Saturday, November 25, 2017

BBC London News Broadcast Another Slur On London's Iconic Taxi Trade.

Again we see more anti Taxi bias from a BBC London News reporter, in a broadcast made just yards away from the BBC In Portland Place, referring to the mysteriously hushed up Uber Attack on Exhibition Road, a Taxi incident.

2 minutes 10 seconds into the BBC broadcast below "Exhibition Road, where a TAXI mounted the pavement".
This is extreme bias and a slur on our iconic trade from the BBC, who refuse to accept there is a difference between Taxis and Private Hire.


This is completely unacceptable and complaints should be made on behalf of ever London Taxi drivers who feels slated by this unnecessary attack on our good name. 

Coming just days after the media announcements that although serious sexual assault complaints in private hire vehicles had gone through the roof with the fact that last year, not one attack was reported to have taken place in a Licensed Taxi.

They keep getting away with this (even though our name is protected under government legislation), because it appears our representative orgs in the New United Trade group (LTDA, UCG, Unite and RMT) are weak and seem to have no plan, no idea what to do next.

So the ball is now in your court, and it's all up to you.
Get in contact with BBC London News and make it clear that you are not happy with the lazy journalism, resulting in constant slurs on our trades reputation.

Use the link below to contact BBC London News.

Also, still no word from the NUT group over the announcement of a major road closure in the Bank Junction vicinity, other than to announce the closure....value for money???


Anonymous said...

Stop paying your BBC license.
I stopped four years ago don't watch them.
Just bullshit propergander
The enemy within.
If they knock on your door just don't open it

Anonymous said...

totally agree with above comment,don,t see how any of of us have time to watch tv the hours we,re all forced to work now.