Friday, September 29, 2017

Letter To Editor : Theresa May on BBC News Regarding Uber Licence Revocation... by Paul Nice.


Those of you who watched the news yesterday evening, may have been quite disconcerted to learn where our prime minster stands on Uber.  

Let’s start with her famous phrase, “Brexit Means Brexit” No one was sure what that meant!  
Did anyone think it meant delaying till 2021 and coughing up £20 billion!
Imagine how I felt as a tax paying and abiding citizen when the subject of Uber’s tax scandal was dismissed as minor importance.  I suppose £20,000 000 000 comes out of nowhere!
Something just doesn’t add up…  She states that 40,000 people are going to lose their jobs!  
I have to ask myself is Uber the only app?  The reported rise on downloads from other apps, will that not provide jobs?
Perhaps rate paying minicab offices could start to flourish again?  
Rates have gone sky high recently, perhaps the government wants retail outlets to disappear and global tech companies to take over instead of creating a market for all kinds of businesses alike.  

She mentioned a level playing field, something the Licensed taxis have been asking for, for years.  Since she’s coughing up £20 billion courtesy of you and me the PM needs to explain what a level playing field is…
The taxi industry asked for a level playing field when all they should’ve asked for is that existing legislation to be enforced.

Uber were given time to reform and only now do they admit what they call mistakes.  A gross travesty had happened and too much has been swept under the carpet throughout the years.  

Cameron, Osbourne, etc. were party to a viral conglomerate that kept its lips sealed as rapes and sexual assaults took place in our great city.  Dodgy background checks that were assisted and fake medicals all to support a non-tax paying company that treats its workforce with contempt.
Come join Uber and make £££’s why would Uber complain that its self employed partners are campaigning for the minimum wage?  

How do 40,000 people lose their job if those who provide the work do not accept that they are employees and are a mosaic of 40,000 separate business, that do not get its work from an operator, that says it’s a tech company and doesn't even need an operator’s licence?
Why do licensed taxi drivers complain about the competition of paying for a £56,000 vehicle with milk float technology when a Prius can be used instead (sod the disabled) 
Leon are you really giving people what they want?  
I would’nt say that to a rape victim’s father..
If people want a cheaper service from taxi’s how about lifting the age restriction, replacing the TX4 or TX5 with an economical already existing petrol hybrid engine and make a taxi driver’s income tax and NI exempt?  
Since paying tax is of minor importance and TFL are there to listen to the public and regulate the service; I don’t see why this cannot be achieved! 
Anyway since Uber is already doing this and you have £20 billion stashed away a swish of the pen could make this happen!
Mrs May please understand we can’t have a regulated and non-regulated taxi service operating in the same city.  

Don’t forget this is London not a third world city!
Let’s show the world that London is not open for corruption and we have high standards in all our industries and if foreign investors wish to be a part of this glowing beacon of world class stature, they will have to move in line with our standards and regulations.



Anonymous said...

I hate the Tories. The politicians like to ramble on about level playing fields. So that means the mini cabs will do the same knowledge test as us and have to buy a £60k vehicle? No thought not. Anything less is not a level playing field and those saying it are talking bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What about all the Black Cab drivers that will lose their jobs because they won't be able to continue and also all the smaller mini cab companies that Uber are putting out of work. Does no-one care about them and all the hard work they have done doing the Knowledge ?

Colin said...

At the swish of a pen 40,000 jobs gone what about the miners....

Anonymous said...

This country is rotten to the very core
And always has been.
Wasting your time with appeals and drive ins etc
These arswipes have been bought and payed for.
Time to stop talking bollox and start this fucking war.
Start by gaining people's addresses and take the fucking war to their door.
I already smell a strong odour of spineless shit.

T.Beaven said...

I'm with anonymous.