Sunday, November 19, 2017

Open Letter To Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross In Regards To Uber Driver Sexual Assault Figures.

Dear Deputy Mayor Shawcross
It has been bought to Taxi Leak's attention, that in reply to a letter sent to you by Jackie Doyle-Price MP in late 2016, an untrue statement was made which damaged and stopped the advancement of a campaign for the safety of the public using private hire cars.

In a response to a constituent's letter, the statement was made:
It should be noted that there are complaints of sexual assaults against Black Cab drivers as much as Private Hire

TfL have now published statistics which confirmed that in the year in question (2016) there were no such sexual assaults from Black Cab drivers and that Uber drivers were responsible for more than half of the 164 reported sexual attacks. 

Is the Mayor a man of his word???
When campaigning for Mayor's job, Sadiq Khan said he would suspend Uber immediately if it emerged just a single driver did not hold genuine paper work!
What will he do now it's become clear that 13,000 have worked while not holding genuine paper Wouk???

Uber are still spouting the lie that all their drivers have gone through the same enhanced DBS checks as Black Cab drivers. 

In January this year as I'm sure you know, 13,000 of Uber's drivers were found to have submitted inadequate DBS certificates. Unfortunately for many victims, TfL took the strange decision to say and do nothing, that is until an expose' appeared in the media. These 13,000 drivers were given 28 days by TfL to resubmit, but we've subsequently found out that only 2,642 have in fact resubmitted. We've also been informed that TfL have sent out no suspension or revocation notices to drivers having failed to resubmit genuine DBS certificates. This is totally unacceptable. 

Until this matter in dealt with comprehensively, the public are indeed playing Russian Roulette when eHailing unsafe Uber vehicles.

The Mayor made a statement at the MQT held in City Hall, 16th November 2017. In answer to a question from assembly member Kurten, he said "any driver who hasn't reapplied should not be working.

It is felt that the statement scuppered a campaign that could possibly have resulted in many sexual attack victims being protected from having to go through a life shattering experience. 

I look forward to your reply. 

Regards James Thomas
Editor, Taxi Leaks
Licensed Taxi Driver, 44 years service


Even more alarming is the information below -taken from Twitter- which alleges TFL's TPH General Manager, Helen Chapman, has broken acceptable protocol and been 'tipping off' Uber. 


Anonymous said...

You have to ask what is it actually going to take to get Chapman sacked?
What other ‘letters’ has she forwarded to Uber?
Not only have TFL colluded with Uber to navigate legislation when they do get caught endangering or maiming the public TFL managers are moving heaven & earth to make it go away/hide from the public.
This incident alone is surely the final straw for Helen being employed?
TFL managers sole motivation now is to hide their shortcomings and past failures, Val needs to focus on performance and outcome now and wether someone is female or a ‘hard worker’.
Work smart not hard.

Anonymous said...

We have to ask once again what are our trade org doing? answer not a lot. They should be jumping all over this as a United trade yes I know in our dreams. We need to be demonstrating like never before demanding a full public enquiry NO SURRENDER. how much moor evidence is needed. I personally get moor convince that they want us gone?

Anonymous said...

what is her Salary & how much is her CHRISTMAS BONUS this year?

where there's money .................................

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable the amount of 'wrongdoings' she's being allowed to get away with. A woman in her position should be ashamed of a performance like that.

colin said...

More to the point what has she got on others that keeps her in this position,she should be sacked with loss of pension benifits.