Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fake Medicals, Fake Topographical Test's, Fake DBS Certificates.... And now

Remember the petition, Uber handed it in at the wrong building. You remember the one, it had tens of thousands of signatures from people who said they never signed it!!!

Well they are at it again. Taxi leaks are now receiving reports that anti Uber drivers are being excluded from radio talk shows on LBC and the BBC. 

As we said before....follow the money 

Letter from Greenbadgejohn 

The Media onslaught begins.

Uber has launched an on-line petition with figures of apparently half a million signatories being regularly mentioned on TV and Radio.... and yet no one states the plight of the sweat shop economy Uber operates by... no, its the "me me me" attitude of no longer being able to get home below reasonable cost riders not even caring one jot about the many victims of sexual assaults and the clearest dismissive attitude of their Uber app provider who felt it was in their own remit to choose and adjudicate as to the seriousness of reporting crimes committed by staff under their watch. 

This whole seedy episode was brewing daily and clear for everyone to see for the last 5 years, prospective Uber drivers were even recruited with interpretors to assist their applications and now they have their feet firmly under the table and irrespectively finding themselves being threatened as completely damaged by the un-removable stain of corruption greed and exploitation and complete irregularity, their resurrection plans and tactics are becoming clearer by the hour, ..... bribery by populism.

Uber have launched a campaign of popularity by launching the petition to overwhelm adjudicators and influence future judges into making decisions purely on popular grounds which has nudged online signatures in return for cheap and even cheaper journeys home....same old corrupt Uber using the only tool in their box of buying influence by cash burn ideology.

I was reading about an Uber driver who joined 4 years ago simply because the local mini cab firm he had worked for for years had gone bust because of high rents and overheads of providing TFL legally required offices, phones, staff to check driver validities such as insurance driving licenses mot's and CRB's and equally importantly eye contact with the prospective driver to plainly assess their capability and ability to do the job, That requirement was avoided by Uber, And now TFL has made the decision they have about Uber, he would be delighted to return to a local service where he had excellent local to-and-from knowledge and importantly received a living wage according to the reasonable competitive fare and not being exploited to having to work 8 hours a day to achieve break even before profit began as with Uber.

Right now, there are large sections of the press and media stirring up the completely laughable notion that somehow 30-40 Thousands of Uber drivers will be turning up at the unemployment offices being rendered out of work if TFL are not forced into changing their minds about not granting Uber a new license from 1st October which is complete rubbish.

Every good private hire driver will return to where they once worked and some may even find confidence to open new offices, and a more technological private hire system will be resurrected where (as now) texts are sent to the booked caller wherever they are, stating the car type, registration number and drivers name, and yes it may be slightly more expensive....that is the reality of fair business practices.

If the BBC or any Newspaper ceased tomorrow all the better journalists would soon find another for the rest, it seems unemployment would clearly suit them in the longest queue we'd have seen for ages because that profession is clearly lacking in moral fortitude and honest thinking, and remember how much governmental subsidy and tax credits are being paid to all those underpaid Uber drivers which could now turn into unemployment benefit helping finding new honest employment instad of shoring up one... if not 'the' most parasitical business enterprises ever created on planet earth.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)


Carl Honduras said...

Excellent work. We have it mirrored within our TFL ban support petition on

Anonymous said...

I see the so called petition has started to show invention and phantom voters, Uber and its financial backers will stop at nothing to win the argument and all those in Authority and Government must show resilience against the spin and manipulation clearly coming from the king of subterfuge namely Uber.

Uber and its financial backers are now Hemorrhaging huge sums of money and will do anything to survive by recruiting the best lawyers to fight appeals or mend their ways and reapply giving up considerable concessions to TFL.

Anonymous said...

Uber driver with African accent called LBC twice, different presenter. Each time he had a different story with similar thame.
Uber plant.
Equally the late evening LBC presenter Nick Abbot must have been spoken to by his bosses. His usual cynical talk was very much geard against taxis.
Many blogs in the newspaper articles I have read must’ve been copied from the same hymn. All bleating for Uber as if written by request.
As yet I have to look at Sunday papers and articles written there by uber-journalists.
All Uber-fishy.

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing about this piece of shit company
That's genuine ?

Anonymous said...

All I keep hearing is the plight of Uber drivers,what about the 25000 + hard working London Taxi drivers who have and continue to invest so much beginning with doing the Knowledge over 3-4 years without any support or payment as instructed by TFL to earn the right to ply for hire,there is no distinction to pressing a button on a phone or raising your hand ,both are the same,both hail a vehicle,London taxi drivers having to buy or rent expensive purpose built vehicles,hard working drivers who now find their livelihoods being taken away from them by those who are allowing the streets of London to be swamped by Tens of thousands of private hire who have no regard for the law or public safety.
A company who's only motivation is profit and of stifling any competition by any means.
Yes technology brings advances but the Knowledge is a unique and purpose way of training drivers and bringing a first class service and knowledge of London,one that is recognised as being world class.
Let all those who aspire to work and drive in London in a proven professional service do the Knowledge and let London continue to deliver a first class Taxi safe service to all,one envied by visitors and cities all around the world.

Anonymous said...

If as Uber has insisted from day 1 the majority of their drivers only drive part-time, how will they be driven to the unemployment queues? Surely they will just continue with their full-time positions and find another avenue to make extra after hours? Maybe even one that is legal and pays fairly? Unless of course they've been caught out yet AGAIN telling porky