Friday, September 08, 2017

Going...Going...Going .... But Still Hanging Around Like A Bad Smell.

In a recent Taxi Leaks poll, 97% of drivers taking part agreed that Leon Daniels should be sack over TfLs recent poor and inadequate performance. 

News broke this afternoon that Daniels is at last to go, but unfortunately, not till the end of the year. 
Utter rubbish (as we've come to expect) from Mike Brown. 

Under Daniels directorship we've seen the licensing of an alleged illegal app that he and his colleagues have bent over backwards to protect, while members of the public have been put in grave danger. 

Legislation laid down by parliament has also been relaxed in order to protect a company that pays little to no Tax/VAT in this country.

Under his directorship we've also seen an unprecedented rises in rapes an sexual assaults from one Private Hire operator on passengers. 
Last year, we saw a 50% increase from uber drivers alone.

More recently, it's emerged that under his directorship, 13,000 PHV drivers were allowed to carry on regardless for 7 months after they submitted dodgy DBS certificates.

He will be mostly remembered by our trade, as the TfL director who openly lied twice to the transport committee of the GLA in respect of Uber drivers mythical on/off insurance (doesn't exist) and Uber's Landline, which turned out to be the CEO of Uber's personal phone number.

The word from Londins Gold Standard  Taxi Trade to Leon....
"Why wait till the end of the year....go now".


Anonymous said...

Hope it's due to I'll health

Super Bob said...

I cannot wait to hear Uber's comments! Kalanick should go live to announce he has adopted this man as his own Dad.And no doubt Leon has had an emotional call from his coffee drinking buddy, Jo on Ubers now famous booking landline (the one where no matter how busy Uber were, Leon was amazed he could always get through to book a car, and that it always Jo who picked up)
This man has done so much for the company, they would not have been able to circumvent existing Private Hire rules without his help. He must have overstayed his time at TFL to personally see Uber into London, and is lingering around till their renewal...cant see any other reason why he's needed at TFL. His last job will be to make sure his successor is equally partial to Uber brown envelopes and free rides for life. We'll done Leon, a true company man! (uber) of London hates you...but why worry? don't have to wine and dine in nice restaurants with them. Take the money and run Leon...your Uber awaits round the back...

colin said...

Slow & painful death.

Anonymous said...

Whole of TFL should be replaced and taxi licensing back to metropolitan police. TFL have become ridiculous and corrupted. They tend to just enforce against the already enforced and highly regulated black cabs, they hang around the Heathrow feeder park like a bad smell looking for the little things to give black cabs grief