Friday, November 10, 2017

If You Get A Ticket Dropping At The Ned, Don't Pay It...You Must Appeal.

Again, our largest trade orgs are failing to sort out the problems costing drivers dearly. Instead of dealing with the issues, they appear to be arguing over who can attend meetings, it's a disgrace. 

If they can't sort out the little problems, what chance have we got of them dealing with the big stuff?

Cars at the Ned Hotel are not recieving tickets, but Taxis are??? 

During the restricted period, Taxi passengers requiring the Hotel, are pointing to the cars parked outside. Many having luggage insist they should be dropped at the front entrance and not hundreds of yards away, at the beginning of the Bank Junction restriction. 

But as soon as Taxis go past the restriction signage, they are automatically issued with a ticket. 
Amazingly, the Hotel has informed us that their cars, seen above parked outside, do not get issued with tickets. 

It's our opinion that this is clear evidence that there is a definite agenda against the Taxi trade by TfL and the CoL. These issues should've been sorted out months ago. 
But it appears to be very low on the New United Trade Group (NUT group) agenda. 

The LCDC's Heather Rawlinson, has unselfishly helped many drivers, regardless of org or union status. 
Heather recently emailed the City of London about the situation at the Ned, asking why the cars are not being given tickets but Taxis are.  
So far Heather hasn't received a reply. 

Heather's advice:
If you've been issued a ticket dropping at the Ned (and haven't proceeded through the Bank Junction) DO NOT PAY IT. 
You must appeal. 
Virtually all tickets appealed are cancelled. 


Anonymous said...

Love the post as far as I’m aware and I’ve been driving for well over 20 years none of them have ever sorted out any big stuff I’m supprize they can even dress them selfs in the morning let’s face it non of the orgs can work together so what is the point of paying your monthly subs

Anonymous said...

Don't pay them it's just another fucking tax.