Monday, October 09, 2017

Exclusive...RT Minicab Livery Is Illegal, Say TfLTPH...But Will They Act On It ?... By Jim Thomas.

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We asked TfLTPH the question "Had the PH act 1998 been changed to allow full livery adverts on PHVs 

We offered this picture as part of the question .

To be honest, and going on the fact, the last time we asked them a question, after the 70th time of asking and getting no reply.....we didn't anticipate hearing back. 

We also put this photo on Taxi Leaks and copied TfLTPH into a tweet.....

Well, to our surprise, this afternoon we got this back from them.

So there you have it!
The Minicabs currently displaying the RT livery on super sides and rear window....are illegally advertising and should be reported!
We would hope that TfL will come down on this with the same amount of gusto they used when insisting that a copy of the a Taxi magazine was unauthorised advertising, when left on rear window shelves. 

Trouble is, TfL management bottle it when up against private hire companies, as we saw with the Addison Lee Rugby World Cup full lively on a number of their vans. 

Even though there were hundreds of complaints and TPH said the livery was illegal....Addison Lee continued to display until after the tournament had finished. We were informed later that no action was taken against Addison Lee by TfL, in regards to this issue!

So anyway,  let's keep reporting sightings of these RT Minicabs, clear photo showing number plate, along with location date and time....but let's not hold our breath waiting for TfL to take action. 

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neil richards said...

There must be an agency or a taxi advertising company that must bear some of the responsibility also. Are there any identifying mark as there would be on a hackney cab superside of full livery advert?