Friday, October 27, 2017

Here We Go Again : More Designed Chaos As TfL Launch The Borough Junction Consultation.

TfL are proposing changes at the junction of Borough High Street with Marshalsea Road and Great Dover Street, in Southwark. 

The junction carries high volumes of traffic from Elephant and Castle and Bricklayers Arms towards London Bridge and Southwark Bridge. 

During the peak hours it can be heavily congested and this causes delays for the bus routes that use the junction, as well as for other road users. 

Borough Underground Station is located on the western corner of the junction, and there is high demand for pedestrian crossing points as a result. 

It has been the location of a high number of collisions, many of which involved pedestrians or cyclists.

TfL say they have looked closely at the issues and are now proposing a number of changes that are intended to make walking easier and safer and improve journey times, especially for the eight bus routes which pass through the junction.

To see what TfL are proposing, and have your say in this consultation, click link below 

Taxi Leaks Extra Bits :

Ever since the Greater London Authority Act 1999 gave us Transport For London, founded July 2000, our streets have become more and more over crowded.

Most of the extra congestion has been caused by TfL themselves with the escalation of Private hire licenses, dished out like sweets at an unprecedented rate. Currently there are over 125,000 PHV drivers, a bit different to what we were promised back in 1998. We were told back then "when Minicabs are licensed, touting would be their problem not ours and their numbers will half from 30,000 to around 15,000"..... Well that never happened!!!

Then along came Boris who thought it would be a great idea to keep the share holders happy and expand the number of on street buses. His decision to double London's bus fleet has lead to a massive over supply, that can't be met by the bus company garages, who in off peak hours, run mostly empty or out of service buses through central London, adding to the congestion and exhaust pollution. 

This bus driver in traffic, perhaps showing fatigue of one extra-curricular UBER shift too many. 

It's common knowledge that of late, bus crashes have risen dramatically. 
Also, no secret that bus drivers are 'moonlighting' with UBER, whoose RTA's are at epidemic levels.
What will it take for this blatant greed, that risks lives, to be reigned in?

Then came the nightmare of segregated bike lanes which have bought parts of London to a complete gridlock, day and night. 

Are the planners at TfL blind, do they not venture out onto the streets....can't they see what their loony systems have done to the capital !
Leon Daneils stood by the roadworks at the Elephant and Castle and said "we are creating a space people will want to come to....on,y if they have a day to waste and their own gass mask Leon. 

Then we were given another nightmare in the shape of the Bank Junction ban.

TfL have spent the last 15 years passing the buck, spinning the results, massaging statistics and blaming the wrong criminals.....when the perpetrators of the mess created are in house. 

Frankly these consultations are a waste of ratepayers money as TfL rarely take any notice of the result. 

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