Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jailed: Minicab rapist who plied student with drink and drugs

A minicab tout who twice raped a student after plying her with cocaine and alcohol has been jailed for 14 years.

Amos Mbonu, 48, preyed on the victim when she got off the Tube at the Barbican, offering her drugs and then taking her to a party in Leytonstone. 

He pounced on her as he drove her home, ignoring her pleas that she had a boyfriend and was not interested in him. 

The woman told Blackfriars crown court she has been left depressed, afraid to leave her own home, and unable to enjoy a normal social life after the attack.

Jailing Mbonu for 14 years for the “heinous” crime yesterday, Judge Rajeev Shetty said: “She wanted to do nothing more than get home, but unfortunately through nothing more than bad luck she came across you. 

“You enticed her to get into your car with the offer of class A drugs — you saw a female walking at night, probably under the influence of alcohol, and thought it was someone you might be able to take sexual advantage of.” 

Warning that Mbonu may continue to be a danger to women, the judge ordered him to serve an extra five years on licence after his release.

In her impact statement, the woman said she was unable to go to university lectures after the attack in October last year and may have to repeat her second year. 

She added: “I don’t go out to clubs and bars any more with my friends ...I’m afraid I will never enjoy life again.” 

Prosecutor Tara McCarthy told the court the victim, who had earlier been refused admission to a nightclub for being drunk, believed Mbonu was a regular minicab driver when she saw him in his car. He offered to sell her cocaine and drove her to a party in Leytonstone where he plied her with a bottle of wine. He then attacked her in a deserted car park as he drove her home. 

He was caught because he gave her his phone number earlier in the evening. 

Mbonu, from Bow, denied rape at trial but was found guilty by a jury in July. 

He continued to insist he was innocent at his sentencing hearing yesterday, but was also found guilty of supplying cocaine. He had been cleared of a second rape charge in 2001

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Please remember, being drunk is not illegal. RAPE IS...

Source Evening standard, Court News

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