Saturday, November 25, 2017

Will Addison Lee Be Plying For Hire At Evolution, While Taxis Are Turned Away By Parks Police ???


Last Saturday night, we saw licensed Taxis without the Gett app being turned away from Battersea Park venue Evolution. 

I had a booking to pick up a young lady at 01:00. 
I got there a little early but my approach to the venue was blocked by a parks police officer, who told me that only Taxis with the Gett app on their phone....(notice he didn't say booking, just needed the app on their phone)...were being allowed to approach the entrance and form a rank outside the venue. 

I had to park in the riverside car park some distance away. 
While I waited there, I was approached by a number of people leaving the venue asking if I was for hire.

I decided to walk up and have a word with the Gett Marshal. He agreed that I could come in and pick up my booked job and spoke to the police on my behalf to let me through there picket. 

This behaviour has upset many Taxi drivers who feel that Gett are stealing our work and then selling it back to drivers and have made their feelings clear, widely reporting on social media platforms.

In replies to complaints from drivers about the exclusion, it seems everyone has passed the buck.

The parks police said no cabs were turned away, the event management company said the exclusion was nothing to do with them and Gett said all the jobs were pre booked. This definitely was not the situation that I witnessed. 

Well 'I was there' and I saw Taxis turned away, plus there appeared to be no advice about a Taxi rank in the other car park. 

Gett also released this statement :

Déjà vu again last night:
A friend of mine popped into Evo last night and spoke to the parks police who again tried to get him to turn away by saying all the work was booked. Apparently people leaving the event were being given a token which they could take outside where they could take anyone of the vehicles ranking there, clearly plying for hire and not booked jobs.

The constable said he could drive up and see, but he would be there a long time before he got a job. 

This was not the case. He pulled up outside with his light on and within minutes got a £50 job to North Finchley. 

So if you are passing Battersea Park tonight and fancy taking you chances at Evolution, don't let the park police turn you away as we've been told that the Taxi trade are not excluded from waiting outside for work. 

Addison Lee, made a statement in the week that all jobs at Evolution this weekend will be pre-booked.


Anonymous said...

Tell gett to get stuffed go taxi app or com cab avoid the 10% parasites
Keep our trade in house not farmed out to parasites companies that are not even British.

Anonymous said...

To save any disagreements as to what is and is not going on, use your phone to record any exchange of words.

Anonymous said...

Down with gett if this is true.

Now parks police are being conglomerised as another start-up wants domination! My what a corrupt little island!

T.Beaven said...

This is what happens when cabbies make short sighted decisions to WORK for parasitical companies.

Anonymous said...

Anyone on gett or my taxi (hailo) are ruining this trade with the 10% tossers gett even higher.
That's fucking laugherble.
Go to taxi app or com cab
If people want to use us and they do they will come on our terms not some parasite corporation
Who don't give a shit about you or the customers.
It's our work not fucking getts
Take this trade back unite cancel gett and hailo this week.
Anyone who says I've got bills to pay
Well so have all the fucking rest of us.
All I hear is moaning bullshit off drivers.
Well do something about it.
If we unite on the apps everyone gets a bite at the same cherry.
No 10% cover all the work take this trade back
Or starting looking for another job.
This trade is in its death throes now..
Think on as they say up north.