Saturday, October 14, 2017

Vaughan Williams Gives His View On The Uber Question.

Article in the New Statesman : The Right are defending Uber, because they don't really understand it...

Rest in peace, British capitalism. You had a good run, but thanks to Sadiq Khan’s decision to end Uber’s licence to operate in London, it’s all over now

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It's come to something when a lifelong Conservative voter like me is posting stuff from the New Statesman. Not that I'm likely to fling myself into the embrace of the sinister Mr McDonnell either, as I don't believe in the demonisation and penalisation of financial success and I remember the Brain Drain of the 60s/70s. Perhaps political, as well as physical, homelessness is just another feature of these strange times. 

I'm not sure whether this latest initiative of genius from the Tories is another doomed attempt to get down with the kids, or a defence of robber-baron laissez-faire economics. They are trotting out rehashed Uber propaganda about job losses, when the "jobs" don't exist because the independently-licensed drivers still have the cars so will simply and quickly migrate to other, hopefully more socially responsible minicab platforms. Members of the British public are not as stupid as you seem to think, chaps, and recognise blatant lies when they see them. 

The Conservatives are already vulnerable on the topic of Uber, given the unfortunate association between the Cameron circle and the company, so why on Earth are they queueing up to defend a company which is rapidly becoming a byword for the unacceptable face of capitalism ? 

Uber lost its licence because they it was deemed not fit and proper to run a minicab company. The company's culture has been that of a technology startup - break the rules, the end justifies the means - a stance that is incompatible with providing a safe and socially responsible service to the public in a regulated environment. 

So what is the Government saying ? :

" well, they MAY have been a bit rapey, but hey Sadiq, don't be TOO hard on them. They are known for being sensitive souls desperate to please, so a little slap on the wrist would have been enough. "

In harsh evidence that this vicious over-reaction against a digital innovator will brand the UK as the enemy of progress, I understand that Lyft are in discussions with TfL with a view to providing exactly the same service as Uber, but in a more socially responsible and adult manner.


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Anonymous said...

Kick the dodgy Tories out at the next election. The Conservative party supports foreign business over British business. Traitors not working for good of country, only themselves and rich friends.

Anonymous said...

99% of politicians are moraly corrupt and rapidly lose touch with reality once elected. Shawcross is a flabby example of how the establishment corrupts. British politics is at an all time low; it attracts the best educated people with the very least to offer the electorate of this country!

Anonymous said...

With the knowledge at an all time low with not a great deal of interest can I ask the question where is the trade goin* to be in the next year we have had men are coming to kill us but if you do an FOI on how many green badges we have it’s soon to be under 20.000 so I ask what have tfl got up there sleeves to promote our great trade the way I see it if they don’t do something soon Then we could all be working for uber no point in the exclamations going around the schools showing how fantastic they are breath some life into the trade stop trying to make names for your selfs I hear one excaminar told a student you can’t turn left in to Seymour st from Portman street maybe this excamier needs to spend a bit more time on the road and have a look himself still I feel sorry for anyone coming in to the trade

Anonymous said...

We all know that if Uber are out then Lyft or Taxify will get their foot in the door. 40,000 out of work over night -- It won't happen. Khan wont ever be re elected -- Great !! Total waste of space. There will always be work for Black cabs, just less !