representing tens of thousands of people who live in his constituency, including me.

It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media. George Osborne needs to pick a job.

The Evening Standard newspaper said its publication schedule “will enable Mr Osborne to edit the paper and continue to fulfil his other commitments, including as an MP; giving him the time to vote and contribute in parliament in the afternoon after the paper has gone to print, and be in his constituency.”

But what about when he needs to be an MP in the morning? No other full-time job would let you just work afternoons. And when it comes to standing up for constituents - helping someone in need or providing vital support to struggling families - that should always be George Osborne’s number one priority.

              >Click Here To Sign Petition <

Google Upsetting LGBT Community, With Inappropriate Advert Placing... By Gerald Coba.

YouTube hate preachers share screens with household names

Google is to be hauled in front of MPs and brands have scrambled to pull their advertisements from YouTube after research by The Times showed commercial campaigns supporting extremist material

After upsetting the Taxi trade, by advertising free rides home with a certain Rape App, aired during the Super Bowl, Helen Mirren has now upset and insulted the LGBT community on YouTube again. 

Let's not forget the R eports in the media over the last few years which have shown Uber drivers frequently discriminating against lesbian and gay passengers.

 In this latest faux-pass, just as Steven Anderson reaches the climax of his latest hate-filled sermon -uploaded each week on to YouTube- he is replaced on screen by a close-up image of the actress Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen appears in a L’Oréal campaign for the Prince’s Trust, the charity set up to empower young people to get into jobs, education and training. 

The advert appeared while Anderson’s sermon was still playing, its inclusive message clashing with the bearded preacher’s exhortations that "homosexuals were not born that way, but they will burn in hell that way”.

L’Oréal was far from the only brand to advertise on YouTube videos posted on behalf of Anderson, despite the preacher being banned from Britain last year after responding to a terrorist attack on a gay club. 

Big name brands are now deserting Google big time, over the way adverts have been placed on unsuitable videos feeds. 


If anyone was in any doubt about the extent of the corruption they should now see it clearly.


Lebedev the ex KGB owner of the Standard has appointed Bullingdon boy Osborbne as his editor.

The Standard (along with most of the main stream media ) has failed to report any negative information about Uber or TFL.

Osborne has recently been ‘gifted’ a lucrative job with BlackRock who have $250 million in Uber shares, after Osborne used his position as Chancellor and personal connections to persuade his Bullingdon buddy Boris Johnson to ‘Lay Off Uber’ which is exactly what Johnson and TFL did.

Boris Johnson also publicly claimed that Osborne had blocked any attempts made to the Government to cap Private Hire Numbers, which would have obviously negatively impacted his indirect paymasters Uber.

The Mayor of London has Statutory powers to initiate Legislation, which could have capped Private Hire Licenses.


Both Johnson and Khan have failed to take any action, even though they have the power to do so.


Lebedev was also a close ally of Boris Johnson and gave him full media support during his Mayoral Election Campaigns and throughout his Mayoralty, with a policy of reporting no negative news about Johnson.

Lebedev flew Johnson and his family by Private Jet to his luxury villa in Italy for holidays.


The absolute and utter corruption will continue until there is a Public Inquiry, which is the ONLY mechanism to expose it.

The current Taxi APPG is a scam set up by Sadiq Khans friend Wes Streeting.


This is the description about APPGs’s on the Gov website


''APPGs are informal cross-party groups that have no official status within Parliament. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, though many choose to involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities.''


Wes Streeting is Khans mate ; he won’t do anything to expose him or the TFL corruption .


Wes Streeting MP

20 April 2016 • 

''My friend Sadiq Khan understands what life is like for the majority of people in London. I think his election would make a massive difference to issues like affordable housing, transport and tackling crime.

But I've become increasingly concerned about the campaign against him. It is the worst sort of dog whistle politics and today our Prime Minister engaged in it.

I'm proud of London, proud of its diversity and proud to represent people of all races, faiths and backgrounds. London is better than this nasty campaign against Sadiq.''


The entire purpose of the APPG which has been set up and led by Khans mate Wes, is to make people think that something is being done.









Lady Passenger "Why I'll Never Use Uber Again"... By Marc Turner

In the early hours of 16th March 2017. I drove a fare from the West End to Clapham.  Nothing unusual in that. During the trip we never spoke. At journeys end the young lady thanked me and said how safe and secure she felt travelling in London Taxis.

She then recounted her last ever experience using Uber. I'd like to say how astounding her revelations were, but in truth I'd heard it all before. From men as well as women.

She told me, wherever Uber lurked, she was worried for the safety of women.
I then asked her if I could record her recollection of her final ghastly Uber travail.

The brave lady was not only happy to comply to my request, but offered her name and email address in case the authenticity of her message was ever doubted.

So it was deemed last week that Uber have no need for a landline. Yet in times of anxiety the public have more chance of connecting with the leadership of North Korea, then getting immediate response and help from Uber Support.

Authorities take note! 
Some Uber drivers are taking advantage of those that are vulnerable. They do it because they know they can get away it. Possessing the home addresses and mobile numbers of those  humiliated could well be an 'intimidating factor'!!!

It's well documented how thousands of PH drivers struggle with the English language. I truly believe, as well, they have little understanding of the concept of etiquette.
Perhaps TfL could remind the PH fraternity of the saying that has served us well since 'time in memorial'.

When in the UK, Stop taking liberties   


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tony Casey Gives Advice On Badge And Bill Checks In Letter To Taxi Leaks

Never show your badge/bill to any compliance officer who says he is from Transport for London, showing you only their deputy badge -which are available on ebay almost the same for less than a fiver including a leather wallet.

Don't be intimidated:
EVERY compliance officer has a warrant type card, the same type as carried by all policeman.

ASK to see it clearly and use your phone to make a clear photo of it, the full name of the TFL staff member,only then comply with their request but never sign anything.

If possibly -remembering to switch off your engine first- film the whole compliance check on your phone for your own reference. The law allows this.

Remember eighteen months ago, the Head of the compliance training team made a false complaint to the City Police at the Sugar Quay (Shine Charity walk event ) saying that I'd been drinking.
I am teetotal and stopped drinking over 40 years ago.

His boss Garret Emmerson had to apologise in writing to me after a letter was sent from Grant Davis of the LCDC on my behalf making an official complaint. 

Tony Casey

Editorial Comment :
Don't forget, if you're asked to sign a blank screen on their PDA after being Badge and Billed, don't!

It's just for their performance figures, so they can say what a great job they are doing and how much we appreciate it.

From my own experience of confrontation with COs, asking them why they are concerntrating on Taxis and ignoring PH, they all have given the same answer "That's what we've been told to do".

It's clear by their statements theyve been ordered to turn a blind eye to PH touting. They concentrate on harassing Licensed Taxi drivers simply because that's what they've been told TL do by senior staff. 

Badges and Jackets available today 16/03/2017 on eBay....

Mother, 25, suffers black eye in ‘racist assault’ by Asian Uber driver who ‘called her a "white b***h" and said her mixed-race baby daughter’s father "must be a slave"

An Uber driver has been suspended after it was alleged that he assaulted a passenger and racially abused her one-year-old daughter.

Annastazia Merrett said she was hit twice by the driver when she was dropped off in Elephant and Castle.

She said the ‘Asian’ man threw keys in the face of my daughter and referred to her father as a slave.

Annastazia said that she was left with a black eye following the attack and that she hit him back in ‘self defence’.

The most horrific thing is that the police just let him get back in the car and drive off to collect his next customer. What if he does worse to someone else?

‘I was trying to get Savannah’s baby seat out of the car and unlock the heavy gate at the same time so I asked him politely for a hand.

‘When I dropped my keys he picked them up and threw them in my daughter’s face. He called me a “white b*tch” and said Savannah’s dad must be ‘a slave’.

‘What kind of man does that? 

Like any mother who had seen what had just happened to my daughter I moved towards him and he took a swipe at me.

Annastazia said: ‘He tried to tell me it wasn’t necessary and I told him it was against the law for her not to use it. My child’s safety is more important than him trying to save time.

‘He kept saying to me “I don’t listen to a woman” and “I tell a woman what to do, not the other way round’. His views were disgusting.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 8.21pm on Saturday, March 11, to reports of an assault in south-east London.

‘The officers at the scene used their discretion and concluded that there were not enough grounds to arrest either party and a community resolution was agreed by all.

‘The following day the woman attended a south London police station and said she was not happy with the resolution.

Open Letter To TfL's Director Of Service Operations Peter Blake, In Regards To The Sean Stockings Affaire.

Taxi Leaks has received an open letter to TfL's Director of Service Operations Peter Blake, in regards to the Sean Stockings revocation. 

The letter comes from a long standing correspondent who feels that in the light of what has happened to Mr Stocking for airing a grievance in public, his letter should be published anonymously. 

As the author is known to us, we have agreed to his terms of publication. 

 Dear Mr Blake

I refer to your letter dated 3rd March to Sean Stockings which does not appear to contain a rider 'private and confidential' and has thus been reprinted in the March edition of 'The Badge'. This response takes the form of an open reply and will no doubt find it's way to you in due course

You list numerous misdemeanours by Mr Stockings relating to an incident in a restaurant and you conclude that these constitute justification for the revocation of his taxi drivers licence however you fail to mention or seemingly take into account the degree of contributory provocation on the part Leon Daniels the recipient of Sean's verbal abuse.

Daniels is well known to the taxi trade as a principle architect of the Uber scandal and has become a focus of attention to the taxi trade impoverished by the back door deregulation so aggressively pursued by him and others at TfLTPH.

The extent to which TfLTPH have so alienated the body of drivers it is charged with regulating is without precedent in the writer's near 40 years experience of driving a cab in London.

Indeed it is hard to imagine any parallels to a situation in which a regulator has so completely proved to be not 'a safe pair of hands', TfLTPH appear remote, out of touch and in complete denial of the severity of the crisis they have created in the taxi trade and the hubris that now surrounds virtually every utterance from Palestra has reached a megalomania of 'Trumpian' proportions

The long standing 'quid pro quo' whereby candidates acquiring a satisfactory standard of knowledge are granted in return the sole right to ply for hire has been so completely undermined by TfLTPH's licensing of Uber that the only word that adequately describes the mood of the taxi trade is BETRAYAL.

I feel betrayed, Sean Stockings feels betrayed - we all feel betrayed by having to daily and hourly witness members of the public waving at cars in front of us to gain the attention of drivers who have sent their registration details using mobile phones whilst on the move which is itself most likely illegal and a topic for another conversation.

We are all very angry at this blatant 'plying for hire' for that surely is what it is - forget the weasel words, smoke and mirrors obfuscation and lame legalistic  justifications about 'bookings' - you have deliberately licensed 100,000 plus inadequates to do our jobs for us.

Far from being the villain of the piece Stockings should be commended for acting with considerable restraint, he was simply venting a frustration that all cab drivers presently feel and did not use foul language nor offer Daniels physical threats as indeed one can imagine more radical temperaments might have done, Leon should count himself lucky that he did not end up with a bowl of Vichyssoise on his head,

No taxi driver should be treated in such a cavalier manner by a kangaroo court bent on victimisation - a warning maybe or suspension for airing grievances in public is the maximum sanction Sean should have to endure - revocation is the term that should now be applied to TfLTPH's tenure as the malignant despots they have become.

Yours reluctantly


Now listen to the ease at which Nick Ferrari points out the woeful inadequacies of TfL's Director of Service Operations Peter Blake, as regulator of the Private hire industry in London.  


As Mr Farrari was airing LBC's grievance against TfL in public, will Peter Black now call for their broadcasting licence to be revoked...? 

Touts Caught Like Rabbits In The Headlights, By Driver Led Flash Demo At St Pancras.... By Jim Thomas

There's a fine line between having a secret, last minute protest....and having a flop on your hands.
But last night, rank and file drivers pulled off a last minute flash demo at St Pancras drop off on Pancras Road, Kings Cross. 

Since the week long demos organised by DDD and MM last year, Camden Council have been playing fair, keeping the drop off sections clear most of the day. TfL are supposed to police the set-down area in the evenings, but we've been seeing the touts double and triple parked at night - it's got so bad, we can't even drop our passengers off. Sunday evenings are atrocious. 

Illegally parked, the touts sit there waiting for the ping of the app they used to visually ply for immediate hire. 

Over the past few days, plans for the demo were hatched within certain chat rooms and spread throughout the trade by word of mouth. Drivers met at a pre-arranged assembly point and just before 8pm, the shout went out on main Twitter and other social media platforms. 
Soon, the area became gridlocked, completely taking the touts by surprise, trapping them kerbside, where they had to sit until the demo concluded. 

Bemused Prius drivers who were unable to turn left or right from Euston Road drove round the block (York Way and Goods away) only to find Pancras Road blockaded from Camley Street.
Keep an eye out for more of the same in the very near future.

TfL compliance have for many months, turned a blind eye to what goes on at the St Pancras drop off bays, choosing instead to target Taxis legally sitting on the rank opposite.
Their main concern being aggressive Badge and Bill checks on perfectly legal Licensed Taxis. 

Amazingly, as the demo kicked off, there were six (6) compliance officers at Kings Cross. 
Taxi Leaks roving reporter said as soon as they saw what was occurring, they removed their identifying HiVis jackets and disappeared into the Station, as if they had been given the nod not to get involved and to have it on their toes. 

Two of the compliance squad that disappeared just as the demo started.

This woefully inadequate TfL administration are refusing to protect unsuspecting members of the public, from unbooked minicab touts. 
St Pancras is an international terminus and should be given the same security attention as any airport. 

It's obvious to the trade that the harassment being dished out to the Taxi drivers, has been ordered by senior management from the TfLTPH directorate and is even more evidence of their bias towards us.


Weekends are worse at St Pancras, no wardens, no compliance.... 

Editorial Comment : 
Well done to all the drivers who turned up last night.

 If asked to sign a blank screen after being B/B don't!
It's just for their performance figures, so they can say what a good job they're doing and how much we appreciate it.

Another one for the boycott list:
As big business lines up to take part in our demise, we need to add a new name to the ever increasing list.