Thursday, September 07, 2017

Is The Taxi Trade On The Verge Of Extinction ......Again ? Inspired by Stanley Roth.

The London Taxi Trade on the very verge of extinction....shock horror....from the advance of technology and the onslaught of electric, driverless cars....

Now where have we heard all this before? 

The story below was sent to my by Stanley Roth, published in the Taxi Trade newspaper "The Steering Wheel" 49 years ago, predicting a so called new concept of a driverless Taxi, routed by computer....yes this really was 49 years ago. 

At that time, Dr L R Blake, director of Bush Electrical Engineering said the driverless Taxi would be on the road within 4 years....well as Stan says, we are still waiting. 

He also raises a very interesting question? 

The Steering Wheel, May 18th 1968:

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment :
There is of course an upside to driverless Uber Minicabs...
At least the passengers won't get raped by the driver. 

Although if it's a Uberpool driverless Minicab, then rape from another stranger/ passenger is back on the cards as there's no one there to stop it happening. 


Rob said...

Daily we read yet another story concerning the advance of driverless technology. The impotency of a licensing authority caught like a rabbit in the glare of an autonomous vehicle is also becoming an everyday occurrence. Do LTC honestly expect any sort of take up for their vehicle. Hopefully a near empty order book will be sitting in front of them at the moment. Any owner driver with a taxi approaching its life limit must go lpg. For two thousand pounds p/a ( total 10 thousand pounds ) you have a vehicle with five years left. Why should they be denied further licensing beyond that period? If the emissions are acceptable it is economic reality that should take precedent. Drivers at present are only maintaining their income by ever extending hours. Customers have shown they will use the very cheapest option. Belief in the 'iconic status ' of a London cab was LTC and London tourist trade rhetoric. The radio companies all bar com cab have gone. Apps have soaked up street work for which the driver has to pay for. Our trade is dying of old age. Anyone on the knowledge is ignorant of the costs or has an unrealistic sense of the future. I've been very lucky to of had the last 30 years. What we have experienced is the gradual degradation of someone's worth. It's happened to many trades. With the impending road closures ahead regarding oxford street and Tottenham Court rd and those we gave suffered re bank, and restricting movement through junctions,a journey on road through London is becoming totally unrealistic. Be honest would you use a cab knowing what you do if you had to get from one point to another?

Anonymous said...

Great driverless taxis! Does this mean i can stay at home while i just let my taxi do the work or will tfl send me a letter while I leave the cab unattended on the rank. Who says i need to stay at home? I could take someone elses job while my taxi is running itself. The good thing is that because its technology its not accountable to the law and if i lose my license i can buy someone elses or just say i dont need one because im putting people in touch with cars and not actual drivers.
I almost forgot laws are only there to serve the conglomerates!