Monday, November 06, 2017

TfL Double Cross Londoners Over Oxford Street Consultations And Public Surveys.

Anyone read through the TFL's latest consultation?
It says "Other than Taxis, the only other vehicles that currently use Oxford Street are buses"

Do these people at TfL ever leave their warm offices and go out and check?
Do they not know the signage along Oxford Street was removed, switched off and not policed?

Dubious Consultation Policy:
In a previous consultation:
66% of local residents were opposed to this change
76% of local businesses also opposed this.
So they at going ahead with it anyway next year.

Did TfL acquire this 'it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission' attitude from their dealings with toxic Minicab Firm Uber???

In their on street survey, with 11,953 responses to the proposals from members of the public that regularly visit the street, they say '43 per cent saying they supported the transformation'. 
This would indicate that 57% of the general public were against!!!
In any board room, a vote of 57% against would see a plan vetoed. 

What's the point of taking a survey, or completing a TfL consultation, they don't take any notice of the results.

Where are the orgs on this....I supposed it's another done deal !!!

With the area we are allowed to ply our trade in being taken away from us one street at a time and after joining the New United Trade Group, our more militant orgs appear to have become benign. Saying they no longer want to be outside the tent pissing in, they want to be on the inside pissing out.
They now leave the tent covered in piss. 

Seems We Were Right All Along About Buses!
TfL say they are reducing the number of bus routes to this an admission that the area has been saturating with an excessive amount of unused, empty and unnecessary buses for years, causing massive congestion, pumping out pollution ...... Who was responsible for this?

In another slap in the face to local residents and businesses, they will be moving the congestion and pollution to surrounding streets.

The plans are intended (note they say intended) to address air quality concerns (much of which they've created!), the high frequency of collisions - around 60 a year (we take it they mean buses mowing down pedestrians, as well as cyclists ploughing into shoppers), severe overcrowding during the busiest parts of the day (presently caused by the massive road works and the over saturation of private hire vehicles, currently running at around 125,000).
The original intention of having just busses and taxis using Oxford Street dissipated at a rate of knots extremely early on when the scheme was first introduced. 

Here is the most significant factor and the reason they are ignoring the previous consultation!
The introduction of the Elizabeth Line is expected to significantly increase visitor numbers in the area, according to 'Transport for London'.

If their observation that only busses and Taxis currently use Oxford street is anything to go by, then this new projection is surely questionable!!!

However, having spent 17 billion on a new tube line, they now want to encourage people to use it. 
So they are about to created gridlock in the surrounding areas and make it as hard as possible to get to Europe's busiest shopping street other than on the new tube line.

Ironically the construction of the Elizabeth line, is another constituent of today's congestion around the West End. 

Three things that seem to fit together very nicely; 
Irony, Hypocracy and Transport For London.

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