Sunday, September 10, 2017

What The Taxi Trade Really Feel About Leon Daniels : 97% Want Him Sacked. ... By Laurence Green

A few home truths need to be hammered home regarding the resignation of Leon Daniels and the outrageous claims made by Mike Brown TFL - Mike Brown claims Leon Daniels:

“Our progress under his leadership has been considerable. This includes building a bus service that is the envy of all world cities, laying firm foundations for radical change in walking and cycling and helping focus us on improving road safety and air quality to help secure our city's future.”

Mike Brown must be teleported Star Trek style directly from his home to his office, because he is totally oblivious to the abject carnage Leon Daniels has caused to London’s road traffic systems.

London is certainly not the envy of the World when it comes to commuting; most passengers I speak to tell me they detest travelling on public transport as it is a unsavoury, uncomfortable experience!

London’s buses are so inefficient at negotiating their way through London due to the CSH, it is quicker to walk than take a bus - many commuters choose to cycle rather than suffer the daily purgatory of being crammed into trains and buses with standing room only while the bus sits in TFL's self made traffic mayhem. 
This is what Mike Brown describes as progress!!!!

Central London's traffic pollution is on record as dropping by 50% during a bus drivers strike, which goes to prove that buses are a significant contributor to London's pollution problem - this coupled with the gross mismanagement of the capitals road management systems are the real reason for rising air pollution and the health issues associated with it.

It beggars belief Mike Brown has the audacity to credit Leon Daniels with improving road safety; the appalling statistics of bus collisions, fatalities and reckless operation by bus drivers is unprecedented – not to mention TFL's reckless abandonment towards their duty to protect the general publics safety by the turning of a blind eye to the appalling everyday road traffic collisions and reckless driving by Uber partners.

Brown goes on to say:

“I am very grateful for the advice and support he has given me”

Leon Daniels made false representation when questioned by the GLA by saying Uber drivers have ON/OFF insurance cover while operating on the Uber platform - He was also exposed coaching senior Uber executives how to word correspondence, in order to side step legislation.

In reality, TFL has desperately tried to ride on the back of the reputation London Taxi drivers have as being the best in the World. If anything Leon Daniels and Co have reduced London’s road network to the standard of a Third Word City in a failed attempt to run a bus network.


All in two days: Sadiq Khan goes on LBC to reassure everyone it will ultimately be senior individuals at TFL who make the decision to re license Uber, thus letting himself off the hook when Uber get re-licensed. He claims it has nothing to do with him in his capacity as mayor - yet he contradicted himself in the LBC interview by saying, "Uber was licensed by his predecessor Boris Johnson!"


The following day, Mike Brown releases a statement revealing Leon Daniels will be standing down from his position at TFL.
He is to ride off into the sunset with his pot of gold, leaving a trail of disaster behind him in his wake - Far from the glowing praise Brown lavished on Daniels for his input in transforming London's road network of buses, cycles etc to be the envy of the world (Absolute FARCICAL Bullshit)

The newly formed New United Trade Group (NUT GROUP) attend Palestra to be spoon fed reassurances by Helen Chapman, that she can guarantee 13000 PH drivers CRB/DBS checks will come back "Fit and Proper" so she grants the 13000 drivers a 28 day amnesty to re apply for the advanced DBS checks that are mandatory for Licensed Taxi drivers - Yet she doesn't have the same confidence in Licensed Taxi drivers to grant licence extensions to existing licenses, as she wouldn't be able to sleep at night if an incident should occur involving the general public's safety in this period - regardless of the fact that the vast majority of London cab drivers backgrounds can be checked back as far as their fathers scrotal sacks. 

Taxify are issued a written warning from TFL to cease operating immediately; which they comply with - Yet Uber are allowed to continue operating on a license extension to their existing license which was issued illegally by TFL - regardless of there being a mountain of crime statistics of serious criminal activity by Uber drivers and daily main stream media reports exposing serious improprieties of the Uber company and its operations.

Honestly, I'm convinced more than ever that Narnia actually exists and the people that run TFL were trained for their jobs there!


Taxi Leaks Extra Comnent :

Post taken from FaceBook :

My dad has this new paper in the front of his taxi. On the other side it has an article about breast cancer. Compliance has stopped my dad and told him to remove the "signage" 

My dad then said can he turn it over on to the article about breast cancer. The compliance said yes that's fine. 

Question is how is a article about uber a signage but an article regarding Breast cancer is ok to put on display? Where does my dad stand please


colin said...

Is this vile man going to announce at the end of September a 5 year licence then walk away from Tfl laughing his bollox off.

Someone i know knows him & said to me he's 2 faced that would stab you in the back...............not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

I would say 97% of drivers want this piece of shit hung drawn and quartered.
Along with the rest of those pathetic office wallas
Up at Totally Fucked London.

Anonymous said...

It's not the members of "The Nut Group" who are to blame; it's "The Kernels" that lead them!