Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Scandal Continues : Criminals Driving For Uber In Southend Revoked ... But In London It's Carry On Regardless

The scandal continues :
We've been told, via the media, that TfL knew there were 13,000 Uber drivers with fake DBS certificates back in January 2017.

We also know that TfL were informed around this time, about two Uber drivers working in Southend, who had lost their Southend licenses due to criminal conviction, were subsequently licensed by TfL. 

Southend council found two local cab drivers, who had previously been stripped of their licences, were using the Uber app to pick up passengers in the area. Nasser Hussain, 60, and Nisar Abbas, 37, had been found to be sharing penalty points for traffic offences with other drivers in order to avoid being banned.

Despite this, they were able to get new private hire licences from Transport for London and work using the Uber app in Southend, even though Uber doesn't have an operators’ licence there. 

Tony Cox, Southend council’s cabinet member for transport, said the legislative loophole left the local authority “impotent to protect the public”. But the public could be better protected if TfL did their job properly. 

Why Just Two Out Of 13,000?
The drivers criminal history was pointed out to TfL in February 2017 by a local Southend drivers association and their licenses were revoke.....but why just the two?

Were TfLTPH hoping this would satisfy media interest and sweep the rest of this scandal under the carpet ?

Mayor's question time 22nd of March 2017 : 
 Keith Prince AM asked the question:

Sadiq Khan answered: 

Why hasn't more been done about the other 13,000 ? 

Are TfL hoping this will all blow over ?

Why did Helen Chapman gamble with public safety ? 


Still the Uber Scandal Continues
Uber under fire in Colorado, for hiring drivers with criminal records. 


colin said...

The person to ask is Helen Chapman she would know all thats going on,all the skeletons in the cupboard,after all those drivers are her local drivers now,nice to be able to move to the sort of coast.
I just wonder with all that have left how she still has a job,think our answers lye else where.

Anonymous said...

If anty of my female relations get assaulted by these scum then Helen chapman and the other prick are fucking dead.
That's a promise.