Saturday, October 28, 2017

Canary Wharf Sales Worker Sacked After Bilking Taxis To His Home Near Brighton.

A serial fare dodger has been sacked from his job after it was discovered that he had failed to pay for taxis from London to the south coast. 

Jake Dean, 24, who worked in sales in Canary Wharf, told cabbies that he worked for JP Morgan before setting off to Peacehaven, to the east of Brighton. 

He admitted that he had racked up more than £600 in unpaid fares but said it was ‘just impulsive’. 

Dean hailed a cab outside Waterloo train station in February and told the driver that he would get the £256 cash en route when he was closer to home. He told drivers that his card would not work so would offer to make a bank transfer or deliver the money to their address. 

On one occasion he said he would sell a games console so that he could pay the driver back. 

However, he failed to do so and ended up facing magistrates in Brighton. 

He told them: ‘I take full responsibility and apologise to the taxi drivers, they just wanted to do their job. It was never malicious, it was just impulsive.’ 

The court heard of three other taxi fare dodging incidents between December 2016 and February this year, where Dean strung drivers along promising payments. 

He told the court: ‘I was working in sales in Canary Wharf. 
Due to the fraud, I have lost my position. These four mistakes were my own fault and I am very sorry for what I’ve done.’ 

He was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and told to pay £621.40 in compensation and costs

Source : Metro. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many cabbies he hailed before someone took him without cash upfront!! Crazy setting off on that job with no money!!

Anonymous said...

We’ve been brainwashed into accepting card payments
Even if you think a fare looks dodgy, you’re expected to take them if they are paying by card
For fear of being called a Luddite or a broomer.

Many bilks are being facilitated by fake cards
What do you do, in the middle of nowhere when a card is rejected and the passenger says “I got no cash”

So much for progress
So much for technology
Give me the Luddite days all day long

Anonymous said...

It’s just a matter of time till a driver is assaulted due to rear fitting of the pin pad


I quote a fixed price on long journies , and insist that the credit card ( with pin) charge is put through before setting off .
PS I’m a Glasgow Hackney driver and that is the norm up here .

Anonymous said...

Chris Farquhar, I like your idea of making fares payable up front, Before setting off!
Drivers here in America should do the same! Kudos to you!! Fare jumpers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!
Too bad they don't have to register with the state like sexual offenders are required. The list could even be publicized on a website, paid for by extra fines ordered by the magistrate. At the very least, they should be publicly shamed and humiliated, by having to stand in a very busy public place and wearing an advertising board reading "I am a cab fare thief", on both the front and back of the board. I think 7 days of this, for 8 hours per day, would suffice, of course after completing the court-ordered 80 hrs of community service. Since he has lost his job due to his cab driver scam, he has 7 days of nothing else to do, anyway....
Hehehee 😁

Anonymous said...

He done me for £30 in jan 2017 but got it back through the police in fulham where the incident happened.
Said he lost his wallet while staying at the chelsea harbour hotel. I kept is suitcase as a deposit then reported him to the police.
I new some day he would just go to far and get his punishment.
The police officer said he was know to the Brighton police as he’s done this many times before so it was only a matter of time before he having himself.

Sighed a very happy cabby🚖👍

Anonymous said...

just been knocked for £66,girl wanted to go to brighton this morning,luckily i
the asked her to get the cash out of an atm got to streatham she was poncing about the bank wanted to text her but the battery in her phone was flat,having kids myself i didn,t want to leave her stranded,so took her to east croydon where she could get a train,on the way there i said have you got a local mini cab firm who could come out and pick you up,no she replies,i use uber,i said why don,t you phone them?you can,t its an app she says,gets to croydon promises me she will contact me straight away,guess what?still waiting,25 years driving a cab and that was the straw that broke the camels back never again,its cash now via the nearest cab or get an uber,we,re getting the crap now they don,t want.