Monday, September 11, 2017

Email Sent To Senior Tfl Staff And Val Shawcross...Re 13,000 PH Drivers Unchecked By DBS

Dear Helen,

On Wednesday, as you know, we met Commissioner, Mike Brown. 

At the meeting I asked for all 13,000 PH drivers who have had to "Re-Apply" for a new DBS check to be stopped from working until new checks have been implemented on the grounds of Public Safety:

You explained that not only did you feel that was not necessary, but also stated to those present that you believe whole heartedly that all those who would reapply, would pass.

The next day on LBC radio, the Mayor gave an interview where he stated the 13k PH drivers "had not" undergone and passed an enhanced DBS ( like every taxi driver must do ).

We are not talking "like for like" here Helen, as you well know and on this new evidence put forward by our Mayor, I again urge you in the name of public safety to suspend every PH who has yet to pass an enhanced DBS from working.

Yours Sincerely

Grant Davis

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment :
Helen Chapman was asked at a Taxi Forum; 
Why are Taxi drivers waiting for DBS certificates, not being issued temporary licenses (as always used to be the case under the PCO) and being stopped from working?

She replied;
If anything happened in a Taxi and something subsequently showed up in a DBS....I would be unable to live with myself.

Yet now we have 13,000 Private Hire drivers, alleged to have fake DBS certificates, which Chapman has known about since January this year. 

Apparently TfL were going to let this just slip by under the carpet. It was only after information was given to the Sunday Times by the LCDC, that a statement was issued proclaiming that the 13,000 PH drivers would be given 28 days to resubmit new DBS certificates and be allowed to carry on working. 

In the last 8 months that Chapman and TfL have known about the fake DBS certificates, there have been over 30 serious sexual assaults by Uber drivers on passengers (according to Met Police statistics of 1 every 11 days). 

How can Helen Chapman, General Manager of TfLTPH possibly live with herself now?

Again, we see a woefully inadequate performance from TfLTPH, as the general public are placed at risk by Chapman's decision.

Helen, is there one rule for a Taxi drivers and another for PH drivers? 


Anonymous said...

They won't do anything, especially that Val shawcross, just check her record for public service, those effected by her have very much disliked her attitudes. TFL are unfit as regulatory body. I personally will be running my cab into ground and leaving trade, had enough. Certainly will not buy any £60k cab, ludicrous given current situation, better to buy a £400 car and go touting than financial suicide.

Anonymous said...

Taxi drivers leaving trade, less on knowledge. People will not commit to 4 years study and £60k investment if the work is not available anymore. Make knowledge easier, back to doing sections or like it used to be, and introduce knowledge testing similar for private hire. That is the only solution, will result in more black cabs to flood the area with black cabs, raising overall standards, and destroying opportunity for Uber to flourish as they are now.

Anonymous said...

It all went wrong when it went from PCO and metropolitan police to TFL. TFL should be replaced. It's not good enough at all.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't ALL the trade org bee singing from tha same sang sheet, it's a shame to see just one org sending this email in this case LCDC (RIGHTLY SO I. MY VIEW) it's a shame we can't see trade Unity on something like this. I'm sure we all agree on this issue. Let's see ALL the trade org trade representatives working as one, not see one trying to point score over the other. For the good of the trade and your members work togreather. The only way we will get TFL to take any notice on the is a MASS DEMONSTRATION. It's no good the trade org calling a bemo if drivers can't be bothered to support it??

Chrissie1943 said...

Brilliant post which unequivocally makes a case for these licences to be be suspended. Helen Chapman obviously is incapable of making a reasoned argument for her actions and should step down. She either is not up to the job or dishonest.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely something smelly about the way TFL impose one set ot rules for black cab trade and another for phv. The orgs should fund the sexually abused victims to take TFL to court to sue them

TAXIVET said...

My conclusion is they think of us as a bad smell. They do just as they please without any feat whatsoever,they act like a pack of wolves around us. If they were afraid of our blockades they wouldn't keep trating us this way. """"NO FEAR""" of us at all.. Especially when our main achilles heal is """5 different trade bodies""" all picking and choosing what Avenues to take. 32 years in this trade and history shows me that will never change. So what hope do we have !!!!'

Mike said...

Are we surprised NO and I'll be even less surprised when uber are relicened in a few weeks. It stinks but where can we go with this it seems as everyone in power is in on this tangled web of decept and corruption. I will keep the fight for my trade but there's many that have just given up.

Anonymous said...

In south Africa it has got so bad between Uber and the regulated taxis that they are now killing each other and burning out each others cars. New York taxis are just about destroyed now. Is this what they all want for London. Now is the time to act, before it gets real nasty out there.