Monday, October 09, 2017

Could The Leytonstone, Buckingham Palace And Exhibition Road Atrocities Been Avoided... With A More Competent TfLTPH? By Jim Thomas

Leytonstone Slasher, Palace Attacker And Exhibition Road Driver. Did these Uber Drivers Have Fake DBS Certificates?
Could these attacks have been avoided by a competent TfLTPH?

There's an old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines".
Everyone was expecting the work to drop off dramatically when our friends from the middle east went home. Instead there appears to be a massive surge (excuse the pun) in Taxi street hails. 

Have the public finally seen sense, and are flocking back to the Trade?
No such luck. 

So what's behind the increase in work levels over the last week or so...Could it be the thousands of Uber drivers on suspension?

To find out what's happening, we have to look back to the TfL letter sent out to 13,000 beer drivers last month.

As the news filtered through to the trade at the end August, claims were made that TfL had known since January about the fake DBS certificates. A massive scandal ensured, allegations were made that top TfL managers had already swept the issue under the carpet.

But the information, (discovered by the LCDC team), was fed to the national press. It was apparent that 13,000 uber drivers had presented fake DBS applications.  

As the news broke in the media and in an attempt to cover their backs, TfL sent every applicant with a suspected unsafe DBS a letter, explaining they had 28 days to reapply... or their licence would be suspended. 

The 28 days are now up.
Taxi Leaks has been informed that the DBS service have struggled to cope with the mass excess of reapplications. 
Under normal circumstances, flat out the DBS handle an average of 4,000 applications a month. It became apparent two years ago, they were struggling with this number, which often results in Taxi driver renewals not being processed on time. 

Last month, they were given an extra 13,000 to deal with -in one month- a seemingly impossible task, to an already over stretched service. 
So the inevitable appears to have happened and allegedly, over 10,000 Uber drivers have had their licenses suspended pending resubmission. 

At a meeting with trade org leaders, Helen Chapman  explained; not only did she feel it was 'not necessary for the 13,000 to resubmit', but also stated to those present that she believes whole heartedly, 'all those who would reapply, would pass'.

See Taxi Leaks 11/09/2017

Was it not Helen Chapman who put out statements to the trade and the press that 'all private hire drivers have an enhanced DBS checks...the same stringent checks that Taxi drivers have'....?

In a recent poll on Twitter, 98% Taxi Leaks readers felt if just one Uber driver's resubmission for a DBS is refused, Helen Chapman should resign!

It's time to pay the piper Helen. 
If just one applicant is refused on grounds of a serious offence, Taxi Leaks readers feel you have no option other than to join the recent exodus of TfL managers.

It will make an interesting FOI request to find out if the Uber drivers in the Palace attack or the Exhibition Road atrocity, were on the list of fake DBS applicants. 

TFL's arrogance and incompetence has again, put the public in grave danger. 


Anonymous said...

TFL is neither competent nor fit and proper as a regulator. The Met police needs to step back into their Public Carriage role.

The very fact someone would have to have Police checks rather than fill out a form for a glorified bus company would discourage a lot of the dodgy characters we see on the streets now.

Remember it's not just Uber accidents etc, Buses killing people is one of the reasons for Oxford St pedestrianisation. Bus drivers even struggle to avoid trees resulting in that daft sign about Low Trees.

TFL need to be regulated again themselves as before.

Police resources are stretched but the funding for this could be covered by the licensing fees.

Anonymous said...

A major reboot of taxi and private hire required. There are far too many problems for little tweaks. It must be decided whether there needs to be an extremely highly regulated system or a free for all no regulation whatsoever. This current halfway house where some are and some seem to be not works for nobody. More the case for a national taxi act regulated by a national body. I personally have never seen the need for different tiers of operations since taxi can undertake private hire bookings. Either regulate correctly or deregulate. A national taxi test or qualification may be suitable. Grandfather rights may be retained.

Anonymous said...

We need a petition to investigate the management at TFL. They seem to be untouchable. Iam sure it would get votes from thousands.