Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Redressing The Balance... Letter To TfLTPH From A Grateful Passenger

The piece below is an extract from a letter sent to TfL by a grateful passenger. Taxi Leaks would like to thank TfLTPH for passing this on to us by way of their Twitter account. 

My taxi driver and I got talking during the journey and he asked me where I'd been. I told him that I'd come from visiting my mother for the final time, she being 82 and living in Plymouth, me being towards the end of the terminal illness and living in East Yorkshire.

He told me that his sister in law had recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer and was struggling emotionally. He wondered if I had any advice to give. 
The traffic being heavy, I was able to tell him my story and give him as much advice as I could.

When we got to King's Cross he very kindly waived the fair. We shook hands and parted. I wish I'd taken his name or the cab number, as I wanted him to know that the fair I should've paid will be donated to the Dove House Hospice, which I attend regularly and I shall never forget his kindness.

All too often London cabbies get bad press. I would like to redress the balance a bit.

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