Saturday, October 28, 2017

Have TfL Shoot Themselves In The Foot (Again) ? With A Conflict Of Interest Over CC Clearance Interest Rate

In an announcement to a trade org, TfL have again overstepped the mark as they tell drivers that the 0% hand held credit card machine which MyTaxi drivers are using, are not authorised by TfL and its inferred that they are taking a dim view on this issue. 

How can TfL interfere with the way independent traders conduct their business expenses?

• Under the terms of our licensing as Taxi drivers, we have been forced to accept a Credit Card acceptance mandate, that's fact. 
• Under the terms of the condition of fitness of our vehicle, we at made to have a TfL authorised working machine in the rear passenger compartment, that's another fact. 

But I would suggest that as long as a card payment is undertaken and all conditions of our licence and that of our vehicle have been satisfied...TfL have no say in the service that we as a trader chose to use to conclude a payment transaction. 

The problem seems to have arisen over the point that the unit given to MyTaxi app users has a 0% transaction clearance charge, unlike the units authorised for rear fitting by TfL. 

It makes you wonder if TfL Board Member Ron Kalifa had anything to do with this new proclamation. 

Will TfL be insisting to uber, that all journeys (which are on account but paid for by Credit Card) have a transaction charge paid for by the driver ? ....of course they won't. 

Instead of meddling in the finances of hard working, tax paying Taxi drivers, shouldn't they concern themselves more by dealing with the 48 serious sexual attacks on passengers by uber drivers in the last 12 months, or the 13,000 uber drivers with fake criminal record checks, or the Uber drivers who presented fake medicals, or the mountain of road traffic accidents concerning Uber drivers !!!
Or do they have a conflict of interest with this company ?

Where do the New United Taxi Group stand on this issue ?
Will they be using the full weight of their legal teams to defend the right of their subscribers to use which ever system that suits their need best ?
Or will they just say (again) "it's a done deal, nothing we can do about it) ?

TfL are also telling drivers that if you do an App job which has a minimum price attached , and the customer complains, they will pursue the driver for charging more than the meter fare and not (repeat not) the App provider. 
Their advice is to offer the customer now we are expected by TfL to do cash back! 

Typical of TfL though is, they've said nothing about certain CC equipment suppliers who have a miminum price per transaction fee, charging a higher rate to transactions below the minimum. Still I Suppose that was also part of the done deal. 


Anonymous said...

You can pay people now just by using their mobile phone number with 0% fee (paym). Are they going to say that we can't accept that? It's scandalous that they can get away with it. TFL......LUDDITES

And what about credit card fees that are being scrapped in 2018? Why do we still have to pay for giving someone credit? I did a small card transaction today, and because of the minimum fee, it cost me 7.5% of the fare with no tip!

P Knightlord said...

Saving the customer money by not asking higher meter fares as not paying fat cats any more tip for users just say the one in the back charges you add star printer in sumup app ha ha it's just customer service

I’m Spartacus said...

A passenger can pay you by any method that your prepared to accept (decency permitting)!

Over the years I have been paid with a chicken (cooked), bottles of drink & 2 tickets to a show, none of this was either the PCO or TfL’s business.

TfL board is riven with vested interests.

Jamie Hawes said...

In the recent Addison Lee workers rights case, the judge , when summing up and before awarding judgement to the drivers said the following, that Addison Lee drivers were not contracting on equal terms as self employed drivers. It rather that they were in a "subordinate position" . Are licensed London taxis not also in a "subordinate position" as opposed to contracting on equal terms as self employed drivers? TfL comtrols everything , from the cabs we drive to the way in which we take payment, are we contracting on equal terms as self employed people? We most surely are not. Isn't it time we had a workers rights case brought forward on behalf of the black cab trade?

Brian Rice said...

This is a total misunderstanding of our trade by TfL, they insisted that a PED should be fitted in the rear of a taxi which should be a fixture, obviously that comes as a cost to the supplier.
What is now being suggested is that as long as the taxi complies with the fitting, then any portable device can be used. Consequently, one company with the ‘fixed’ PED absorbs the cost and the company supplying the portable completes all the cc transactions – that just doesn’t seem fair.
I’m not saying that using a portable is not correct, what I am saying is the way in which TfL have gone about this project just shows a complete lack of understanding of our trade – surprised?
Brian Rice

Anonymous said...

TFl can put on all the restrictions they want but according to the law of the land a credit card is not legal tender, so you do not have to take it, until parliament Change the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

TfL cannot interfere because MyTaxi are not licensed by them or anyone else. Therefore, they trade outside of TfL’s control.

Barry said...

Orgs have completely failed their members by not having this challenged. Another massive issue with no help whatsoever from orgs

Anonymous said...

Didnt know Mytaxi did 0% hand held units for drivers! Where can i get one?

Anonymous said...

Why do TFL allow companies to charge £0.20 transactions charge which was award to drivers to off set the credit card charge plus a high % charge. In some case the driver can be paying as much as 7% on a very small fare.

All the org seem a wast of time now days. At the airport they spend moor time having arguments with theirs selfs than doing somthing for their members? To many reps with their heads up their rear ends and their self importants?

anthont handley said...

there just niking another 4 pence in the pound off us

David said...

I take a very dim view of TFL & Mayor. They are simply doing something they know sweet FA about, & are corrupt, in my opinion!

it's time for us to give them a good legal kicking!

I may be compelled to put up with having a terminal in my cab,but, they can't make me use it, unless i wish.

i do use it out of convenience & courtesy to my customers. We could do better by creating our own credit card business, and telling mayor, TFL to FO. they are only tossers, who happened to win a distorted vote. They'll be history in near future!

We can do better with out their hinderance in our affairs, time to get our own regulators, who understand our system of taxis.

Anonymous said...

If my vehicle is compliant, how can they dictate the way i do business?

Anonymous said...

If my vehicle is compliant, how can they dictate the way i do business.

Robert Harris said...

My biggest charge since using my cc machine in my cab is 7.2%.When I contacted PayPal about this extraordinary rate(it was for a tenner)they stated "was the customer from overseas",to which I replied probably Japan.Ah the card must have been registered in Japan Was his reply.Never heard so much nonsense in my life.

Anonymous said...

This is an over simplificaiton - the mytaxi solution does not comply with all the requirements imposed on the other providers by the TFL - if it did there would not be an issue with the rate. Let mytaxi provide the bracket, printer, installation for free and then charge the 0.0% That would not be unfair to anyone and would give the driver the choice of using the solution. Everyone is quick to forget the increased flag drop on ALL trips cash and card that were meant to offset the CC charges.