Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reform Taxi Laws and Stop Cross Border Working

I want uk govt to legislate urgently to Stop cross border working licensed vehicles and drivers work in the area of licence. 

Reform taxi laws to reflect technology, create national data for drivers,vehicles and private hire operators, common national standards, give more enforcement powers to local Local Authorities, national standards for local knowledge test, proper high standards regulations for private hire operators etc etc

Why is this important?

Its important taxi trade is properly regulated, its objective should be to protect public, first priority must be safety of the public and drivers properly regulated with high standards, by giving effective powers to local authorities to regulate and enforce.

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid its about to get more competitive in this market with Lyft and Taxify. Taxi or minicab, you can spell out the difference but most people don't care what its called.

Anonymous said...

Signed. This is needed urgently, a sort of national taxi and private hire act. It's completely ridiculous that one area has a weak regulatory process and knowledge test whilst a neighborhood area has a strong one, it's obvious what will happen with drivers choosing to get licensed in one and do jobs in the other. It makes a complete mockery of the whole licensing system.

lee ward said...

Cross border hiring is a cancer thats spreading across the country, and could effect London too.

If or when Uber lose their London license, they will just bring drivers in from other areas to cover the work, like they do across the rest of the country, and no, the London Act of 98 does not protect against this.

be warned.