Monday, November 06, 2017

TfL Admit They've Only Contacted 2,621 Out Of The 13,000 Uber Drivers With Fake DBS certificates.

In a reply made to an FOI TfL have admitted that they haven't bothered to contact all the 13,000 Uber drivers thought to have fake DBS certificates. 

They have admitted that they have written to just 2,621 private hire drivers, plus they have also written to 852 applicants applying for new Private Hire license, saying that they will need to obtain a new enhanced DBS check through GB group.

There has been no mention of any revocations, or suspensions while this process is ongoing. 

So much for Helen Chapman's claim that all 13,000 drivers would be given 28 days to reapply for enhanced certificates.
Now 56 days later, we find that TFL's promised action, hasn't been completed successfully. 

Also, we mustn't forget that TfL knew about the dodgy DBS certificates as long ago as January, yet decided to do nothing until after the issue was passed to the Sunday Times by a team from the London Cab Drivers Club.

In the FOI request, TfL were asked:

And they replied 

Taxi leaks extra bit : 

A disgraced former detective was jailed for having drug-fuelled sex in a police station while on duty...but is now working as an Uber driver. 

McPherson is now earning a living, driving a private-hire car in Glasgow and is listed as a driver on the Uber platform.

The question needs to be asked, will Uber just transfer its TfL failed sexual predators to another licensing authority that doesn't take criminal records checks too seriously, and then put them behind the wheel of a London Uber Car under the cross boarder hiring legislation?  

This really shouldn't be ask to happen, but this case proves that it does. 

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the the un checked PH drivers have committed a sexual offence since Helen Chapman gave her verbal gaurantee ?