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York Cabbies Threaten Dramatic New Uber Protest - More Proof Of Uber Being Politically Facilitated ? Plus Great News From Liverpool.

A dashcam video clip, showing an Uber car driving the wrong way along York's Nunnery Lane.

CABBIES have voted to block York city centre unless council bosses heed their angry protests against Uber drivers 'flooding into the city.'

But a council officer has urged them not to 'take matters into their own hands,' saying the authority would investigate complaints and take action where appropriate.

The GMB union said more than 100 hackney and private hire drivers attended a 'stormy' meeting yesterday to vent their anger after City of York Council's alleged opening of rendezvous points for private hire drivers across the city.

A union spokesman said: "These are points where private hire vehicles can wait for calls from their office. The York taxi trade believe that they have been put in place for the benefit of Uber drivers who flood into the city at weekends from outside the area."

Bill Chard, from the GMB’s Professional Drivers’ Association, claimed changes were being introduced without proper consultation and without any demand from the York trade.

"When questioned, the council have replied that they do not have to consult on this issue and even said that they had carried out some consultation," he said.

"There were over one hundred present at our meeting including proprietors and representatives of both Hackney and Private Hire Associations and not one person present said that they had been consulted or accepted any need for these rendezvous points.

"York are acting like some banana republic dictators, riding roughshod over the interests of local drivers and local businesses in favour of outsiders who will not put a single penny into the York economy.”

Terry Osborne, a private hire representative from York, said: “This was another heated meeting with York’s home grown drivers being ignored time and time again by City of York Council."

Attendees spoke of instances they had witnessed or videoed on their phones of drivers from outside the York area acting unlawfully and unsafely and putting lives at risk.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer for the Hackney and private hire trade representing over 20,000 members in the industry came up from London to attend yesterday's meeting, and promised the GMB would back the York drivers' campaign.

He said: “York based drivers meet the city's demand, they are local people who spend their money here and they do not cause extra pollution by driving from West Yorkshire because they are already in the city.

"I understand why the drivers are so angry when they perceive that the council is bending over backwards to appease the outsider UBER vehicles.”

A spokesman added that the meeting concluded with a vote in favour of 'blocking the city centre if the City of York Council continue to ignore the trade.'

Editorial Comment:

Councils around the country are turning a blind eye to uber and letting them flood their towns. The result being that respectable Licensed Taxi drivers and long standing private hire companies are being driven out of work by the predatory pricing of a company that pays virtually no tax in this country.

York City a Council have put into operation "Rendezvous areas" or as we know them "Ranks", where uber cars can wait to become hired. A spokesman for the council has stated that in the councils opinion it's quite legal if the cars (not licensed in York) are licensed by a neighbouring borough. But most of the Uber vehicles operating York are registered by TfL in London, who turn a blind eye to what's happening, as they are more interested in the constant stream of revenue. TfL's present administration are putting profit above safety and putting the public in grave danger.

In London we've seen streams of Uber applicants with fake medicals, fake topographical passes. Thirty two uber drivers were implicated in the rape of passengers last year and yet, this company enjoys an unnatural protection from bosses at TfL. Compliance officers have allegedly been ordered to "go easy" on Uber contraventions as we've seen for ourselves as COs concentrate on Licensed Taxi drivers badge and Bill checks, plus the heinous crime of unauthorised signage in Taxis.

And now for some good news 
In fact, it's more like GREAT NEWS.

This TFL partner below, was found in Liverpool trying to work. 
The local trade surrounding him and then escorting him out onto the motorway. 

This disgusting App has no respect or regards for laws....and  TFL refuse to close this loophole. 
Wonder why?

Dear Anand Nandha
Can you please explain why you've licensed this vehicle to work in Liverpool, picking up local work. 

Operation Watch TfL Update : Operation Neon....Tactical Or Political, Truth Or Myth.

So, Operation neon's main purpose was supposed to be -to disrupt and deter touting and illegal plying for hire- 
Every driver I've spoken to, who'd asked COs (when in the process of a badge and Bill check) why they were concentrating on Taxi drivers and not tackling illegally touting of Private hire cars parked, double parked, blocking access to Taxi ranks, sitting on Taxi ranks etc... they'd reply we've been told to do badge and Bill only. 

I spoke to four TfL staff myself, two uniformed and two in plain cloths in Praed Street. I asked them why they were only dealing with Taxi drivers outside the Paddington Hilton, when London Street was awash with PH cars. Some of the minicab drivers were openly touting on the slope up to Praed Street. 

They said they'd only been told to deal with Taxi drivers.

I told them I was going back to my Taxi (which was parked in Winsland Street) and get my camera to record their operation and would ask them again, why just Taxis? 

I then watched them hurriedly walk round into London Street and get into a dark blue Ford Galaxy (displaying TfL roundels?) and disappear in the direction of South Wharf Road.  

For some time, we at Taxi Leaks have believed this whole situation is more than just lack of appetite, we've always felt it was more likely to be political. 

After reading the head of compliance's Linkedin profile, it's obvious we were right.....and this is political.

Anand Nandha
Strategic and results focussed individual with over 10 years experience at Senior Manager level, leading large and politically charged operational departments of up to 320 staff.

Lead the Taxi & Private Hire Compliance operation of c90 staff to tackle illegal activity and improve compliance within the Taxi & Private Hire trades in London. 
Manage stakeholder relationships within a highly political and sensitive environment.

            This weeks compliance driver sightings 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pimlico Plumbers Loses Appeal Against Self-Employed Status : Uber Next ?

Pimlico Plumbers has lost a court battle over the status of its workers, in the latest legal ruling on employment status in the gig economy.

It came as the government released a report warning that “unscrupulous” employers were in a position to exploit low-paid and low-skilled workers.

Plumber Gary Smith, who worked for Pimlico Plumbers for six years until 2011, had already won an employment tribunal challenging the firm’s view that he was self-employed.

The court of appeal rejected an appeal lodged by Pimlico Plumbers, founded by the Conservative party donor Charlie Mullins.

The firm argued Smith was an “independent contractor” rather than a worker or employee.

Smith’s solicitor, Jacqueline McGuigan, said the ruling held wider implications for gig economy firms such as Deliveroo or Uber, both of which are embroiled in rows over employment status.

“We are absolutely delighted,” McGuigan said. “The decision brings welcome clarity to the issue of employment status relating to work in parts of the economy.”

Speaking outside court, Mullins said: “I am happy. This gives some clarity. We will be looking at the full judgment and there is a good chance we will appeal to the supreme court.”

The UK’s department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said: “We are determined to make sure our employment rules keep up to date to reflect new ways of working, and that’s why the government asked Matthew Taylor to conduct an independent review into modern working practices.”

But BEIS immediately came under fire from the Green party for failing to publish a report that warned in December 2015 that gig economy workers were at risk of exploitation.

A string of labour disputes have since arisen as staff from firms such as Uber, Deliveroo and CitySprint have fought to have their status upgraded to that of workers or employees.

The report, commissioned by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, warned that a lack of clarity over workers’ status was allowing “unscrupulous” employers to take advantage of workers.

It explored possibilities including “flipping” the burden of proof in labour disputes, so that employment tribunals would consider complainants to be full employees unless a different relationship could be established.

“Some of the more unscrupulous employers will also have to start to take notice if a significant proportion of their workforce stand up for what is rightfully theirs as a result,” it said.

The Green party said the government’s failure to publish the report since it was completed in December 2015 had increased uncertainty for gig economy workers and forced them to take the risk of going to tribunal.

“It is shameful that Tory ministers have sat on the findings of the coalition’s review into employment status,” said Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley, who wrote to the prime minister in October calling for the report to be published. “As they did so workers everywhere have been living in increasing insecurity and left to fend for themselves.”

Asked why the report had been delayed, BEIS said it had been commissioned to “explore future options” and would help inform the Taylor review into employment status, which was launched a year after the report was published.

Employment law experts said the Pimlico Plumbers ruling would have significant implications for the ongoing dispute over employment status.

Natalie Razeen, employment law solicitor at Russell-Cooke, said the decision “suggests that courts are alive to the inequality of bargaining power faced by individuals in these circumstances. 

“This serves as yet another reminder to employers that they should consider the question of employment or worker status carefully.”

Marian Bloodworth, employment partner at Kemp Little, said the judgment highlighted the need for legal clarity around the status of those working on a self-employed basis and in the gig economy. 

“Tribunals and courts are increasingly willing to look behind the labels businesses use for their staff and will take into account the reality of the working arrangements and relationships,” she said.

The ruling is the latest decision to be handed down in a series of court challenges launched by gig economy workers who feel they should get the same benefits as full-time employees, such as holiday pay and pension.

A cycle courier working for the delivery firm CitySprint won the right earlier this year to paid holidays and minimum pay.

Food delivery firm Deliveroo was told last year it must pay its workers the minimum wage unless they are ruled self-employed by a court or HM Revenue & Customs.

The GMB union is supporting a group of Deliveroo couriers in Brighton who have served two weeks’ notice to their employers to offer better pay and more hours. 

Ride-hailing app Uber lost the right to designate its drivers as self-employed last year, in a ruling it has since appealed against.

Maria Ludkin, the GMB’s legal director, said: “This case, like the Uber case last October, is yet another victory for the bogus self-employed who have been treated appallingly by their employer.

“All they want is basic employment rights as are enjoyed by the majority, including the right to be paid a minimum wage and holiday pay.”

Source: The Guardian 

TfL Registered Cars Working In Manchester : TfL Say "Nothing We Can Do", DFT DISAGREES

TfL Registered Cars Working in Manchester
TfL say .Nothing We Can Do!


TFL has a financial interest in PH licences.

Inaction is unacceptable.

A simple remedy to this would be for the regulator to amend local requirements to stipulate that all pre booked fares should begin, end, or pass through the licensing area. 'Island' arrangements to be made for necessary exceptions.  

Below is an (unredacted) extract from the DFT's response to a recent petition requesting action on the abuse of cross boarder hiring legislation. 

TfL Complain About Video, Recorded In A Public Place, Showing Badge And Bill Check.... by Jim Thomas.

Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

There didn't seem to be an issue when TfL gave the Londonist, a propaganda video which named the head of compliance and two alleged compliance officers. 

    Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

The video appeared on the Londonist social media outlets and also posted on YouTube.

Screen shot from the Londonist video on YouTube

So it was, that just after midnight, Taxi Leaks posted an article about the fiasco around the London City Airport. 

To emphasise the biased harassment being dished out by TfL COs, we added the YoTtube video made from footage gained from FaceBook, showing a CO trying to take signage from a Taxi driver which they said, had to be removed. 

We believed that if it was good enough for the Londonist to post footage of a compliance operation on social media, then it would be OK for us to do the same.
Just after the video was posted we received an email from YouTube saying a complaint had been received over a privacy matter. It seems there's one rule for them, and a different rule for us...

In our video, the drive refused to handover his signage but removed it on request. When asked why it had to be removed, as he felt the answer written down on the complaint, was not what the first CO (who appeared to be senior to the other two) had originally said. 

The Taxi driver repeated his query, but was told the team was moving on. 

Taxi Leaks has now removed the identification issues and re edited the video... shown below. 

What did the compliance officer do in our first video, that he felt was so wrong, making him not want to be recognised ?

Surely, if you've got nothing to hide, filming in a public place, shouldn't be an issue. 


Drivers are not obliged to 'sign' the devices held by CO's. in fact, our advice is -you should never sign anything that you can't have a copy of immediately- because you can never be sure what's read out to you, is what's recorded, as content can be changed very easily on hand held device

     Conflict of interest?
It seems that TfL are coming down hard on drivers with signs in their cabs telling the passenger they prefer cash. They are not saying they don't take card payments as that would be a contravention of the mandate. The sign is just an advisory sign, in the same vain as the signs we have been ordered to put on our windows advising the fact we take card payments including logos from a number of card companies. 

     So what's the big deal?

Could the fact that a certain board member of TfL (Ron Kalifa), is Deputy Chairman of Worldpay have something to do with TfLs heavy handed attitude towards this harmless signage? 

Previously, Ron was Chief Executive Officer for over 10 years, building and leading Worldpay into the premier global payments company it is today.

Worldpay is one of the largest payments companies globally. 

Is TfL's Biased Compliance And Harassment Of Black Cabs, Resulting In PH Free For All Around City Airport ?

Neighbours around the City Airport fear they will be living in a ghetto, unless minicab drivers using their streets as a toilet and unofficial pick up point change their anti-social behaviour.

People living in Newland Street and adjoining roads have complained of feeling unsafe with up to 20 or more cars queueing along the half mile route as they wait for pick ups at neighbouring London City Airport.

We are seeing the same behaviour in Newland Street that we saw around Heathrow, with Private Hire drivers urinating and defalcating in residence front gardens.  

Paula Black, who has lived in nearby Sheldrake Close for more than 20 years reported seeing drivers littering and relieving themselves in the street. She said: “It doesn’t feel nice anymore. This is the worst we’ve seen it. 

“It’s a lack of respect for the people who live here whether they’re older people or children. It’s like we don’t matter,” the 49-year-old added.

Hurkhan Ahmed, 28, who has lived in nearby Winifred Street all his life, said: “Kids run between these cars. The drivers park so close to a bend, a blind spot for drivers. Any drivers coming down the road will only see someone crossing at the very last moment. I had to emergency stop because of some of the cab drivers’ parking.”

Grandmother Elaine Bullard, 61, who also lives in Sheldrake Close and claims to have seen a driver urinating up a wall near her home, said: “I’m not knocking the airport. It’s the drivers themselves not being respectful.”

Tony, a local yellow badge Taxi driver said: "Where the hell are compliance, I'll tell you where, they're at the airport terminal given Licensed Black Cab Drivers Badge and Bill checks, checking for the heinous crime of having unofficial signage and generally harassing Taxi drivers. They arrive do their checks on Black Cabs and then leave, completely ignoring the minicabs sofa ding filth and disease around the area."

According to Hurkhan, drivers are using the streets around the hub to avoid paying charges while waiting for pick ups at the short stay car park.

Acknowledging the neighbours’ concerns, a spokeswoman for London City said the airport had written to minicab firms in the area to advise them of “appropriate behaviour”, but admitted it does not employ minicab drivers or have regulatory rights over them.

She added: “We have been liaising with the London Borough of Newham over the issue and believe their proposed controlled parking zone for the Royal Docks area is the best solution.

“We have been fully supportive of the implementation of such a system, which we understand is due to be introduced this year.” 

A spokesman for firm Addison Lee said: “We have been made aware in the past of concerns from residents about drivers using Newland Street for waiting.

“We deal with incidents on a case by case basis, working with residents to identify vehicles so we can speak to the driver and ask them to move on.

“We will continue to use our driver communication channels to instruct drivers not to wait in Newland Street, and will monitor the area with our quality assessors who will routinely visit this and other streets around the airport.”

An Uber spokesman added: “We take any reports of antisocial behaviour very seriously, and what has been alleged is clearly unacceptable.

“Whilst this issue is not confined to Uber, we would urge residents to report such behaviour so we can take the appropriate action.

A council spokeswoman said enforcement officers have been monitoring the area and have issued four penalty notices to date following complaints. (Four penalty this a joke? If it were black cabs, the council traffic wardens would have run out of penalty notice books by now)

She added: “We are in contact with the various minicab companies to look at long term sustainable solutions.”

The council have also said they can now issue warnings banning drivers from neighbourhoods around the airport with community protection notices issued to any who return and a £100 fine if they breach the terms of the notice for a third time. (So why haven't they been doing this...4 penalty notices)

“We hope this action will deter mini-cabs from negatively affecting the quality of life of our residents,” she said.

Meanwhile the council noted a consultation over Residents Parking Zones continues with people living in the area urged to contribute to make sure measures are introduced to “best impact on the issues that matter to them”. 

However, the council spokeswoman said: “As London City Airport do not allow minicabs to use the official taxi rank, the issues caused by minicabs congregating in residential streets is likely to remain, unless the RPZ is in effect during the Airport’s core operating hours. 

Editorial Comment :

It should be up to the residents and local council to sort out this situation. This lays squarely at TfL's feet, as it is their policy of dishing out 600 PH licensing every week that has caused the problem at London's Airports. Plus the fact, their compliance teams have been ordered not to involve themselves with the problems away from the Taxi rank. 

A note to the council spokeswoman: Its not the City Airport who do not allow minicabs to use the official Taxi rank, it's Government legislation. Taxi ranks are for Taxis. Minicabs can only pick up pre-booked jobs....that's the law. A law that at present TfL are ignoring. Another example of the woefully inadequacies of our biased licensing authority who come down heavy handed on the licensed Taxi trade. 

TfL hold the key to a perfect solution to this problem, but according to compliance officers at the airport, orders come down their chain of command to leave PH alone.

 Top officials on TfL surface transport, are a disgrace to the office the hold.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

An Uber driver who bought a £37,000 Mercedes explains why he's not earning as much as he thought he would. No don't laugh 😂😂😂

An Uber driver has complained he's losing money on the service after being forced to take cheaper fares.

Glasgow driver David Dunn told a parliamentary select committee on Monday that he paid £37,000 for his Mercedes E-Class to drive on Uber Exec.

Uber Exec rides are targeted at business passengers and can cost almost double the standard Uber X fare. To justify the higher fare, drivers need to drive more expensive vehicles like Mercedes and Audis.

But Dunn said just 5% of his rides were Uber Exec passengers, forcing him to pick up cheaper Uber X fares.

Now, he said, he's stuck with the more expensive car, the associated costs, and not enough income. He added that after taxes and costs, he didn't earn minimum wage.

"I find myself running about with an E-Class doing jobs for £2.25 – that's unheard of," he said. "Black cabs charge £6 or £7."

Dunn added Uber won't negotiate with him on its 25% commission, and adds that he can't refuse cheaper jobs. "If I refuse a job three times, they penalise you and switch you off."

A second, London-based Uber Exec driver, Syed Khalil, added that he had to work 40 to 50 hours a week to break even, and up to 90 to make a profit.

He said he had spent around £40,000 on an E-Class, which he was repaying in instalments. He said Uber charged him 27% commission.

"I have to pay £350 [a month] for car instalments, and you must pay £150 for private insurance, you must have that," he said. "Before you start the ignition and have one passenger, it's costing at least £500 a month. That's a fixed cost."

Khalil said he didn't earn minimum wage either and added that most drivers he knew relied on benefits for additional support.

Dunn said it was "very expensive" to work for the platform, and that a flood of new drivers restricted his earnings.

He said: "It's not great. It's got to the stage where it's very expensive for us to work.

"The number of drivers are restricting what you earned before. It's a great platform, no doubt. [But] it's the most expensive booking service for any driver. It's expensive for us, and cheap for the public."

Uber bottled it and wasn't represented at the committee, although it did put forward one driver with a more positive story.

London-based driver Steven Rowe said Uber drivers who complained "should get full-time employment" if they wanted added job security.

When it came to paying off the costs of private car hire insurance, he added that he "drives carefully".

Rowe isn't paid additional fees by Uber, but a quick Google search on his name shows that he often appears in the news making positive comments about the company.

Bromsgrove Councillor Slams District Council's Decision To Refuse Policy Making Taxis Wheelchair Accessible

A BROMSGROVE councillor has slammed the district council’s decision to refuse a policy making all taxis in the town wheelchair accessible.

Following a year-long consultation members of the council’s Licensing Committee decided there was no evidence to make all licensed taxis across the district wheelchair accessible.

Instead the committee decided the 13 already wheelchair accessible taxis (seven Hackney Carriages and six private hire vehicles) be promoted more prominently.

Coun Christine McDonald, who represents Rubery South, said Bromsgrove District Council ‘needed to bring itself into the 21st century’ and ‘remove such unwanted needless discrimination against the disabled.’

“I was embarrassed to be a member of Bromsgrove District Council when it refused a policy to ensure all New Hackney Cabs would over a ten year period become wheelchair accessible.

“It is absolutely deplorable that a council condones such discrimination against the disabled.

“While neighbouring authorities have all brought in policies that all New Hackney Cabs have to be wheelchair accessible, Bromsgrove has refused to do the same.

“This is clear discrimination and I am sure if one of the councillors used a wheelchair it would be a different story.

“Anyone using a wheelchair knows how difficult it is in Bromsgrove to get hold of a taxi that is wheelchair compliant.”

Committee Chairman Coun Rita Dent, said: “While the outcome was that members were not satisfied there was sufficient evidence to support amending the council’s policy the outcome to promote the right taxis to meet our residents’ needs was really positive.

“We are now planning our promotional campaign

Meanwhile, back in TfL's London....


Dear Tanni and Alice, please tell us how this lady is going to access the Bank Junction when the Taxi exclusion kicks in ?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

State Of The Trade : TfL's Non Compliance And Harassment Agenda

We've decided to suspend the daily compliance statistics as you can't report on negative action.

The idea of this daily report was to try to show that the new wave of compliance officers were doing a sterling job, but unfortunately driver observations have revelled the opposite to be true. 

Of all the sightings, mainly during the days, it seems the army of COs only concentrate on Licensed Taxis. The main bone of contention appears to be over ranking and the forming of unauthorised standings. Yet these new recruits seem to be oblivious of Private Hire cars, forming illegal ranks, waiting in restricted areas and touting (illegally plying for trade). 

When approached by drivers asking why they are not enforcing compliance towards Private Hire drivers, the COs answer they haven't been told to, or they've only been ordered to deal with Licensed Taxis. 

This whole issue has become quite a disgrace as its obvious TfL are harassing and purposely picking on a Taxi Drivers. 

Most new recruits are badly trained, do not have a grasp of Hackney carriage legislation and are only concentrating on certain contraventions of Taxi drivers. Point in question was illustrated in a PR video on the Londonist blog, that showed compliance officer, telling a licensed taxi driver to remove a sticker from his rear window. Reason given was it was blocking his rear view.

Taxi Leaks recently enquired about the blocking of rear views by the badly sited Credit Card a Readers. We were informed that on vehicles that have two wing mirrors is not a legal requirement to have a clear rear view from a centrally fitted mirror. They sited a delivery van as an example. 

Surely, if it's good enough to block the rear vision with a credit card reader, then a transparent Union membership sticker, should also be fine. Just more proof of TfLs agenda of harassment. 

We saw this basis agenda last year when top brass including Garrett Emmerson  and Helen Chapman went out with operation neon officers accompanied by Steve McNamara (LTDA), Grant Davis(LCDC), Peter Rose(Unite) and Eddie Nestor from BBC radio. Members of the group were touted in soho but no action was taken against the touts. 

When Taxi Leaks asked TfLTPH why no action was taken over this incident, we were informed no one from the group had made an official complaint. 
Well done Helen, not the first time....remember Queen Victoria Street?

Sadly our representative orgs appear to be more interested in having a cosy relationship with TfL rather than truly representing their membership. Demos and trade media have become all about recruitment, hence the rise of the driver lead Independent Taxi Alliance. 

There has been much talk about the drivers -nearly half the trade- who refuse to subscribe to any org or union....but can you blame them. 
What have trade orgs won for the trade over the passed decade....I can't think of one victory.
All meetings with TfL appear to be in-camera with no minutes taken and very few reports making it into trade media. 

Perhaps the time is right for a driver revolt.

It is now blatantly obvious that TfL are behind the trades exclusion from the Bank Junction on the premise that it will speed up bus journey times. The resulting congestion to the surrounding area has not been taken into consideration at the the talks held with ITA, mediated by the RMT, City planners were unable to produce any data to support their claims. 

We are informed that the industrial action will go ahead at the Bank Junction daily from March 1st. 

Even he doesn't trust them to take his mum home.

    Photo curtesy of Paul Sweeney 

History is a great teacher if you're willing to learn from it, sadly I don't think we have... By Harry Wall.

The Olympics should have been enough to drive home the true intentions of our regulatory body but, for some reason, we chose to ignore it. That was the big one for me, the most clear, defining moment in TFLs history that should have unified our trade and launched us into battle there and then. And I was screaming about it at the time but few people listened, instead the majority opted for burying their heads in the sand, as usual.

We never learn from our mistakes. 
We never seem to understand the magnitude of what's facing us, how it will affect us or the human cost of our ignorance. We're one month into 2017 with Uber's new license looming in the air and still, to my knowledge, none of the orgs have met to formulate a plan or strategy with which to fight it. 

I find this shocking and I'm obviously not alone or the ITA wouldn't have been able to call demos like they have.
Five cab trade orgs and not one of them can see what's needed and does it, that's why we now have the ITA in the first place.

Damaging news breaks on a near regular basis but it's become so commonplace it's accepted as the norm, that's how far we've gone. Where we should use such news to our advantage we don't bother. It's the effect of years of lies, deceit, bullshit, treachery and betrayal has had on our once noble profession which is so deep seated it seems as though it's engrained in the fabric of the trade now.

A brilliant piece of work in Taxileaks on Friday 3rd Feb by our colleague Lee Ward highlighted the ease with which the establishment manoeuver themselves through spats with those nasty common people who try to use the law to win their case. It's called delegated legislation and "allows the Government to make changes to a law without the need to push through a new Act of Parliament." Read the article and learn something, Lee explains how easy it is to ruin an industry without getting your hands dirty and it's all legal.

That's how they'll tailor make Uber's new license, everything will fit just nicely.

Brilliant work by Lee Ward on Taxi Leaks.

There are 3 words I'd like you all to consider.

The fist one is malfeasance which is defined as :
"The will and intentional action that injures a party".

The issuing of Ubers license has caused nothing but hardship and a sharp drop in our living standards, also as recently reported we now have evidence of depression and attempted suicides brought on directly by TFL.

The irony being if any of us call the Samaritans we're calling an organisation run by a lady who's married to Graham Craig, Commercial Development manager at TFL.

You couldn't make it up!

Secondly, nonfeasance which is defined as :
"Failure to act where action is required."

We can all testify to an unquestionable lack of compliance leading to a near total lawless London in terms of Taxi and Private Hire.

Third, misfeasance which is defined as :
"The willfully inappropriate action or intentionality incorrect action or advice."

I sat behind Leon Daniels when he told City Hall that Uber had a landline knowing full well they didn't. I also heard him say Uber had on/off insurance which we all know doesn't exist.

These three alone should be enough to end our torment but it seems even blatant lies, deceit and bullshit isn't sufficient.

We had the treachery of the Olympics where all the work went to PH even though we helped sell it and now it's widely thought Mac and Slease have betrayed us by working with TFL to feather their own nests.
Any pennies dropping yet?
This is a fight we have to fight on our own.

It has to be driver led from now on and I urge all of you to consider the ITA as our only option for direct action from now on.

I've made it plain I've no faith in any org, even my own.

We have to face facts and accept they can't do what we want them to, for whatever reason, it doesn't matter. This is now a make or break situation with drastic action needed and it has to be completely mercenary with an unwavering intent on ruining anyone who stands in our way, our families depend on it. 
Those in TFL have no regard for any of us, the human cost of their actions is irrelevant to them and we should afford them the same attitude from this day forward. Forget those who've swore blind they'll help us then disappeared, they've done so for a reason. 

We can't afford to waste any more time meeting people, we should have started 2017 by bringing London to a standstill as a statement of intent but we missed the opportunity, again. But we can still make a huge statement week in and week out by causing as much hardship to TFL as possible. Look what happened when the RMT threatened to paralise the tube network for two days, TFL caved to the point of getting the action postponed. When you have that kind of power you get results. 

We have the same power but we just don't realise it, but TFL do and that's why they're so keen to intimidate us with threats of revoking our licenses at the first opportunity.

Horrible, vile, corporate whores, all of them.
Fear and capitulation is a choice, don't choose it.

Fight back starting March 1st.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Hero taxi driver stops woman jumping from Lambeth Bridge

A hero black cab driver has told how he risked his life by clinging on to a woman who was trying to jump from a London bridge.

Steve Teague described how he leaned over the side of Lambeth Bridge, grabbing hold of the distressed woman’s arm, while another bystander clutched the cabbie’s belt to stop him being pulled over the edge.

The 50-year-old, along with two other members of the public, stayed with the lady and held her back until police could arrive and take her to safety.

Mr Teague told the Standard he was driving home to Bickley when another vehicle pulled up sharply in front of him and ran over to the side of the bridge on Friday evening.

He said he saw a struggling woman on a ledge. She was being held back by a man who was pleading with her not to jump.

He said: “I jumped over the top of the bridge so I was off my feet. There was a guy behind me who was hanging on to the back of my trousers to stop me going over.

“I was hanging over the top of the bridge reaching over to the girl.

"I managed to get hold of her wrist while she was trying to fight off the other guy.

“I was telling her to stand up but she was really struggling. She was adamant she was going to throw herself off.”

The cab driver told the struggling woman: “You’re not going anywhere, there’s no way I’m letting you go, it’s not going to happen.”

Mr Teague said the “real hero” turned up seconds later, a man in a business suit and tie who climbed over to get a better grip of the woman. 

The three men then worked together, each getting hold of each other to stay steady until the emergency services could arrive.

He said: “Without a second thought, he went over and tried to calm her down. We were all holding on to each other.

“I was saying to the guy behind me ‘don’t let me go, if one goes we’ll all go.”

The cabbie said it felt like they were holding on for around 15 minutes, but in reality the police arrived after around five, turning up alongside the RNLI and fire brigade.

She was rescued and taken to a place of safety, while a shaking Mr Teague drove home, feeling “a bit emotional”.

The cabbie, who has been operating in the capital for 17 years, was given a hero’s reception and a round of applause by other taxi drivers at a café in Victoria station at the weekend.

And it is not the first time he has saved a life, jumping in a Kent river to help a drowning eight-year-old three years ago.

But he told the Standard: “I’ve said to the other drivers we’d all do the same. 

“I’m just glad I was there. It was the right place, right time I think. You’d hope everybody would do it."

The London Fire Brigade confirmed they were called to Lambeth Bridge at 8.43pm on Friday to assist the Met Police.

Lambeth Borough Commander Richard Wood said: “I would like to thank everyone who assisted in the rescue of a distressed young woman from Lambeth Bridge.

“Several members of the public showed remarkable courage, risking their own safety to save her as she came perilously close to falling.

“The London Fire Brigade and my own officers also did an exceptional job in difficult circumstances.”

For confidential support call the Samaritans on 116123 or visit a local Samaritans branch, see for details.

Source : Evening Standard 

Editorial comment :

It's easy to sit back and do nothing, it's what most people do.

To do what Steve did, takes extraordinary courage and yet I bet, he never gave it a second thought. 

That's what hero's do 

And make no mistake, Steve is a hero.

Well done Steve, let's hope this troubled sole gets the help she needs and carries on living a life you helped give her back.

Extra Comment from @Lennythepen:

Despite huge efforts by TfL to blur the lines. There is still a 'Two-Tier System' in London.

Taxis vs UberPH

#GoldStandard vs #Substandard