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Lord Alan Sugar Supports London's Taxi Drivers And Refuses To Support The Call To Keep Uber.

Lucy Siegle's report on 'The One Show' -in regards to Dara Khosrowshah's visit to London to sort out Uber's revocation- was biased beyond belief. Not once did she mention last year's 48 Uber drivers convicted of serious sexual assaults including rapes, a 50% increase on the previous year's 32.

#UberRape is presently running at one attack every eleven days....taking into account that 90% of sexual assaults go unreported, it could be as high as one attack every fifteen hours. 
These statistic are based on the result of Freedom of Information requests made to the Metropolitan Police earlier this year. 

The One Show reporter touched very lightly on "a problem with background checks and medicals" but didn't give any details!
She didn't mentioned the 13,000 Uber drivers who have fake DBS (enhanced criminal record checks) certificates with about the same again, having fake medicals!
No mention either about Fake topographical pass certificates!
But Lucy's mention of how easy it was to download Ubers app.....didn't go unnoticed!

Things took a dramatic turn when Lord Alan Sugar was asked the question: "Would you support the call to keep Uber? "
To the presenters surprise he answer... "Not at the moment, I have to think about our friends the black taxi drivers that have gone through a lot of training and testing before...." He was then cut off by guest presenter Amol Rejan, who then moved the program on.

   Presenters Amol Rejan, Alex Jones and Lucy Siegle.

Would be nice if Lucy could investigate another real issue, which is putting the lives of Londoners in danger!

Uber crash statistics being hidden by TfL 

The BBC -itself riddled with staff who have a history of collusion and suppression of stories about rape and Paedophilia- have tried repeatedly to muddy the waters between Taxis and Private Hire. 
Even though the words are protected by legislation, they continually insist on calling Minicabs/Private Hire Vehicles 'Taxis' at every possible opportunity.
They also continue to call Minicab drivers 'Taxi drivers' or 'Cabbies', even after complaints from the Licensed Taxi trade. Presenter Jeremy Vine, aggressively attacks the Taxi trade and supports Uber at every opportunity.
Also, we mustn't forget that TfL have known about this since January and were going to sweep it all under the carpet, until inspector Neil Billany wrote to TfL demanding action. His letter was subsequently found by FOI check and past to the Sunday Times by the LCDC. 

Now we find that Inspector Billany, who suddenly went on garden leave after the letter was sent, is leaving his job???
Was he pressured into leaving?

Job Offer???
Taxi Leaks would like to take the opportunity of suggesting Mr Billany for the role of Director Of Enforcement and  On Street Operations at TfL. 
It would be so refreshing to know we would finally have someone at TfL, who would do the job without bias against the Licensed Taxi trade and best of all, put public safety above all else. 

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit:
Drivers at London airport have today alleged that A film crew were seen trying to get Licensed Taxi drivers on the rank to refuse to take Mr Khosrowshah into town. 
But had to abandon the set up when every driver agreed to take him regardless of who he was. 

We recently saw a film crew from ITV news company try to fix a news item which purported to show Taxi drivers not stopping for a wheelchair passenger. 

Fortunately for the Taxi trade, it was quite evident that all the Taxis 'Hailed' had their lights off or had passengers on board. When this was pointed out, the disabled actress in the sting attempt apologised to the Taxi trade saying she didn't realise what was happening and that she always uses black cabs and has had no problems in the past. This was reported on Taxi Leaks. 

A question that would be interesting for The One Show:
Is TFL's continuing licensing of Uber, illegal state all other PH operators have to pay VAT?

Over to you Lucy Siegle.


Is TfL Right to Strip Uber of its License to Operate in London? 

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