Monday, November 20, 2017

What's More Important...Having A Working CC Unit, Or Having Genuine DBS Clearance???

Taxi and Private Hire Compliance Officers check for working card terminals when carrying out their on-street spot checks. 40,000 compliance checks carried out on London Taxis since 31 October 2016. Officers found a problem with the card machine on just 300 occasions.

TfL again have shown their total bias against London's Taxi Trade. A statement contained in an FOI response about CC acceptance. After receiving just 192 complaints of which only one third were upheld (that's just 64), says: 

“Each case is individually assessed and may result in the driver receiving a warning or suspension of their licence and/or the vehicle being issued with an 'unfit notice'; this means that the vehicle cannot be used as a licensed taxi until it is shown to have an approved functioning."

Figures released in response to a Freedom of Information request suggest that the overwhelming number of drivers are in fact complying with the new rules.

But TfLTPH's General Manager Helen Chapman, had happily allowed 13,000 Uber drivers to carry on working, knowing (since January 2017) they did not have the proper approved enhanced criminal record checks. 

How many Taxi drivers have been thrown out of work for months while waiting for DBS checks when renewing their licenses? 

Told by Helen Chapman "I couldn't live with myself should a cabby commit a crime while working without a complete DBS".

Her department gave the 13,000 drivers 28 days to reapply with authorised DBS certificates. It has been revealed that less than 20% of the 13,000 have actually reapplied and still Helen Chapman's department have taken no action to suspend the Uber drivers without genuine criminal record checks in place. She seems more concerned that Taxi drivers may be committing the heinous crime of working with a credit card reader which isn't functioning properly. 

And to that affect, TfLTPH are employing over 300 compliance officers to make sure Taxi drivers have working, authorised units supplied by (in the late deputy Mayor Dedring's own words) TfL Golden partners.

Since the 31st of October 2016, after 40,000 comp,Janice checks carried out on street, less than one percent have been found not to be working. Is this not a complete waste of our licence fee???

While 40,000 compliance checks have been made on Taxis found standing in the street, hundreds of serious sexual assaults, including rapes, have taken place in private hire vehicles, many working without the correct DBS clearance. This is scandalous and must not be allowed to continue. 


Those of you who are very observant, will have noticed that TfL took the liberty to photoshop out the #TaxiApp livery on Scott Wolsey's Taxi in the new issue of TFL's online publication "OnRoute", while allowing Geely and Dial a Cab liveries to be shown on other pages.

What have TfL got against a Taxi App, run by Taxi drivers exclusively for Taxi drivers???

        This is what Scott's Taxi normally looks like.

         Driven By Knowledge, Black Cab's Only 


Anonymous said...

Well it's all well and good telling each other what is going on, but these things need to get out to the media to effect any real change at all, if any anyway. The reality is that nothing will change without force.

Anonymous said...

so say all of us gazza...