Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Letter From Harry Wall : The Blind Leading The Blind ?

You may be aware by now that Monday's Make a Stand demo has been cancelled. I can't tell you all how choked I am but unfortunately not enough support was forthcoming.

Initially, the feeling was good but as the days went on it became apparent that feeling wasn't lasting. 

Add to that the dreadful members of our trade, only too pleased to scupper any chance of unity that might bring some semblance of hope, who played their part brilliantly and I have to congratulate them on a job well done. 

They should all be very proud of themselves.

This past 3 weeks has been an education in many ways but the main lesson I learned was that this animal is too sick to help. 

The negativity on social media has played a huge part in its failure and has been watched from around the country by those who were at first raring to stand with us regardless if they were Taxi or PH because they saw the bigger picture.

Now, 3 weeks on and after reading the comments from leading trade figures within the orgs they want nothing to do with us, can you blame them?
I can't.

We had 8 cities at one point, 8 CITIES!!

Almost over night, they all cried off.
All because of org mentality, caveman mentality and sheer ignorance.

I've learned many in this trade, including activists from all orgs and unions are riddled with insincerity and deceit and I no longer want any part of it, it shames me.

Next week TFL officially announce if Uber are licensed. If they are, the orgs will go into overdrive and scream from the rafters, "JR,JR,JR!!"
Whist watching Taxify come back on line.

If they don't get licensed the orgs will go into overdrive screaming "Look what we did! Look what we did!"
"Ain't we clever"

Then Uber will appeal and keep functioning for the duration of the appeal. During which time Taxify will come back on line, along with Via and no doubt closely followed by Lyft.

Back to square one.
"Big news Monday!"
It's the business model that's the problem, not the company.

We had our chance, we blew it thanks to us.
I tried, I failed and I'm truly sorry.

I now wash my hands of it.
Be lucky



Nothing to be proud about!
On Monday 25th of September, the London Taxi Trade will be letting down their colleagues across the UK. 

Cabbies in Liverpool are reminded that your colleagues nationwide will be demonstrating. 

That's nationwide, except London.


Et Tu Brute' said...

The killer of the London Taxi trade was not Uber, was not Taxify, was not TfL or even the chummocracy!
It was in fact the football supporter mentality of the members of the New United Trade Group.
Better known as the NUT group.

But never mind

After the trade dies, there will be a couple of Jobs for Nut Group Kernels at TfL and a couple at Uber.
Well done to the ostriches, keep paying the subs.... they've got company cars to support !

steve sholder said...

It's been said before and I will say it again, taxi drivers will never stick together , this is game over , uber will get their licence and that's it ,
Nothing more to say .

steve sholder said...

It's been said before and I will say it again, taxi drivers will never stick together , this is game over , uber will get their licence and that's it ,
Nothing more to say .

Anonymous said...

There is no trade representation and hasn't been for many, many years. Just a gaggle of imposters with cobbled together titles of self importance. Most are incapable of joined up writing, let alone joined up thinking - collectively these imposters deserve each other - there is intelligence within the trade, this is why only a very small minority subscribe to this small band of nutters.

Anonymous said...

What is there to say, everything in the article is true and the few of us who want to fight are now sitting here in disbelief, fear and uncertainty.

The many who just keep paying their subs, for what, to be told it's in hand!
I just want to know what it is, that's in hand, I have an idea but I wouldn't right it on here!

We'll need to be lucky now because we don't have anything else.

The fat girl

Anonymous said...

Uber, Taxify, Lyft...what is the common denominator behind all 3?... Technology that enables you to order a cab that wasnt there 10/15 years ago. And even Sat Navs and google maps to navigate is relevant.
I recently had an aerial on my house sorted after it moved in the wind. The fella had been doing the job for 25 years as a sole trader but said he only has 5 years tops in his "trade" as its all going streaming via internet and aerials will no longer be needed. As from 2018 sky will no longer be installing Dishes as they are going internet only..Just an example of how technology changes the landscape, and diminishes jobs.

Dads Defending Daughters said...

All I can add to this article is a small soundbite I offered Harry a while back; "Demo with PH today, or rank with PH tomorrow."
I truly cannot see anything wrong demoing with legit PH (not Uber), cyclists, tube users, buses users, disconcerted pedestrians, whoever wants to bring TfL to justice.
Of course I hate everything Uber (a scab is a scab). And of course I hate PH who tout or use my ranks. I also hate Taxis who feed door-ponces to steal my work or nick what's rightfully mine.
Legit PH are not our enemy, TfL and those Uber slags are!
I personally would've turned up to the proposed demo. Even though I advised Harry to call it off, in the end. There's no way the demo would've worked - too many egos with too many noses being potentially pushed out of joint, by some upstart calling a demo off his own back, and far too many Taxi drivers who see every PH driver as the enemy.
When I got put 31 years ago, the minicabs took the dregs. Today Uber takes the dregs.
I believe Uber affects PH and (ironically) the Bus companies more than Taxis. Ninety percent of Uber users are ex minicab and bus riders, who feel they should get a door-to-door service in a purpose built vehicle with a highly trained driver, for bus money.
Undeniably work has picked up - in no short measure because the public are starting to become informed. Informed due to well publicised placarded demos, and three brilliant investigators at the LCDC, giving the media groundbreaking scoops on a daily basis.

Let's not be too downhearted. There's a Tube strike on the horizon. A demo during that would bring London to a halt like never before.
It would cost TfL an absolute fortune and be part of every media outlet across the globe. If that's what you want (only a suggestion).
Yes, some of you will question; why during a tube strike, when the work would be plentiful?
Well ... do I really have to explain why and work the equations for you?
Cross Bordering and e-P4H are still a big concern, with or without the rape app.
We will win the day - no one said it would be easy.

I personally believe Uber are finished, license or not.
No one wants to been seen in an Uber now.

Be lucky,

lee ward said...

Since this article Uber have had their licensed revoked....from a half pregnant reason by TfL.

And yes, an Org did jump to the front and say how well they had done in bringing this about, what utter bollox.

Now, here is the irony....

Should Uber actually, or rather eventually lose the license in London, its not over, Uber will still be there picking up the punters that dont want to pay for 4 years of KoL or a purpose built vehicle with its overheads...

they will be getting picked up by drivers licensed out side of London, working legally in London, on the Uber platform...

You were all warned of cross border hiring, and I promise you, as soon as Uber London Ltd is banned from working in London, Uber Britannia will bring its hordes of drivers in from across the South to cover the work..

You all had a chance of standing shoulder to shoulder with Legitimate Private Hire and turned your backs...

Remember that.

Anonymous said...

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