Wednesday, November 08, 2017

One Rule For Licensed Taxi Drivers And A Different One For Uber Employees

In a week were we learned that TfLTPH failed miserably in contacted the 13,000 Uber drivers with fake criminal record certificates (which we were informed they would complete within 28 days) and in fact only managed to contact 2,621, we shouldn't be at all surprised about this next item!!!

Let’s go back to the end of last year. 
A licensed Taxi driver saw TfL directors having a meal outside a restaurant in Mount Street.

Having parked safely, he walked back to the restaurant and video'd a group who included a couple of TfL Director’s sitting in the street, a public place. 

The driver then posted the video on his twitter account. 

Now fast forward to this year...
5 Uber drivers decided to take advantage of a fraudulent scam, thought up by a 19year old.

Back to the licensed Taxi driver.
He was reported to the Met Police who said he had broken no laws and so would it be charged with any offence. 

The 5 Uber drivers were charged and found guilty, givens prison sentence that was suspended. 

Now here is the million dollar question......
Who would you say, deserves to have their licence revoked ?

Watch Sean's Video, click this link  

Now don’t forget, this is Mike Browns TfL we are dealing with. 
So you shouldn’t be surprise to know that (as of today) only one driver has had his licence revoked and that is the Licensed Taxi driver. 

Just before posting this article, we checked and all the Uber drivers are are still listed as private hire drivers. 

According to the online TfL Private Hire Driver Checker, these drivers:
 Michael Julien, 50, Dan-Alexandru Pasat, 29, Kamlesh Sagoo, 62, Ibrahim Tekagac, 35, and Mihai Toader, 32,
are still licensed as PH drivers tonight and could be out there fraudulently ripping off unsuspecting members of the public.

16:00pm, 8th November 2017: All five still showing as licensed PH on TfL website !!! 
What do you have to do to get your PH licence revoked?
Apparently theft and fraud isn't enough....

TfL asked why these drivers are still registered as private hire drivers?

Not reply from TfLTPH.

Also this week:
we've seen another example of one rule for private hire operators and another stricter rule for Taxi drivers. 

We've written many times on Taxi leaks about the inaction of TfL over the Rugby World Cup livery on Addison Lee's vans. 

Although they were told to remove, they ignored until their contract was completed. TfL informed Taxi Leaks that no action was taken against the Minicab firm. 

This week we saw Transport for London say "Free Balochistan" adverts put up by a human rights charity must be removed from black cabs in London.

It's been alleged that the Pakistani government has put unfair pressure on the Foreign Office (Boris Johnson's department) to get Transport for London, which regulates black cabs, to remove the adverts.

Bit like the Tory Chumocracy putting pressure on TfL (in Boris Johnson's own words) to go easy on Uber's London operation. 


Anonymous said...

Lets threaten a demo and get sean back on the road and a demo against taxi drivers being expensive because thats all i hear from the public while sitting on a rank outside westfield while shoppers prefer to wait for a cheap ride. They want a cheap car service then scrap the tx5 as it doesnt conform to what people want.

Anonymous said...

I do think we as a trade should do something to support Sean. Can you imagine the reaction to this if it happened to a tube train driver.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is Mike Brown and why ain't this prick being dealt with.

Anonymous said...

The public do want a cheap ride in a cheap at. TFL want people to have a cheap ride in a cheap car. So why are we being shackled to be uncompetitive in an expensive car and being told to be competitive because we must have unvetted competition. We should be either able to use just any old cheap car, or be protected from unfair competition. They can't have it both ways. So we must just by economies boycott any sort of expensive new cab until this crucial thing is sorted and TFL actually decide which way they want it.

Jon said...

Jimmy this is a joke
These drivers should have been struck off as soon as the verdict was given.
Are TfL scared that Uber might take them to court over this?
We know their legal team is shit and never won a case.

Anonymous said...

Once again we see just how unfit TFL are, to be a licensing authority. We as a trade have to demonstrate untill we get a full public enquiry and a level playing field. We need to get this into the national press and the only way I can see us been able to achieve this is a mass demo yes that means you. Hang about we have trade org that should be organising this sort of thing, they happy to take pur money of us but, do I dare ask what they doing? Or I know they to busy with their inn fighting on a moor series note how much longer are we going to sit back and watch our trade disappear. Let’s see leader ship from our trade org as a United trade well we live in hope. I have just leaft a trade org in disgust with the lack of activity or should I say what activity? This is not going to get better untill some action is taken. Where has talking got us.