Monday, October 30, 2017

TFL's New Cash Cow Announced, As They Intend To Raise Extra Funding From The 125,000 Minicabs.

TfL looking to make an extra £375,000,000 a year from new tax on Minicabs.

Uber drivers are among those who face paying an extra £3,000 a year each to operate in London even if the company keeps its licence, according to The Sunday Times.

Transport for London (TfL), the regulator, plans to force private-hire vehicles to pay the £11.50-a-day congestion charge because of concern that the proliferation of minicabs is choking streets and emptying bus services. If Uber shoulders the payments, it could cost the company between £20m and £60m a year. 

At a meeting of licensing and enforcement officers in Leeds this month Tom Moody, head of policy for taxis at TfL, said the authority would propose the move within months. “We will be looking at the congestion charge potentially for all private hire vehicles,” he said. “In the summer of next year, we will likely be consulting on that and other policies.”

It is understood that the “other policies” being considered by Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, include extending the charge from 6pm until 11pm or midnight and applying it on Saturdays for the first time.

Congestion and Uber competition have caused sharp drops in bus use. 

According to a presentation to the TfL board, passenger numbers have fallen 5.6% in two years, creating a £100m hole in the authority’s coffers. In big cities outside London, bus use is down 4%.

Source : Sunday Times. 


It seems there was a method behind TFL's madness of giving out PHV licenses like sweets, after all....they are now going to charge them the congestion charge. That's  125,000 times £30k per year. The expanded London Minicab fleet is now being blamed by TfL for the massive congestion that is bringing London to a grinding halt. 

Funny, when Tom Moody announced the proposed bonus to TFL's coffers, he never once mentioned the segregated cycle lanes or the fact that at any one time, there are twice the number of buses needed. 

     Image from Twitter this morning
Daily spectacle...A wall of buses, adding congested and pollution...Total number of passengers 6, not counting the drivers!

Outside the rush hours, you can see empty bus after empty bus. Driver etiquette is appalling with blatant disregard to yellow box junctions (bus drivers appear to be exempt from receiving fines). 

We've also seen a huge upturn in the number of bus related RTAs, caused be driver fatigue. It's a well known fact that many bus drivers are supplementing their income by driving long shifts, ironically working for Uber. TfL registered Prius can be spotted, parked up outside most bus garages. 





Anonymous said...

Why not use a black cab, NO NONSENSE guaranteed !

John Reid said...

The real truth is as Mr. Thomas has said, that T.F.L have literally been giving hire car license away like sweeties. And now the time has come to try and control the hire car industry. T.F.L have found yet again that the tactics that they have used to control companies like UBER have been a miserable failure and you can ask these companies to pay these charges and yes this will give you more revenue but most analysts fail to see how that will help with the congestion, and as T.F.L keep to the practice of endless licencing both the loss of revenue and the congestion will increase.

Anonymous said...

So they can have taxis operating in charge zones while paying nothing, or Uber who will pay them hundreds of thousands of £££££ a year. I wonder which way they will go with this? I would check who has a financial interest in vehicle tracking tech. to get the answer.