Wednesday, November 01, 2017

MPS Roads And Transport Police Have Had A Busy Start This Week.

After a follow up visit to the Minicab operators office by the Met Police from Richmond, a licensed PHV driver has been reported for lending his licensed Minicab to an unlicensed Minicab driver to pick up a booking in Euston Station. 

The driver was arrested and awaits court date for fraud and other offences. 

An hour later, central Traffic decision seized another Prius with no insurance, driven by a driver with no licence. 

This Prius in Camden insurance and unfit to drive the vehicle was seized, put onto a low loader and taken away 

But my Favourite Of The Week
Stopped in Soho (on a licensed Taxi rank), captured by the Met's Cab Section, accompanied by TfL....vehicle owner had failed to remove unlawful livery. Vehicle was pronounced unfit to work as a private hire vehicle 

These ongoing instances of illegally signage, are a direct result of TfLTPH failure to deal with the Addison Lee Rugby World Cup livery. As far as we know (confirmed by TfL), no action was taken against Addison Lee who ignored TfLs order to remove signage until after the contract ended. 

Another one, spotted over the weekend....even after Taxi Leaks went to the trouble of giving TfL the contact details of the company supplying the illegal signage....compliance are still dragging their feet.

Now every Tom dick and Minicab owner believes they can ignore TfL at will.

Mind you, the Met still haven't come up with an effective way of dealing with the scooter scum...

Meanwhile in the City, this is the contempt they have for the Taxi trade.

Their CCTV camera car is actively blocking the point of our rank, in order to issue tickets to vehicles using Lime Street. 

It seems that stopping Taxi drivers earning a living has now become a habit with the City of London.

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