Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Uber London needs to file its license appeal this week – what will happen if it doesn’t?

If the ride-sharing startup’s London subsidiary doesn’t file the appeal in time, it will cease to operate in London on Friday 13 October.

Uber lost its private operating license in the UK’s capital city after the transport regulator raised concerns over the way it had failed to report serious criminal offences and its policy over Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.
TfL has concluded that Uber London Limited is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license.

What has happened since the ruling?

TfL made its ruling on 22 September, giving the startup three weeks to file an appeal. Uber has continued to operate in the city during this time. If it does file its appeal today, it will be allowed to operate during the appeals process.

Last week, Uber’s new chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi met with the commissioner of TfL, Mike Brown, to discuss ways for the startup to regain its license.

Uber answers to MPs 

This week, Uber and other gig economy startups like Deliveroo, were in front of the UK government’s business select committee to answer questions over workers’ rights.
This comes after the publication of the Taylor Report, which called for better treatment of self-employed workers.
During the hearing, the startup’s head of public policy, Andrew Bryne, said that Uber had shown “the wrong attitude” on a number of issues.
Byrne added that there was now a path forward with TfL to address the regulator’s concerns.

The Telegraph reported that the company has hired a “TfL nemesis lawyer” to lead its appeal. The lawyer, Thomas de la Mare, has fought battles on Uber’s behalf against the regulator before

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• We know Taxify the company, operated illegally. 
•We know that Uber have been operating illegally...they've said it themselves in two court cases.
•Taxify have had the licence they bought, revoked and have been refused a license by TfL.
•Uber have been called unfit to operate by TfL and been refused a licence renewal.
•Taxify can not operate as a PH operator in London 
•But Uber can carry on while/if and when they appeal.
How does his work???

The final insult??? Sean Paul Day.
Ex PM Dave Cameron accepts job at First Data, a global leader in payments tech who invests in Uber. 


Ex chancellor and editor of the Evening Standard in attempted mugging by an Uber eats biker gang....Karma? 

   Parkinson, Gang Leader     Chowdury, Bought Phones

18 year old Claud Parkinson, was jailed today for five years alongside a 16 year old and a 15 year old who can't be named because of their age. The group made the mistake of mugging the wrong person. 

While they were picking on ordinary members of the public, they got away with 103 robberies in just a few weeks. But were soon caught after the failed phone mugging attempt of George Osbourne, caught on CCTV outside the Langham hotel. 

The phones were bought by 40 year old Chowdhury who sent the gang a price list of what they could expect to get for certain phone models.  

Action caught on dash-cam by editor Jim Thomas. 
Scooter thieves, nicking phone, off a man waiting for an Uber outside Tottenham Court Road tube station.

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Anonymous said...

Im a little unclear. Uber can operate during an appeals process eventhough its license had expired at the end of September. The article states that an appeal is yet to be made; so why are Uber operating on an expired license when the apeal process hasn't even started?
Also can we be clear. Has ubers license been revoked or has tfl declined to renew; each outcome could have a different consequence? Sean stockings had his license revoked just for asking a few questions over dinner. He had no appeal or wasnt allowed to continue his trade. Tfl didnt email him secretly to coach him on what to say! Uber were told they could carry on working during an appeals process; this is very loose legislation.