Thursday, September 21, 2017

I'm Spartacus asks the question : "So when is a handgun not a handgun?"

Excerpt from Inspector Neil Billany's Letter to Helen Chapman 'Concerns on Uber not reporting serious crimes to Police' 
"On 4 March 2017 Uber have had contact from a passenger informing them of a serious incident involving Uber (and TfL licensed PHV) driver. The nature of the allegation was that during a booked journey, a road rage incident has developed between the driver and another road user. During the incident the driver has taken what the passenger believed to be a handgun from the glove box and left the vehicle to pursue the other driver on foot.
At this point the passenger has fled to vehicle in fear."

Following on from yesterday's FOI requests, I'm Spartacus asks the question :
"So when is a handgun not a handgun?"

It seems when Uber ascertains it isn’t, not the police!
That astounding & disturbing fact from the diligent & professional Inspector Billany alone warrants a revocation today let alone consideration of renewal.

Let’s put it another way:
I as a proprietor, investigates me as a driver, for ‘pulling a blade’ on a passenger... no question of a revocation as I (as a proprietor) had ascertained it was a cosh. Yeah right!

There’s a duty under the common law to assist in the apprehension of a felon.

All the rest to me just shows TfL’s obsession on how things appear... rather than doing anything about serious threats to public safety.

Any right minded citizen must be outraged.

I'm Spartacus. 


Anonymous said...

Time to turn the tables
Give some of these pricks a taste of what they expect the public except.
Shit there pants comes to mind.
Only way to deal with corrupt scum that they are.

Anonymous said...

Uber are the tail that wags the dog

TfL are dogs

Editorial said...

I can't post your comment as it could be seen as a threat.
But you're not alone in your thoughts, we've had to deleted many comments over the past few weeks.