Friday, November 17, 2017

Patience Has Run Out : Taxi Org Calls For Week-long London Shut Down Action In New Year.

Mayor Khan Says Time's Run Out For The 13,000 UberDivers With Fake DBS. 
He Went On To Say: "They Shouldn't Be Working". 
TFL's Not Listening???

Mayor’s Question Time 16th November 2017.
TfL are again walking all over the Taxi trade. Legislation is in place to protect the public. If the Mayor and TfL consider uber to be unsafe, not fit to be an operator, then that legislation can and should be invoked.
But again, the weak Mayor, fronting for a weak TfL, in the face of weak representation from the Taxi trade engagement orgs have given uber a blank cheque to carry on being unsafe and not fit and proper. 

At MQT yesterday, question 4 came from assembly Member David Kurten asking the Mayor to clarify the situation in regards to Uber relicensing and the appeal process. 

The Mayor gave a wishy-washy scripted reply, then added they are seeking leave to appeal, followed by the appeal process itself, which could take a couple of years. 

According to Khan (under current legislation), Uber are legally allowed to continue to operate. 
If that is the case, then how did TfL manage to shut down Taxify ???

Assembly member Kurten’s went on to question (3:28 into the video) the scandalous situation of 13,000 Uber drivers, who were given 28 days to re-present genuine DBS certificates by TfLTPH. 

Sadiq Khan said "those drivers who haven’t now re-presented should not be working !!!"

There you have it HELEN CHAPMAN, from the mouth of the’s now over to you at TfLTPH !!!

What are TfL planning to do, to ensure the 10,000+ who haven’t bothered to re-present aren’t working for Uber or any other operator ?

David Kurten then asked how many drivers, Uber actually had registered on their books.

It was clear that the Mayor didn’t know the answer to this question and could only point to the total given by Uber in recent press releases, so we are none the wiser.

Another issue that's been swept under TFL's carpet:
Why has there been a complete news blackout about the Exhibition Road Alleged Uber Driver. It's been leaked that the driver -arrested at the scene- was not the driver registered on the App. The driver had picked up two female passengers who have suddenly disappeared.
First reports from on the scene witnesses said the driver appeared to deliberately attack them....all information dried up within hours..... 

It seems patience has run out amongst the rank and file drivers who looked towards their representative orgs and unions, only to find silence. 

We are now looking forward to a "Winter Of Discontent". 

In the statement below, the driver led ITA, have made their intentions crystal clear. 

In light of recent events and incongruous statements by Mayor #Khan and #TfL, we find no other option, but to call a series of week long disruptive protests in the New Year. 

5 different effective targets on separate days to close London. 

The Mayor of London's statement re Uber continuing to operate while not licensed is totally Unacceptable. 

They have been refused because they are a danger to public safety, that fact alone should mean they stop operating with immediate effect! 


See David Kurten’s questions to the Mayor in the video below 


Also, if you have the time, you can watch the whole MQT using this link below. Helpful if you're having trouble sleeping. 


AtlantaAirport.Taxi said...

Atlanta, GA and other Taxi men and women should follow London's lead.

Are you listening New York?




Does this mean Heathrow Airport also?

Anonymous said...

Last year £38,000 was taken in pay by a minor charlatan trade chairman. When will the fraudulent imposters be replaced by men of conviction?

Anonymous said...

Why have the tradeorg/ representatives gone so quiet? They have plenty to say when slagging off each other? Just look at the shameful behaviour of our representatives on Twitter concerning the airport the last few days a compleate disgrace? Yet they do nothing with what’s going on with TFL what are we paying for? The biggest casualty whit the inn fighting are their members. As far as I’m concerned they all as bad as each other? I left the UCG this week or was it the LTDA? Time for talking is long gone let’s get out their as a UNITED TRADE.

Anonymous said...

The Fraudulent Imposters all part of the New United Trade Group.

Your future safe in their hands ?

Join The N.U.T. Group.

Stephen Garelick said...

Taxify were not in their office when TFL turned up to inspect. This is why they were revoked. Steve Garelick

Anonymous said...

All drivers should suspend their subscription payments until further notice. Just the threat of such a campaign on twitter would send shockwaves through the trade orgs. Force these fraudsters out of their ivory towers. Starve them out if necessary.
If they're not capable of forming a strategy to deal with TFL they shouldn't be there. FULL STOP. It's time to reel in the snotty princesses and remove their hanbags ASAP!

Anonymous said...

what many of them get in 'perks' alone e.g. cars etc., is more than we'll ever earn