Sunday, October 08, 2017

Bush Rank... A Rank Too Far For Compliance? Plus Another TfL Manager Gone?

Night time ranking on the Bush Rank, is getting to be a nightmare. I have to regularly compromise my safety, by getting out of the cab to move the minicabs off. These cars  constantly use the rank as a rendezvous point for their customers. When you ask them to move, you get nothing but abuse.

Click this link to see what we have to put up with:

Arriving back at the rank later, it was full with cars that had to be ejected ....not always as easy as it sounds, over the last three to four years, they've become extremely more aggressive....even threatening violence. 
Friday night was no different, I could have been bang in trouble, were it not for the two Cabbies who saw I was having trouble and pulled behind me, got out and backed me up.

The Minicab above YA12UWU, threatened to run me over and when I stood in front of him to take a photo, aim the car right at me. He then backed up, stopping me from getting back into my cab. Eventually he pulled forward to let his passenger in, but then reversed back against th flow of traffic and shouted a volley of four letters words at me, even though he now had two passengers on board.

It's a regular occurrence, when they do eventually move off the rank, they just pull over and double park, blocking the exit of taxis from the rank.

There's a camera pointed straight at the rank, but it appears not to be used. If it were, the word would soon filter through to the Minicab fraternity. 

What is it about the words "TAXI RANK"....that Minicab drivers don't understand?

Every night, there are posts on social media complaining about the situation and yet, all the years I've used this rank, I've never once seen a TfL Compliance officer there. Yet they regularly turn up at the Westfield rank to Badge and Bill the drivers.

The side entrance to th shopping centre in Wood Lane has also become a private hire rank and often causes congestion with minicabs parked along Wood Lane. Again, never see a CO there either. 

Perhaps the McDonald's on the Green isn't up to compliance standards!!!
Funny though, a tream of TfL COs were seen leaving the Mc Donald's in Queensway, on Friday night.

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit:
There has recently been a change of attitude on the TFL-TPH Twitter account. Every complaint used to be passed on to the appropriate department, but it now appears they are not responding to many policy questions! 

Last month, I asked a question -what legislation gives COs the power to remove news papers from Taxis- 70 times (yes seventy times) over the course of a week.
Funny enough...I didn't get one answer. 

Taking The Proverbial:
More recently we've seen PHVs with supersides and rear windscreen adverts. I asked TfL when the legislation was changed to allow this. 
Again, they've decided to ignore the question...but then surprisingly decided to get involved in the conversation that followed. 

This just goes to show the arrogance we have to put up with from the management of TfLTPH. 

So from now on, it looks like TfLTPH, are under starters orders only to respond to compliance reports, customer complaints and queries about licence applications!

How can you have any respect for this licensing authority, when it's clear they have no respect for us as a trade.

Taxi Leaks Extra News.
Semtex coined the phrase "Men are coming to kill us".
Well, we've survived the onslaught, and what comes around....goes around. 

So it's goodbye from them and it's goodbye from him....with more to come I'm told.... 
But who will be next as TFL's house of cards collapses ??? 

Seems TfL are having a much needed clear out...not before time, as they say!!!

Taxi Leaks Final Bit:  

                    Gone, but not forgotten !

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