Saturday, October 21, 2017

"All I Am Concerned About".... Sean Paul Day....In His Own Words

All I am concerned about, is the dereliction of duty by those whose remit it is to act as arbitrators of the law. Facilitating an unprecedented attack on tens of thousands of individuals (and their families).

All I am concerned about, is a government that values privilege over endeavour; disregarding stringent regulations put in place to protect and honour the safety and liberty of the travelling public.  

All I am concerned about, is policymakers that think it’s okay to disregard our democratic constitution, but then claim they are the torch bearers of free enterprise and consumer choice. 

All I am concerned about, is those who wilfully and knowingly, permit the illegal activity of predatory pricing, and then claim the 'markets will prevail'.  

All I am concerned about, is the gross misrepresentation of a product that is redefining employment laws,  legal rights and data protection policies. 

All I am concerned about, is everything we deemed to be of primary importance just a few years ago is now a distant second. Disability rights, concerns for the sight and hearing impaired, zero hour contracts, and regulation. 

All I am concerned about is, the ‘effects’ of deregulation. Despite their assurances, there is evidence in abundance, that the vulnerability of those traveling in a vehicle with a stranger, still poses the same threat as it once did?

All I am concerned about, is phenomenal technology being monopolised by corporations and the government and used ultra-virally to determine outcomes that favour vested interests.  

All I am concerned about, is advocates of the above have never considered conducting impact data to determine the detrimental effect of the State assisting the decimation of workers lives.  

I am concerned about all of the above, and if you endorse Uber -or even passively advocate their return- then you no doubt are happy to represent everything mentioned here.  

With that, I trust you accept, that we should all have concerns about you. 

The shared economy is a euphemism for incomes not keeping pace with the cost of living. It’s solely concerned with the working and lower-working classes. It is then wrapped up as empowering to rent your second bedroom or hire out your car. Surely, we have always been able to do that? 

But now the money men have found a way to take a cut. After all, I don’t see them sharing the bedrooms at Balmoral or Chequers, do you? 




Dizzy Cabby said...

Expelling Sean from the LTDA was a big mistake.
This man should general secretary and leading the charge, cause he's the only one with the bottle.
Trevor, Lewis, Kelly, all been bought off to keep the peace to gaurentee SM's job with TfL.

Serious Question said...

Why are the orgs doing nothing?

Anonymous said...

When things go wrong at the circus, they send in the clowns. Fortunately for the the trade, we have an abundance of them waiting in the wings!

Anonymous said...

It is now well established that Uber was licensed illegally in London by the regulator TFL, as the app clearly has been proven to operate outside of PH tegulation... regardless of the bullshit John Mason spouts about how they met the licensing requirements. WHY, haven't the trade orgs pursued a class action against TFL for compensation for the loss of earnings incured because of the negligence of the regulator?