Thursday, November 30, 2017

Google Sued For Illegal Data Breach: UK iPhone Users Could Get £300 In Compensation

British iPhone users could get £300 compensation as Google is sued over illegal data ‘sharing’.

It is alleged that Google’s algorithms allowed them to 'trick' people’s iPhones into releasing personal data from the phone’s default browser Safari.

GOOGLE is facing a massive lawsuit over claims it illegally took personal information from up to 5million British iPhone users.

The action is brought by campaign group Google 'You Owe Us', led by veteran consumer champion and former Executive Director of Which?...Richard Lloyd.

It claims that between 2011 and 2012 Google used algorithms to bypass default privacy settings on the iPhone.

Lloyd said yesterday: 
“I believe that what Google did was quite simply against the law. Their actions have affected millions, and we’ll be asking the courts to remedy this major breach of trust. Through this action, we will send a strong message to Google and other tech giants in Silicon Valley that we’re not afraid to fight back if our laws are broken.”

Lloyd went on to say :
“In all my years speaking up for consumers, I’ve rarely seen such a massive abuse of trust where so many people have no way to seek redress on their own,” he added.

Source : The Sun


See the 'You Owe Us' story on their website, click this link below:

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