Sunday, September 24, 2017

Uber Spelling Tips From The Producer Of The Knowledge Play At The Charing Cross Theatre!

Good Advice from this driver advising you to go see this fabulous show .

Today's topical spelling tip :

" licence " is a noun 

" license " is a verb 

( in British English, the Americans use " license " for both ) 

Hard to remember UNLESS you think of " advice " and " advise " , which work exactly the same way but their respective pronunciations give them away. 

FYI " practice " and " practise " also work the same way 

SO to choose a random example : 

Uber have lost their licence 

Uber are no longer licensed 

Uber were not deemed fit and proper to hold a licence 

TfL's licensing decision re Uber was the right one 

Uber are appealing against the loss of their licence 

We all hope that Uber are not relicensed 

Hope that helps !

Vaughan Williams.

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment :
Yes it's very true....this blog needs all the help it can get with spelling !

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