Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More Good News As UberEats and Deliveroo Restaurant Clients Face NewRules

Westminster City Council is to force restaurants to seek planning permission if they heavily use food delivery apps. 

Businesses will face formal enforcement if their deliveries reach too high a volume and disturb local residents.

Local cabinet member Daniel Astaire said the services will lead to "traffic chaos" in London if left unchecked. 

The council recently ordered a Nando's outlet to stop deliveries through the apps after it received more than 25 complaints about noise and congestion. 

Council officers reportedly observed large numbers of delivery mopeds parked outside the chicken chain's Westbourne Grove address, over several weeks. The delivery vehicles caused noise and congestion in a busy residential area, according to the council.

"The amount of Peri-Peri [sauce] fans in the Bayswater area meant that the popularity of the delivery service grew very quickly in a short space of time," a Nando's spokesman said. 

"Because of the location of the restaurant, at the junction of a busy residential road, this caused some disruption and the service was stopped at the request of Westminster Council."

Any restaurants found to be using deliveries as more than an incidental service will have to apply for a change in planning permission and prove that they minimise disruption in local neighbourhoods. The policy will be included in the council's City Plan next spring. 

Mr Astaire said that with nearly 3,000 restaurants in Westminster, the council needed policies "to keep up with new technologies". 

"It is a popular, much needed service but we can't allow the city to be swarmed with delivery drivers," he said. 

A council spokesman said that under the new rules, the volume of deliveries would determine whether a restaurant's deliveries constituted an incidental use or not. 

UberEats said: "We'd welcome the opportunity to meet with Westminster City Council to discuss how we can work together to support local businesses and address any concerns they have." 

Deliveroo said: "Deliveroo always works with communities and local authorities to ensure our service benefits restaurants, residents, riders and customers alike."


colin said...

And do these delivery bikes have public liability insurance in case of accidents,sorry i forget it's on a App so its the gig economy,i say clamp down on the lot of it.

Anonymous said...

So who really are the luddites. Shame they don't feel the same way about the detrimental effect Uber are having on London f*#king hypocrisy!

martyn oakley said...

notice as well in the picture all are on learner plates is this right ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting point. Also do all these moped couriers and suchlike, whether carrying food or anything else have the correct business insurance. Also do rickshaws. We have clearly seen recently that a bicycle being ridden wantonly, fast and with abandonment can kill someone, so surely even the delivery bicycles should have insurance as they are not being used for pleasure purposes.

Anonymous said...

My question is if anyone delivers without business insurance in a car the get points,fine face court. Than why it’s not mandatory for those cyclists whose doing the same job from same shop. Also if cycle,and mopeds are making congestion what about those 80k car doing cabing? aren’t the making gridlock in London.