Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Is Mike Brown Planing Fresh Talks With Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi

Uber's Advertorial Giveaway (City AM) Alleged Yesterday, That TFL's Commissioner Mike Brown Is Planing Fresh Talks With Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi Over London licence Loss.

Transport for London's commissioner Mike Brown is alleged (by City AM) to have said, he is planning fresh talks with Uber's chief executive, raising hopes that a resolution over the instant hailing app's loss of its London licence can be reached before the matter heads to court. 

This hasn't been confirmed by TfL 

Uber launched an appeal in September, after TfL declared them "not fit and proper" to hold a London PH operators licence. 

Uber has serious problems with its work force, 80 serious sexual assaults on passenger, in 24 months, 13,000 fake DBS certificates, fake medicals, an operating system that dispatches work illegally straight to the driver in car, wrong insurance, a mounting of road traffic collisions, the list goes on and on.

The initial hearing is scheduled for 11 December to set court dates for next year.

Brown is said to have said of Uber's appeal, "obviously that's what they had to do", but indicated talks will continue in the meanwhile. 

Brown is also alleged to have said, "I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I'll be able to have another meeting at a senior level with their chief executive and we'll see where we go from there".

Uber's London licence expired on 30 September, but amazingly, TfL extended the licence (again) so its service could remain available to the 11th of December. 

Uber's problems seem unending, as scandalous news beaks daily about the company. A change of their top executives has made little impact on their day to day problems.

To be compliant with current regulations, Uber would have to change their whole world wide operating system. But the trouble we now face is.... will TfL seek to change current legislation to accommodate Uber to continue to operate.


colin said...

Does it prove Tfl are an extension of Government of which the Mayor has no power,& Tfl doing as told by the Government that would sooner send 25k skilled London Taxi drivers to the dole queue rather than sort out lots of unskilled 3rd world labour working part time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should be recruited to have a word with Mike Brown
Know what I mean.

Chrissie1943 said...

It's a cosy cartel! This needs watching very carefully!

Anonymous said...

too late - the irrevocable damage, has been done

Geoff W said...

Going to court will also expose TFL’s failings;
1. Breach of PHV Operators regs in Uber’s original application
2. Illigel plying for Hire via the app
3. Allowing sex offences to go on unabated
4. Allowing thousands of crashes including fatal collisions to go on unabated
5. Fake medical but drivers still allowed to work
6. Fake topographical tests but drivers still allowed to work
7. Fake DBS checks yet drivers still allowed to carry on
8. Political interference/protection Cameron/Osborne
9. Granting Uber a licenc pending the Court case, are you kidding me?

Let’s also not forget that much of the exposure of these failings was
uncovered as a result of FOIA requests by others outside of TFL including
Cab drivers. After the revelations were made public TFL had no choice especially when GLA
and an increasing number of MPs were also on their case. TFL also knew that
the Orgs wee briefing legal teams preparing to take TFL to court if they didn’t revoke their licence.
TFL were in a corner.
It’s a messy sordid affair that’s being going on since 2012 and both sides are now trying to ‘square it up’!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they do a panorama special investigation or something similar on this whole situation. It warrants it. Total corruption right to the top.

Anonymous said...

More drink drivers Uber on road or maybe back handle officers