Friday, December 01, 2017

Something You Won't Be Reading In Today's Evening Standard Or Viewing on @SkyNews Or On @BBCLondonNews #taxiwarmclothing 2017

 Open Letter To Everyone Who Helped make this year's  #taxiwarmclothing 2017 a success. 
From Dean Thomas. 

I would like to say a big thank to the save our black taxi family for all your donations of clothing and toiletries, we were all truly humbled by your generosity. 

The lady pictured below, in the new green ruck sack, given to her by the #markmasonhall Freemasons, filled her sack with jeans,jumpers, tops, underwear, toiletries asked me to blow you all a big kiss and so did the other 200 men and women.

Big thank you to ladies and gents at #mytaxi who came down and were handing stuff out to the homeless community with big smiles on there faces.

Big thank you to the #ltda whose staff were so kind to us and the use of there storage facility was crucial in this whole effort in coming together, and frank who drove the advan to meet us in time with all the goods on board in St James Sq.

Big thank you to the lovely Zelpha and her staff at #eat the sandwich chain who give out sandwiches, rolls, baguettes, wraps, tea and coffee, from the back of Anton Haynes taxi every Wednesday at 6.30pm, and if you do want to give any clothing ,toiletries this is where you can give them.

Big shout to Dan Heath of the WCHCD and of the Mark mason hall for planting the seed that led to 100 brand new ruck sacks and 100 brand new Sleeping bags and 5 bags of ladies and gents underwear.

And lastly massive thank you to the taxi drivers, #londonsfinest, who gave up their time and the use of their taxis to serve the homeless community from the backs of their cabs with such warmth and passion. 
Dave clements and his partner Louise, Scott Daniels, Ian Gray, Debby young, DJ Orion Salsa, Johnny Carrot, Steven Crisp, Alison Henry .

Big love to my partner Helen who put a lot of time and love into this as well.

Big love to you all xxx

Dean Thomas.

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Anonymous said...

Well done one and all. Definitely London’s Finest!!