Thursday, October 05, 2017

Manchester Taxis In Protest Over Out Of Town Taxis

Hundreds of protesting taxi drivers bought traffic to a halt in Manchester city centre yesterday afternoon.

The drivers made their way through the city centre demanding action against cabs they say are illegally operating in Manchester. Many of the Illegal cars working in the area are licensed by TfL.

Over 1,000 Taxis journeyed from Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground via Deansgate to Salford at 1pm yesterday afternoon.

They say that other drivers are illegally working in the Manchester borough without the relevant licence and taking their custom.

Instead of securing a Manchester licence up to 6,000 drivers are getting one elsewhere - where they say the process is quicker and easier - and then coming into the city to find fares.

Luckvear Singh, 47, a Manchester driver of five years, said: 

"This is having a big effect. They are coming into Manchester because there is more business but they need to have a Manchester licence.

"We have lost a lot of revenue, 30 to 40 per cent, a lot of drivers are now struggling to make ends meet and some are giving up.

"Manchester City Council needs to take action against this and take our protest seriously. The public also needs to be aware what is happening".

Finally, the last taxis involved in the protest made their way out of the city towards Salford and MediaCity. 

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Anonymous said...

Weldone. It’s a national problem and it’s something that we may consider doing too. Cj - oxford