Saturday, December 02, 2017

Letter To Taxi Leaks : When Uber takes over the city this will be a typical standard fare

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When Uber takes over the city this will be a typical standard fare

We are providing this information to ensure that all councillors are aware of what Uber is charging in the city.

This was on Friday December 1 2017 at 18:30 from the Hilton Metropole to the University

The standard Brighton & Hove tariff which all the companies use would be around £16 which is via controlled metered fares set by the council to ensure that the public receives a standard rate of travelling by cab in the city

The Uber surge price is ‘estimated’ at between £37 to £48

The argument from Uber is always that this is customer choice as to whether to use the service or not.

However... when Uber takes over the city as it tries to get Brighton & Hove ph drivers to leave the current companies with such promises of high earnings like this... which will force those long standing established companies that also provide wheelchair accessible vehicles on demand and proper pre-bookings... unlike Uber... to close down... then this will be the standard fare in the city and the customer will have NO choice.

It is also very important to keep in mind that even if a customer is prepared to pay such an extortionate price that anyone under 18 is barred from using Uber... a point which was raised by the GMB in its objection to Uber being relicensed by the council but ignored and thus presumed acceptable practice by the council.

So when all the companies in the city fold no one under 18 will be able to order a cab whether they can afford these prices or not....

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Andrew Peters


GMB Brighton & Hove Taxi Section

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Anonymous said...

doesn't matter how many times you repeat it, they are not listening, 7 even if they were, they don't care. Because it's cheap now! 7 that's what they want, cheap, convenient!

Only when, the rest of the taxi trade has gone & Uber prices are in permanent surge, then they will complain, wail, whimper, bleat.

But, no one will be listening,as they will have been bought & paid for, with promises of future lucrative employment!

We know how the public can moan, bleat, even when it's not the fault of the persons, they are moaning about.

Can't wait to hear them whining on about it & hear them saying, where have all our black cabs gone, which they will!