Friday, November 24, 2017

Taxi Trade Lied To Over Bank Junction Exclusion - Moorgate To Close For 5 Months - New Ranks 🤗

Again we find out, the Taxi trade has been lied to over the Bank there's a surprise!

When the trade met with the City of London earlier this year, they were given assurances the Bank Junction exclusion would only go ahead while there were no road closers in the surrounding areas. 

Going by the notice issued yesterday by TfL, it looks like CoL have renaiged on their promise. Moorgate is to be closed off in both directions from South Place, to Lothbury (Bank Junction), for 5 months from Sunday 26th November till the1st of April next year, April fools day.

As far as we know, there has been no previous statement to trade orgs in regards to this closure. 

The New United Trade group (NUT) pleaded with militant drivers to stop the driver lead, daily disruptive action at the Junction and promised that their team of observers would be keeping an eye on proceedings.

When Taxi Leaks phoned the LTDA office earlier today, they had no idea that Moorgate was being closed. Looks like they took their eye off the ball !!!

Will the City of London be announcing a lifting of the Bank Junction exclusion, while these road works take place......we wait with baited breath for their announcement. 
And one from the NUTs wouldn't go amiss.

The Taxi Trade 'Winter Of Discontent' may well now be going ahead.

However !!!
There now appears to be a caveat to the Moorgate road closure planed for Monday.

Below is the flippant post put out on Twitter by the City of London @Squarehighways account , saying that TfL Traffic News appear to have got it wrong (another right hand, left hand scenario) 

Well now, there's a first !!!

Other roads updates:
From this Sunday, again til April next year, Chelsea Embankment will be closed to all traffic westbound so that urgent gas works can be carried out. 

Blackfriars bridge is to be closed to all traffic again this Friday night till Monday morning for resurfacing. 

Also, please be careful at the lights, Buckingham Palace Road, junction of Terminus Place, where a new yellow box has been implemented. 
Be advised that this will be heavily enforced with immediate effect.....unless you are driving a bus of course !!!

At last, there is some good news... In the shape of new ranks.
The HardRock Cafe' now has a nice new rank outside, as does the Charlotte Street Hotel...and Ronnie Scott's, finally has a new rank. 

The rank outside the W hote has been extended and Mahikis rank has been revised.
Please make sure you use the ranks and keep the touts off. 

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Anonymous said...

Play them at there own game use bank junction then tell city of London your going to pay the fine promptly and in full.
Lie just like they fucking do.