Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Was This Uber Driver, One Of Helen Chapman's 13,000 Without A DBS Certificate.

Uber driver ‘sexually assaulted a woman’ and told her to ‘stay in the car’ in South London

An Uber driver sexually assaulted a passenger, telling her: “Stay in the car. I’ll make you feel good,” a court heard.

The young woman says she had fallen asleep and woke to find Andrew Aluge, 46, “stroking and caressing” her leg.

He then grabbed her ankle as she tried to flee, she told a jury.

She said: “I suddenly felt really scared like he was going to rape me.”

The woman said she escaped and fled to a friend’s flat nearby.

Aluge denied inappropriately touching her during a trip to Tulse Hill, South London.

He claimed he tapped her on the leg to wake her up and was annoyed because she had her feet on his seat.

Aluge, of Vauxhall, South London, denies sexual assault at Inner London crown court.

The case continues: Source The Sun.

Could this alleged attack have been prevented?
Was this Uber driver one of the drivers with a fake DBS certificate?


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Anonymous said...

Don’t think the Oxford st is going to bother TfL try doing a FOI green badge drivers will be under 20,000 next year due to the fall in Knolwedge candidates are we bein* filtered out seems like it and it seems even the examiners are holding back students to keep there jobs naughty naughty

Anonymous said...

If they thinned us out by getting rid of cab drivers with low IQ's, what's left of the trade would make a bloody good living!