Monday, December 11, 2017

Next Stage In The Uber Relicensing Scandal....We Have To Wait Till Next April, But It Could Be Pushed Back Till June

Uber finally get the date for their appeal against TFL's refusal to licence then as a private hire operator in London 

Uber's appeal against its London ban will not be heard until the end of April at the earliest, meaning its cars will remain working on the capital's streets for at least several more months.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard on Monday that a five-day appeal is likely to be held on April 30, although it could be pushed back until June 25.

Uber were deemed not fit to operate back in September but instead of revoking their licence, which would have meant Uber had to stop all operations in London, TfL decided not to renew their licence. This has allowed the company to carry on regardless, while on appeal.

London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan recently said at the last MQT at City Hall back in November, that this appeal process could take years to complete. 

Currently Uber are allegedly operating free of charge.


This is the company, that TfL have backed to the hilt for the last five years. Successive mayors and commissioners at TfL have turned a blind eye to the fact this company operates illegally.

TfL director Leon Daniels Lied to the GLA about Uber's land line (or lack of it). Emails obtained by FOI requests show collusion between TfL and Uber management.

Fives years of this and our largest representative org have headed the table and said next to nothing about this scandalous travesty. 

Keep paying the subs!!!


Anonymous said...

If they have no valid licence they should not be allowed to operate. If their licence is suspended they should be made to suspend operations

Anonymous said...

TfL have done nothing
The LTDA have done nothing
RMT and Unite have done nothing.

The only org that has a team working flat out exposing the collusion between TfL and Uber are the LCDC.

Anonymous said...

All the orgs are shit yet you still pay your money and they mug you right of LCDC are about at useful as a as a wet blanket soon there will not even be a Knolwedge test wait till next year the bomb shell will come get ready