Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Will the Government, TfL and Mayor mind signing a liability document covering every driver? 60 hours per week sitting on batteries.

Letter to Taxi Leaks : From Lenny Etherige 
Has the Government invested £300m in Geely, without checking if drivers are being used as guinea pigs? 

 If the new eTaxi has been deemed safe;
Will the Government, TfL and Mayor mind signing a liability document covering every driver? 
60 hours per week sitting on batteries.

We are all in favour of clean air. But on a personal note, I don't wish to swap COPD for Cancer. If the new eTaxi is safe; we need a signed recommendation that our families have a legal recourse. 

Comment From The GMB :

We are preparing a formal letter to London Electric Taxi & the Secretary of State as they have ignored our informal requests. (Something to hide???)


The question needs to be asked ;
Why haven't our representative orgs and unions checked this massive driver health issue out?
Why haven't they confronted TfL or the manufacturers?

Taxi Leaks has been on about this problem since electric vehicle were first mentioned. 
Our concerns have consistently fallen on death ears and we've never had one sensible reply from either our orgs or TfL. 

We did manage to get a sentence once (off the record in a Taxi Drivers Forum) from one of the manufacturers. When asked about the dangers from electro magnetic particle radiation, they replied;
"It will probably be OK"


Anonymous said...

60 hours a week if your lucky...That should just about pay off the weekly expenses and hive you a few nights of beans on toast...The jobs not worth buying one of these health issues aside....Just see out your current TX life and apply to you local Tescos or Aldi...They pay more !!!.

panayis zambellis said...


Anonymous said...

If one of your mates drives an electric cab he will be easy to find at night.
He will be the one glowing.
Looking like he's O D on readybreak.
Welcome to the twilight zone.